Get Disillusioned

Being disillusioned is a step toward perceiving reality.  So get yourself disillusioned.
We think of being disillusioned as a negative experience.  Our hopes and expectations in someone or some process come crashing to the ground and we talk, with a pity-poor-me attitude, about how disillusioned we are.

The disillusioned are thought to be somewhat depressed, offended and unable to get motivated.
However, think about what being “disillusioned” really means.  It refers to having our “illusions” removed.
Do you want to live in a delusion?  Do you want silly and meaningless ideas to rule in your heart and mind in place of truth and reality?
Being “disillusioned” is the process of having your illusions exposed for what they are.  That is a positive experience, if only you will receive it as such.

Now you may be upset about being disillusioned because you don’t want to face reality.  That’s too bad.  Reality isn’t going to change to suit you.  While some realities are harsh, God is real and He is just as able to help you deal with the realities of life as He has always been.

It’s time to grow up and get real, about life and about your need to rely on God to get you through it.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself that you have been disillusioned.  Start living in the reality that you now perceive, without the fantasy notions that once kept you from dealing with the real world.  And start living with the help of the Living God who designed you to be His champion in the REAL world.

Hayden Gillie prompted this thought recently in a catch up chat after quite a few years. I liked his thought about the need to be dis-illusioned and that led me to pass this on to you.