The Calling

Written on flight from Dallas to Phoenix Mon June 14, 2004

Reflections from a conversation with a friend about his realization that life-long thoughts are his life calling, not just passing ideas.


Strangely now I recall it all.


Childhood dreams and wistful schemes.

Youthful zest and troubled rest.

Then adult will, now parked and still.


Emotions all subsided now.

Forgotten details of the ‘how’.

Daydreams that have slipped away.

Crowded out by life’s own way.


Could it be that all that zeal

was not a phase, but something real?

Could it be that I was meant

to push on with that urge now spent?

Could it be that through it all

those dreams of mine have been my call?


Copyright 2004  Chris Field

June 14, 2004