Creation Supercamp 2013

[A review of this year’s Creation SuperCamp at Philip Island in January, by one of the more than 800 attendees, Ps Chris Field, who has long been a supporter of Creation Ministries International (CMI) and who brought along his 2 youngest children and his 2 oldest grandchildren.]

The Creation SuperCamp this year gave me yet more powerful insights into the poverty of evolution. I could not get past how obvious it was that evolution is a Dead Duck!

Here are some things I gleaned and thoughts that sprang from the various sessions, although I must admit that some of the technical detail went over my head, especially when we got to formulas.

In our dynamic solar system the greatest possible time of earth’s existence between tidal locking with the sun and too great a distance to sustain life is a mere 50 million years. This time frame is far below the time evolutionists demand to allow for their imagined evolutionary processes.

The ‘out of Africa’ story promoted by evolutionists asks us to believe that primates left the relative safety of their tree habitats in order to live on the savage savannahs of Africa, which no modern person would do without a gun in hand. This was supposedly such a promising option for these primates that they abandoned their tree-friendly anatomy for the wonders of living with giant hyenas and a host of other savage creatures. Those monkeys were not only out of their tree, they were out of their mind!

The incredible complexity of the simplest living cell contains so many layers of exacting processes that previously required time frames for random chance mutations to create them must be expanded multiple times over.

Each new discovery of increased microbiological complexity is a mystery and a huge burden for naturalistic evolution, but it is expected by Creationists and celebrated each time it is uncovered.

Evidence for the powerful forces of water at work during the global flood is overwhelmingly obvious, right before our eyes, such as planation surfaces. And that evidence readily accounts for common features that defy explanation by the popular steady state long ages geological theories.

Evolution as a worldview is not held to because it makes good science but because the alternative of special creation at the hands of an omnipotent God is rejected.

A primordial soup is not only ineffective in providing the birthplace of amino acids and proteins but the presence of water destroys those essential ingredients for life.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics defies the notion of an eternal universe because its processes lead everything from a position of readily available energy to a position of heat death, where energy is no longer available. Thus the universe had a beginning and is marching steadily towards a place where everything will be totally rundown and inactive (though Christians have the guarantee of God’s intervention long before that fate).

Arbitrarily given names for at least one star constellation show evidence of consistency in cultures as disparate as Australian Aboriginals and the ancient Greeks, supporting the Biblical account of cultures having a common origin prior to the Babel confusion of languages.

Evolution is suffering from ‘information overload’. Complex Information Systems do not rise by chance and they evidence intelligence in conceiving the message, creating the code, transmission of the coded information, activation of the interpretative processes, interpretation of the coded message and activation of an outcome caused by the message being received. The incredible amount of information and the high levels of complexity abundantly evident in living cells defy all possibility of chance random occurrence and shout the reality of an intelligent designer.

Evolution’s ideas of natural selection and survival of the fittest as props for evolutionary development only kick in when self-sustaining, reproducing organisms exist. So the incredibly complex information systems needed to get to the point of a living, reproducing organism are not benefited by evolution’s magic wands. The creation of reproducing organisms that can then benefit from natural selection is unaccounted for by evolutionary models.

While highly qualified creationist scientists abound, including the speakers at the SuperCamp, it is also exciting to hear of unqualified creationists who become expert in their chosen field of science just by taking interest and correctly interpreting the evidence for what it is, not denying the implications and foiling their mind with unrealistic notions.
We heard of an extremely knowledgeable geologist in Germany who has no formal qualifications in geology but has eagerly consumed creationist research into the subject. This inspires us to become an expert in our chosen field because we are free to see and evaluate the evidence for what it is, not what it is supposed to be by false ideology.

Human diversity is not only accounted for by reproduction and adaptation by selection, which overall leads to loss of information in the individual’s genetic code, but also by epigenetic switches which can cause adaptation with no genetic change.
Despite visible diversity we are all one human family with no more genetic diversity between races than is found within any people group.

The enormous quantities of dark matter and dark energy imagined by cosmologists to explain the universe are completely unnecessary to the creationist, but necessary to make the big bang model work. There is reason to seriously doubt their existence.

Gene expression to form proteins involves four levels of coding, not just the sequence of amino acids. Each level is itself statistically impossible in terms of probability, and the higher levels, such as arranging placement and then folding to bring together matching elements in the protein, is staggeringly clever and involves intelligence of a very high order.
Random chance processes cannot be invoked to account for this, yet it is ubiquitous in all living things and would have been necessary for the hypothetical ‘original common ancestor’ organism as well.

Evolution is ‘running out of time’ because observations of natural processes, such as the earth’s minute movement away from the sun, restrict the time spans available for evolution, and yet discoveries of increased complexity and intricate, multipart information systems in abundance significantly extend the time frames needed by evolutionists.

Biblical explanations for what we see around us are perfectly sufficient and fit observable science so well that despite some remaining challenges, which exist for all broad scientific models, Christians do not need an impossible evolution process to explain anything.
In fact, particles-to-people evolution presents far more improbabilities and inexplicable factors and prompts the creation of unseen forces and substances, such as dark energy and dark matter, than the scientifically consistent explanation given in the Bible.
Who needs evolution? Only those who want to deny God.
We don’t need it. It is completely redundant to our lives and only blinds people to the observable evidence right before them. How sad.

Time is evolution’s Poison Pill. Evolutionists demand great expanses of time to allow for their impossible microbiological evolutionary models (anything is possible – “given enough time”), yet increases in time crash into limits in the solar system and more.
Evolution’s miracle cure (great expanses of time) is a poison pill.

Just as the Scribes took away the ‘key of knowledge’ from people in Jesus’ day so evolution takes away the key of knowledge in much of science today, by misdirecting people to stories, myths and naturalistic explanations that deny the realities of a global flood, recent creation, intelligent design, perfectly reasonable complexity and much more.

Evolution is on ‘artificial life support’ by its advocates, pumping flimsy explanations and invoking unreal factors into scientific thought, while there are no vital signs of life in the theory at all.

Richard Dawkins has labelled those who believe in evolution as ‘ignorant baboons’, thus choosing to mock all the great creationist scientists upon whose shoulders modern science now rests.
It is interesting to think of Dawkins mocking Sir Isaac Newton and many other great men and women as ‘ignorant baboons’.

With SuperCamp behind me I find myself encouraged to take greater interest in observable science, including looking at the stars above and rock formations all around me.
Thanks to CMI and all the great speakers, and to all those who worked together to make this huge event possible.

[Chris Field is a Melbourne-based Christian minister who first took the Creation message seriously in the mid 1980’s following a CMI presentation. He and his family have been helped by CMI speakers, books and videos and by subscribing to the Creation Magazine over the past quarter century.]