Based in Melbourne, Australia, and married for over 37  years (1973) Chris and Susan have seven children and over a dozen grandchildren. (13 in Dec 2010 – with 2 0n the way)

Chris Field and his wife, Susan have spent fifteen years in Pastoral ministry and many more years helping people succeed in marriage and home life. They now minister internationally, teaching on a wide range of subjects, with a special emphasis on Family

Chris and Susan Field became even better known in Oct 2010 when TV pgm A Current Affair featured their battle against Bank Fraud and Injustice. The story was called Home Loan Siege told how they reclaimed their home in a long-running attempt to force their bank to tell the truth about the mortgage that was created.

Chris has written several incisive books which provide clear and effective teaching about family and personal life. His articles cover family topics, archaeology, Biblical insights, law and freedom issues and a range of topical items.

Chris and Susan have presented seminars in the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and the Pacific.

Due to strong interest in Chris’ Family messages Chris began writing the Horizons Series in 2005. The series continues to grow each year.

The books are available via the Family Horizons website www.FamilyHorizons.net.

This video introduction by Pastor Chris Field gives you the opportunity to hear from him directly and to get to know him.