Why Me?

Why should Almighty God call me to write notes for your spiritual refreshing?

Why indeed? I am just another man, with my own set of limitations and distractions. Though I may be good at putting words together that doesn’t mean the words themselves have any value at all.

When it is all said and done only that which is quickened and used by God’s Holy Spirit will produce spiritual fruit.

All I can do is write as I sense the Spirit’s prompting, aiming to be faithful to the Word of God, which is the Sword of the Spirit, and allowing the fruitfulness of God’s Truth in my life to be expressed in such a way that it speaks to others.

The Apostle John used the term “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14), referring to Jesus as the ‘Word of God’ taking on a human body. That idea, however, also has another meaning, that of the Word of God spoken into our lives impacting our humanity so powerfully that it becomes part of who we are.

A Bible picture of that is Mary, Jesus’ biological mum. Archangel Gabriel told her the great news of her selection to be the mother of the Christ. She responded with the phrase “let it happen to me just as you have said” (Luke 1:38). By submitting to the Word that came from God that Word was able to become a physical reality in her life.

So God’s truth is not just a theoretical, philosophical reflection on reality, but a life-giving force that is intended to so impact you that you are not the same any more. That Word is meant to be received by you in faith so it can impact you in spirit, soul and body, transforming your mind, emotions, personality and will. When that happens the Word has ‘become flesh’, been converted into practical reality in the real world, specifically your personal life.

So, Why Me? If I can share with you those areas where God’s Word has had fruitful and productive impact in my life I can encourage you that the same possibilities are available to you too.

I am just one of millions of people who could share such things with you, but, by the Grace of God, you are reading this, so maybe, just maybe, God wants something of what He has worked in me to become your personal experience as well.

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