Pastoral Thoughts

I finally have my mind clear to provide you more input for your personal life. I want to share with you a range of quite random things I have thought about or used to help others.

I am rusty on the whole blogging thing, but I think I’ll get up to speed soon enough. What is important to me is content, so please excuse the simplicity of my presentation. I am not here to distract you but to speak deep into your life about things that matter and things you need to be willing to deal with.

I am pastoral in inclination so I want to share with you things that have some practical application. Not everything I share will relate to everyone, but I trust I can refresh your spirit and stimulate your mind as I post for you the various things that go through my mind.

I am now 65 years old and have been sharing truth with people since my teenage years. That gives me some insights that you might not have considered yet. So please make my posts part of your regular life as I encourage you to walk with God and His Word in wonderful and effective ways.

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