Evolution of Government – part 2

In part 1 of this series I pointed out that government starts with God and His principles. Human government historically anchored in a ruler or king. Over the past one thousand years parliamentary and representative forms of government have prevailed over monarchs in the western nations.

Yet there is a new governmental player in the field who is making an impact on how each of us is governed.

Enter the Corporation

Over the past few centuries a new type of player has emerged to distort the traditional forms of government. This new form is “government by corporation”.

What happens is that people of influence, outside of a nation, gain control of the nation, usually through debt. International bankers began this process, striking deals with national rulers who needed funds for their various wars or exploits.

By this process the assets and sovereignty of nations have become the property of entities to which the nations owe debts. Thus the new governments whatever their election promises, must do whatever they are told to do by forces outside the country.

Consequently national assets are being sold to corporations (what we call “privatisation”) and people are increasingly subjected to fines, regulations and other impositions placed on them by multi-national corporations.

Selling Out

By the process of privatisation whole nations are being sold out to foreign entities. What had been the birthright of a nations population now belongs to foreigners. The “children’s bread” has been given away, and in some situations the children are enslaved.

Consider how much of your nation is now owned and controlled by foreign corporations. How much of what your parents considered as community property (electricity supply, roads, rail, postal service, phone services, etc) is now owned by faceless foreign corporations?

Corporatisation Mania

What is also happening with governments is the progressive corporatisation (incorporation as registered companies) of government entities. Check out your own local situation and you will probably find that the local councils, various government departments, national and regional governments and more are now registered as companies.

Government is becoming a corporate matter, instead of one centred on God, king, principle or parliament. The future of government will involve the progressive take-over of nations into corporate folds. Multi-national companies will buy out nations, in the same way they have bought out sporting teams.

Corporate entities can be bought and sold, merged and dissolved, in ways that are foreign to communities, parliaments and monarchies.


Government should be that of God ruling over the hearts and lives of individuals and communities. God does this either by people revering Him directly or by their application of His laws and principles. Monarchs are to rule their people on God’s behalf, by His laws and principles.

Parliaments and elected leaders are to similarly rule the people they represent by God’s laws and principles.

What has happened, however, is that kings have displaced God, parliaments have displaced kings, and now corporations are displacing parliaments. The end result will be that nations will become corporate property, part of corporate franchises, where the people will be ruled by international corporate entities.

Turn Back the Clock

There are those who wish to turn back the clock and go back to what they think were the “good old days”. The only way to successfully turn back the clock is to return to God’s sovereignty over human lives. Any other reversion will not reinstate our true rights and freedoms, since only God can truly set us free.

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