Open Letter to Oz

January 10, 2009

Open Letter to the Citizens of Australia,

Are you aware of the following facts about our nation?

1.    Our ancestors and the founders of our nation set up Australia as a legally Christian Nation.
2.    The legal structure of Australia has not changed, so it is still a legally Christian Nation.
3.    Anything that damages the Christian character of Australia is contrary to the Australian Constitution and our inherited rights.
4.    Our ignorance will cost us the carefully defined legal structure of our nation and plunge us into a mess which our ancestors protected us from.
5.    Our ignorance and inactivity will rob our children of blessings our ancestors passed to us.
6.    We hold all the blessings of the state of Australia in our hands, in trust for our children.
7.    Power-hungry people will try to fool us into giving up our freedoms, so they can control us and our children.

Background Information

Australia was founded by the British, who passed to us their heritage of Government and society based on Christianity and Judeo-Christian values, such as Common Law, the Westminster System of Government, Trial by Jury, morality based on the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule of Jesus Christ and centuries of Imperial Acts expressing rights and responsibilities in society.

Each British monarch, on taking office, must swear submission to Almighty God and commit to uphold the Holy Bible. Therefore every British colony and member of the British Empire implicitly comes under the authority of Almighty God through the submission of the monarch.

In the 1890’s the Australian populace spent several years creating a document which they would vote into law, thus creating the nation of Australia. That document is referred to as the Australian Constitution.
The Australian people crafted the best possible constitution they could, by drawing from the experiences of France, America and other nations who already had such documents. Australia could choose the best elements and also see what needed to be improved. The Australian Constitution is arguably the best in the world.

The Australian people also asked that the Australian Constitution include the words “humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God”. By this our ancestors ensured that we, their descendants, and all immigrants to Australia, would have no doubt that this was a nation committed to the person and values of the Christian God, Almighty God.

Note the opening clause of the Australian Constitution:

“Whereas the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland; and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established:”

By that clause the Australian people gave us a nation that submits to Almighty God. Note that Australia is also “under the Crown of the United Kingdom”, which means that it is specifically under the oaths of allegiance to Almighty God and the Holy Bible taken by the monarchs of the United Kingdom.

If the Australian Constitution was anchored only in the will of the people then temporary cultural values would have Australia in a perpetual state of change. It would float on the sea of popular opinion, blown by every fad and craze. Radicals could lead the majority to accept their ideas and so totally change the face and shape of the nation. However, the reference to Almighty God provides an external reference point, outside the will of the people. Any new idea which is offensive to the person, place and values of Almighty God can be rejected. Thus Australia is stabilised and protected from upheaval and abduction as a nation.

Specific reference to “Almighty God” is a special protection to us as today’s Australians. In this day of multiculturalism and multi-faith communities some Australian citizens want the right to break the law, based on their religion or culture. Some cultural and religious groups have been granted permission to operate their own courts, dealing with their members differently to the way ordinary Australians are dealt with.

Some religious and cultural groups allow for cruelty, immorality and even murder. Some Australians are confused about how to manage beliefs and communities that challenge the Australian way of life and its Christian morality.

Australia’s ancestors passed to us specific protection against religions and cultures which promote un-Christian and unlawful behaviour, such as murder or abuse. They did that by insisting that Almighty God is mentioned in the Australian Constitution. Not only does Australia have centuries of Christian heritage in the British system which it inherited, but the Australian population specifically added to that inheritance a clear reference to identify the God of Australia. He is the Christian God, named Almighty God.

How does that apply in today’s generation? It applies equally today as it did 100 years ago. That’s because the Australian people still have the same Constitution that our great-great grandparents created for us, with the same acknowledgement of Almighty God, and the same British heritage, confirmed by the commitment to be “under the Crown of the United Kingdom”.

People and groups wishing to break the law, based on their right to religious freedom, must be dealt with by the same legal system and process that prosecutes all Australian citizens. The claim to religious immunity cannot apply unless the religion appealed to is consistent with the person, place and values of Almighty God as expressed in Christianity and through the Holy Bible. No other God is legally acknowledged as a deity in Australia. All other “gods” and religions must submit to Almighty God and conform their practices to the excellent moral and social standards which come from Judeo-Christian values.

When this simple filter is applied, all religions and cultural groups are blocked from promoting illegal practices. Those communities are allowed to exist in Australia, but are denied the right to break the law or operate outside the law. Australia can then continue as it was created to be. The security, social values and happiness of Australian citizens are protected from destabilising, illegal, immoral or otherwise offensive values. All Australians get to live in the nation their ancestors gave them, without fear that it will be taken from them or turned into something else.

Note that this is not something new, but just application of the oldest provisions within the Australian Constitution. It is based on the very first statement of the Constitution. It is embodied in that part of the Constitution which puts the whole document in context, the Preamble.

The Challenge

Australia is legally a Christian Nation. Other religions are demanding the right to operate by their own laws and promote values which take from Australians the excellent moral protections of the Judeo-Christian value system. Australia’s ancestors, both in their British heritage and by creating the Australian Constitution, deliberately protected us from destruction of Australia’s Christian character, under Almighty God.

If we despise that awesome inheritance we will have it ripped from us. There are people keen to turn Australia into something less than a safe, moral culture based on Christian values. Our children and children’s children will despise us in years to come if we let someone steal from us what was given to us in trust for them.

Become informed. Get to know Almighty God and see why your ancestors insisted that his name is in our Constitution. Resist every attempt to tamper with the Australian Constitution, or remove its Preamble, recreate Australia or the like. All such actions will most certainly take from us the incredible protections we have by being under “the blessing of Almighty God”, even if you don’t understand why or how.

Take up this issue, for the sake of your family and descendants. These are troubled times, but your ancestors gave you an anchor. Value and protect it. Defend it and make others aware of its incredible value.

In Closing

I commend you to the “blessing of Almighty God”, just as your ancestors did. I pray Almighty God that He protect and preserve Australia from every force that wishes to displace Him and to enslave or abuse the people of Australia, in this generation and those to come.

Christopher G. Field
PO Box 291, Preston Vic 3072