Modern Day Slavery

How is it we are trapped in a web of fines, threats, debts, notices, by-laws and the like?

How is it the police are our enemy when they are supposed to bless us by protecting us?

What has been done to justice when the Justice Department spends so much of its time harassing us, entrapping us, making strange and unfounded judgments against us and upholding all manner of silly claims against us?

Do you really want to know?

Common Law Obligations

Under Common Law you can be held guilty for various things. But apart from a few responsibilities toward others you are blessed with abundant rights that can’t be taken from you (inalienable) because they were given to you by God when you were created.

Despite your rights and freedoms you are obligated not to harm others, or to harm their property, and also to keep your word.

Your Common Law obligations are toward others: not to harm them; not to harm their property; and not to break your word to them.

Keeping Your Word

The reason keeping your word is a Common Law obligation is because you can hurt others by breaking your word.

If you promise to do something and others rely on you they are vulnerable to harm if you don’t keep your word. If you don’t buy what you promised to buy the seller may miss a genuine sale to another customer. If you don’t marry the girl you promised to marry you may cause her a life of heartbreak. If you don’t deliver the medicine you promised the patient may die.

So your word is a potential source of “harm” to others, just as your fist, or your unchained bull may be. If you cause injury then you have broken a Common Law obligation.

Making a Slave of You

Centuries ago certain men who were looking only for their own interests realised they could use your obligation to keep your word to enslave you and make you pass your wealth to them.

They could do it by trapping you into a contract that was in their favour. If they could induce you into a commercial contract where you gave your word, and then get you in default, having broken your promise, then they could drag you before the courts and force you to pay what they claimed.

This is a perversion of the Common Law obligation to keep your word. It is also evil and wrong, despite the fact that a good case may be presented in court.


What makes the evil commercial contract so wrong is that its intention was never to create a positive, mutually acceptable contract for mutual benefit, but to entrap, enslave and destroy one party for the benefit of another.

Thus commercial law emerged as a powerful element of law over recent centuries. Terms like ‘law merchant’ reflect that body of law based around commercial contracts.

Before God, who is Chief Justice over all justice, the heart is under observation. God looks on the heart. God deems a contract to be evil if the heart of the one creating it is to exploit or harm another. The prophets of old and the Son of God Himself warned us that God looks on the heart.

Presumption of Contract

The evil of commercial law enslaving others has developed further in today’s western world to the Presumption of Contract. Rather than trap people in a fraudulent contract we are today trapped by contracts we didn’t even know we entered.

In order to exploit you other parties, including our governments and government agencies, induce us into presumed contracts and then respond as if we knowingly entered into bondage to them. When those parties deem us to be in default they then drag us before the courts and we are somehow found guilty of things we did not know we were bound to.

What is more, we are not given much chance if any to defend ourselves because we are deemed to be guilty from the moment someone points their finger at us and declares us guilty, such as a traffic cop, parking attendant, local council employee. or similar.

No Escape

We are no longer presumed innocent until proven guilty, but we are guilty the moment someone accuses us. That’s how it is with police traffic offences, parking tickets and so on.

We may well get an unsolicited letter in the mail declaring that we have been found guilty of this or that and the fine is such and such. When we write back or phone to find out what it is about we discover that the only options we are given relate to how we will pay, not how the other party will prove their claim. The claim is taken to be true, without proper judicial process and thus trampling on our common law rights and natural justice.

We are treated like slaves who have to obey our masters, rather than people with God-given freedom who are immune from false and evil claims, protected by justice and the guarantee of our rights (such as our monarch is bound to give through Magna Carta and other ancient promises).

Contract Wins

One reason things go like that is because it has been declared that Contracts are higher in standing than our common law rights.

It is possible for you to contract to give up your common law rights. So Contract stands higher than those rights. Or, to put it more correctly, your will stands higher than your rights. You have the right to choose by your own will to give up your rights.

You can choose to be a slave, or to pay for someone else’s crime (as in Tale of Two Cities, or the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ). Your freedom is so powerful it includes the right to give up freedom itself.

And by extension of that, if you enter a contract by your own free will, that contract stands higher than any rights you may have given up.

Pretended Contracts

If someone can trick you into a contract, or bluff you that you are bound by a contract you didn’t knowingly enter and didn’t know the full terms and conditions of, then you can be made an absolute slave, based on the idea that contract is supreme.

So governments and corporations, police forces, local councils, and all manner of other regulators are busy as all get-out tangling you into their contracts. When you respond to their absurd letter of demand or their unexpected and unjust charges and fines, they will tell you that you are bound by this or that rule to do what they demand. No matter how much you huff and puff you seem to get nowhere. If you stall and delay you find that unexpected additional penalties have been imposed. When you object you are told that your complaint has been reviewed and refused.

And you just don’t seem to be able to break this nexus. You find yourself enslaved by all manner of constrictions which your parents and grandparents never thought of, and you are at the mercy of pen-pushers and self-interested parties who seem to have the right to dictate your fate.

It’s Presumption

The whole house of cards is built on Presumption. They presume to have power over you. They presume that you are in contract with them. They presume that you are bound by their decision, no matter how one-sider or evil, or how filled with self-interest it may be.

They presume you have voluntarily given up your rights and freedoms to them, and they intimidate you if you don’t comply with their presumption.

You are Presumed Dead. And they treat you like a corpse.

Most people simply give up and play dead, because they fear the consequences of challenging what seems to be evil.

Dead in the Head

Your problem is that they are not so far wrong. If you are dead in the head, if you are willing to lie down and let them trample on you, then they have every right to treat you like a carcase at their disposal.

If you let them make contract with you, presume that you are their slave, and walk all over you, then that’s probably OK. I mean, if you choose to accept that contract then you can accept it. You can’t exactly argue against it if you accept the terms and conditions and allow them to bind you into an evil contract.

It’s your life, and it’s your will. If you WILL for it to be so, by lying down and letting them enslave you, then I guess that’s the CONTRACT you have entered into. It’s the terms you have accepted.

As someone once put it, what you suffer is what you want. If you didn’t want it you would not suffer it. So if you accept others treating your like a slave, then you must actually want to be a slave deep on the inside. It would be wrong for me to deny you what you want.

Or Stand Up

The alternative is to wake up to what is going on and to stand up and say, “No”.

You can challenge the presumed contract and demand that they prove it. You can reserve your rights rather than letting them trample all over you.

You can declare that there is no contract and that you don’t consent, and they must prove that you knowingly entered into contract with them and accepted the terms. You can demand that they give you full disclosure of the contract they are offering and allow you to modify the terms to suit you, rather than the terms that suit them.

But don’t expect that they will give up their slave easily. There may well be a fight about their right to hold you to their will.

And then you must decide whether you really believe you are free, or if you are just looking for some easy way out of some bills and obligations.

That’s the deal. The rest is up to you.

Any Good Men?

The way evil prevails is if good men do nothing.

Are there any good men out there?

To The Slaves

Be warned, my fellow Westerners, living in the luxury of modern life and enjoying democratic government and the notion of wonderful freedom.  You are slaves.  You have been cunningly enslaved by those you trusted to protect you.  So I write this summary to expose your situation so you can decide what you will do about your enslavement.

Your Lost Freedoms

You were born with God-given freedoms and rights, known as inalienable rights because they cannot ever be separated from who and what you are.

Those rights and freedoms have been defined from ancient time and you find them in the Holy Bible, in ancient English common law, in the Imperial Acts of the monarchs of England, in the Coronation Oath of the British monarchs, in the Bill of Rights 1688 and in the Constitutions that establish nations.

Simply stated, in western democracies, the men and women of the society pool their personal sovereignty to form government for their society.  They are sovereign and their will is supreme over their own lives.

They elect “representatives” to stand in proxy for the sovereign men and women and to serve the will of those men and women.  That is why elected officials and those they appoint are known as “public servants”.  They are to serve the will of the public.

We are not slaves to the will of the Emperor, or the will of the government, or the will of anyone else.  We are the sovereigns and we participate in society by our individual choice to do so.  We are governed only so far as we agree to be governed, and we may withdraw our agreement at any time, because we are the sovereigns.  Any other model makes us SLAVES to the will of others who are denying us our God-given inalienable rights and freedoms.

You are either a sovereign or you are a slave.  You either have the right and power to live your life or you don’t.  If you don’t, then you are not free, but you are enslaved.

Moral Responsibility

Note, however, that our personal rights and freedoms do not extend to committing crimes.  We are each morally responsible before God, from whom we draw our rights and freedoms.

The simple summary of our moral responsibilities toward our fellow man is that we must not harm anyone or their property, and we must keep our word to them.  The Bible summarised our responsibility toward our fellow man as “Love your neighbour as yourself”, and Jesus Christ summarised it as “Do to others what you want them to do to you”.

We are not free to abuse, steal, lie, cheat, harm or otherwise impose upon others.

Mankind is responsible before God to hold each other accountable for crimes against person and property and for keeping our word.

Freedom Today

Our real standing is that we are each a personal sovereign whose will is meant to be represented in the social decision making process of government.  Governments are created by us and for us, so all expressions of the government, including all the various departments, officials, processes, etc, are there as our public servants.  Compare that with what takes place today.

A cold look at what happens today suggests that our elected representatives and the appointed officials do not see themselves as there to serve us at all.  Instead they serve corporate agendas, money making for the government or corporation, and other objectives which not only ignore our wishes but impose things on us against our will.  Even those who are diligent about their position and responsibilities end up only serving the tasks assigned them in their role, which tasks are essentially designed for the good of that corporation, not delivery of the underlying rights and freedoms of the sovereign people.

Even where the majority of the public clearly oppose certain decisions the politicians will pass something into law and force it on the people.  This is not ‘representative government’ or ‘democracy’.  It is enslavement.  You are made a slave every time your elected government or some government department or corporation takes action against the public will.

Are You a Slave or Are you Free?

In view of what I have just outlined, are you a slave or are you free?

Do your elected representatives ask you for your instructions and then do what you tell them?

Do the government departments and officials listen to your instructions or complaints and then serve you effectively?

Or does the government push its own agendas?

Do governments pass laws that the people object to and then force compliance from the general public?

Have your rights and freedoms expanded over the past decades or have they been eroded?

More Serious Questions

Since your true rights and freedoms have been defined for hundreds of years, we can measure whether you are a slave or free based on how today’s government and society measures up against the ancient benchmarks.

A well known ancient benchmark defining personal freedom is found in Magna Carta which was first prescribed in 1215 and then reiterated in 1297.

The first version of Magna Carta in 1215 included this promise: “To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice.”  That Promise was repeated in Magna Carta 1297 as “We will sell to no man, we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right.”

So the evidence of a free society is that every member of the society is guaranteed justice and their rights.  In fact the delivery of justice and their rights will never be denied and will not even be delayed.

Are justice and people’s rights speedily delivered to all in your society?

I set up the website to give focus to this most basic foundation of our rights and freedoms.  You will find various articles there discussing related matters.

Modern Government

In practice today’s western governments provide the impression of representing the democratic will of the people, but actually have their own agendas in mind.  Those governments have no regard for Magna Carta and the rights and freedoms of the people, except to keep up appearances and appease the people.

Western governments are increasingly intent on making their constituents slaves to debts incurred by those governments.  And it is likely that most governments are bound to serve masters apart from the people who elected them, such as international financiers and international power brokers.

The net result of this is that you are a slave.  You are being pushed around and expoited by the very government you might be proud of and have voted for.  That government and all the officials are far less interested in your will than their own.  They do not seek to ‘represent’ you, but to enslave you.

Sold Out

You have been progressively sold out by those who were entrusted with authority by you.  They can’t admit they have done this and they keep up appearances of all being in order as it has always been.

Your elected officials and those appointed to responsibility have sold you out for personal gain, or for ideological motivations, or because of secret agreements and bonds they are party to, or to feather their own nest in some way or similar reasons.

Just as spies are moved by various motivations to use their position against the country they live in, your leaders over past generations and today have progressively sold out your rights and freedoms for their own reasons.

However it happened, your sovereignty has been subverted, your freedoms removed, your rights destroyed and justice denied you and you have been made into a slave.

Try Bucking the System

If you still doubt that you are a slave then try bucking the system.  Just try calling your elected representatives to account, challenging some government rule that offends you and your rights, or calling for justice and your rights.

You will not get what you ask for.  Your sovereign will is ignored.  That is because your sovereignty has been subverted and sold out.  Your will is no longer represented by those you elect, but ignored and suberted by them.  They think this is the way it is supposed to be.

Ignoring the Slaves

Because you are a slave the social system of politicians, officials, courts and corporations will ignore you.  It will initially do so politely, so as not to arouse your suspicion about your enslavement, but you will get nowhere trying to have your voice heard.

If you press the point you will get various forms of polite obfuscation.  Rather than address your concerns as a sovereign man or woman calling your representatives or public servants to account, those in positions of authority will fob you off in various ways.

If you phone them you will get passed from person to person.  If you write, you might get a polite reply from an underling advising that the person or department you are calling into question is doing exactly what it is supposed to do according to such and such a law or Act of government.

If you press the point harder you will be ignored, or told you are a trouble maker, or given a fresh justification for the actions you object to from someone higher up the tree.

However they respond the net result is that you are left without the answer or outcome you sought according to your will.  Your WILL, the most significant element of your freedom, is ignored and trampled upon, albeit politely.  And that is because you are a slave.  Your slave masters don’t need to obey the will of a slave.

Doing My Job

One of the answers you will get when you challenge the system is a reply from someone saying in effect, “I am just doing my job”.  They will advise you that according to such and such a rule, or regulation, or the like, they are supposed to do what they are doing.

If you challenge them and point out that by them “doing their job” they are violating your rights, denying you justice, making you a slave, or the like, they will shrug their shoulders and try to get away from responsibility by saying, “I’m just doing my job”, “This is what I am supposed to do”, “I have a wife and kids to support, so don’t blame me if you don’t like it.  I’m just doing what I have to do.  You’d do the same in my place.”

Everyone Is Accountable

The stand that “it’s out of my control and I’m just doing my small part” quickly fails close scrutiny.

A man who drives the getaway car for a bank robbery, or who locks someone in a room so another person can attack them is an Accomplice.  They are fully accountable for their actions and responsible for their part in the abuse that takes place.  They are an undisputed party to the crime.

In the same way every official, in politics, courts, government departments, corporations, or the like who contributes to the abuse of your rights, justice and freedoms is an Accomplice.  They are an undisputed party to crimes against humanity and to your enslavement.

They are all fully accountable, even if a politician has promised them protection by passing laws to protect them.  Abuse is abuse, violence is violence and enslavement is enslavement, no matter what supposed laws are in place to protect those who commit the crimes.

What to Do

Do you know what to do about your enslavement?

If you don’t know what to do then you are in a pretty sorry situation.  You are a slave and you don’t know how to change it.  What hope is there for you and your children?

You will notice that the freedoms enjoyed just a few decades ago have been reduced since then.  Your freedoms are not being expanded, but eroded.  You are increasingly enslaved with each passing year.

So what will things be like in another fifty years?  What are you leaving for your children and grandchildren to live under?  What are you going to do to protect their freedoms and ensure they are not even more enslaved than you are?

Each of us must answer such questions for ourselves.  These are personal matters.  You may want to be a slave and want your descendents trapped in slavery.  You might have decided that this is the way it is meant to be.  It is not up to me to tell you how to live your life.  What you leave for your children is your business.

However, what I think is wise is that we stand up for what is ours and what belongs to our descendents.  I would like to see many of us effectively call to account those involved in injustice, treason and slavery.  I pray that at least some of you sense the same convictions.

Ghost Driver 2

Five years after their last meeting the young man, now not so young, once again caught a glimpse of the Ghost Driver carriage. He saw it speeding along a high road, with the whip cracking and the horses galloping, and the very faint impression of several ethereal drivers urging it along.

Later that same day he came across it again, standing in the shade of a cluster of trees beside a country road. The young woman was sitting quietly in the shade.

He approached her and then stood quiet and motionless.

She saw him approach but did not greet him. They were both unsure how to proceed.

Finally he broke the silence. “I see you still have your carriage and your drivers.”

She nodded as she gazed at her feet. He shuffled with uncertainty.

Help At Last

“I think I can help you”, he announced at last. She did not react.

“I have found the secret to being rid of these Ghost Drivers.” His voice quickly became enthusiastic. He had waited a long time to pass on this vital information. “I know how you get them and how to get rid of them.” She did not respond, so he continued, as if to assure her. “It has been done, you know. Many people have become free from a life like yours.”

She turned her head away, as if not wanting to hear more. He moved so she could see him.

“Don’t you want to be free?” She waited, still, before springing up and walking to the carriage. He followed. Beside the rig she nodded her head to indicate that he should look inside.

Another Passenger

He peered into the carriage and saw a small baby, sleeping in a basket.

“It’s too late”, she muttered as she walked away. He looked again at the baby and then followed her.

“You can be FREE!” He asserted. She turned and raged at him as she indicated toward the baby. “I cannot be free of HER!”

“You can both be free! Can’t you see I am telling you that you don’t have to be trapped by these ghosts?”

She returned to the place where she had been sitting and slumped herself back onto the grass. “He left me. He said he could not take it anymore. He left me and the baby. Now what am I to do?” She asked as one who does not expect an answer.

Try Freedom

“You could try Freedom”, he suggested. She did not react, so he took that as permission to explain.

“There is a man I found who knows of these Ghost Drivers. He has dealt with them before. And he knows where they come from. They are passed to us, as familiar acquaintances of our parents, or they come and introduce themselves to us. If we welcome them, or if we do not resist them, they claim a part of us. We agree by our invitation or acquiescence.” She did not respond to any of this.

“Over time they make demands of us, urging us to give over more and more of our life to their control. If we give in to their suggestions, such as to be angry, bitter, jealous, resentful, proud, selfish, or many other things, then their grip on our life becomes much stronger. Eventually they have their claws dug deep into our flesh and they drive us at their whim.” She put her face in her hands.

All of this gave her no hope, but only described her destruction.

Grow a New Life Within

“Our only hope is to grow a new life within. Since our old life has become a slave and must die to be rid of its masters, we need a new life spawned within us, from God. That new life lives in freedom from the things that drive our flesh.” She did not move.

“Once there are two lives within us we can then die to our flesh and deal with all those selfish, evil, hurtful and destructive things we once invited into our life. While our old flesh man dies, we are not hurt, but liberated. Our new man is all the more free to live a wonderful new life.” He finished this explanation on a high note, excited by the prospects. She, however, was unmoved.

“You make it sound too easy. But I know the tyranny of my masters. They will not give me up without much pain. I cannot face the humiliation and I won’t admit I was wrong. I won’t give up my claim for revenge against my husband, or my resentment of my parents, or my jealousy of my school friends. I won’t give up my pride in my own ability to survive and to succeed without God’s help. I cannot afford to give up such things without enduring unbearable pain and shame.”

“You will live in such slavery and doom yourself and your daughter to a life of misery?” He was astonished.


With that, a loud “Cumalongnow!” rang from unseen voices and she dashed into the carriage which began to speed away. Her flight was so quick and determined that he hardly had time to see through the dust the gestures from spite, arrogance, defiance and the like, raging from atop the carriage. He also could not see the tortured look of despair in a face that knew the truth, but could not bear to face it.

Our young friend was saddened but not daunted. His new understanding of these things put him to recognising others of his acquaintance who had Ghosts driving their lives at times. Some only heard a “Cumalongnow!” on the rarest of occasions, while some were stirred by unseen voices almost every day.

He began to visit these people and to share with them the truth he now understood. Some, but not all, were open to his message. Some, too, gained complete freedom from masters that spoiled their life and marriage. Many a family thanked him repeatedly for the healing he brought, not only to the enslaved, but to the experience of them all.

From time to time he stopped to pray for a woman and a little girl, whirling around the countryside in uncontrolled urges and furies. What tragedy lay in store for them yet?

Getting the Picture?

The things that drive you are part of your life by your agreement. You agree to contracts either by your signature (you requested the good or service) or by your acquiescence (you did not object to the imposition forced upon you).

When fear sweeps over you, giving you a sample of its wares, you either buy in or your reject the goods as unsuitable for the life you wish to live. If anger sweeps over you, giving you a taste of its finest qualities, you either subscribe or you throw the sample away. This is how it works for all those things you have integrated into your life.

Of course, when you are very young you are more vulnerable and less likely to know what is going on. But even then, you knew by the way it made you feel, that the things you welcomed into your life were not things that made you noble and special, but things that made you evil and dirty.

More Control

Once those things have become travelling companions in your life they will seek permission to take greater and greater control of your life. They will suggest, “It’s a good time to be angry. I’d be really angry if I were you.” If you accept the suggestion you give over that much more of your will and life to the invaders, until they become Ghost Drivers of your life.

Freedom comes from reversing those invitations and contracts which we established with the evil influences. However it is most effectively done when we die to our old life, including all its contracts, and live out of the new life born in us by the Holy Spirit when we are saved.

If you missed the first part of this allegory you will find it at:

Amanda Smith the Colored Evangelist

Amanda Jane Berry Smith died, on February 24, 1915. She was born into slavery on a farm in Long Green in Maryland, USA on January 23, 1837. She was the oldest daughter in a family of thirteen children. Her father was able to buy his freedom, with funds raised by selling products he made in his spare time. He then continued raising funds until he had purchased his wife and his five children born in slavery.

Amanda was an enterprising young lady. She taught herself to read by cutting out large letters from her father’s newspapers then asking her mother to make words for her to read. “I shall never forget how delighted I was when I first read: ‘The house, the tree, the dog, the cow.’ I thought I knew it all.”

Amanda’s parents were devout and the father read the Bible to his family each day. Amanda was converted at the age of 13, during a revival at a Methodist Episcopal Church in Pennsylvania.

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Her own words were that she was “a poor coloured servant girl sitting away back by the door” when a young white women entreated her with tears to accept Christ. “I was the only coloured girl there, but I went. She knelt beside me with her arms around me and prayed for me…”
She felt the Lord’s touch at her conversion. “I went to get up, but found I could not stand. They took hold of me and stood me on my feet. My strength seemed to come to me, but I was frightened. I was afraid to step. I seemed to be so light. In my heart was peace, but I did not know how to exercise faith as I should. I went home and resolved I would be the Lord’s and live for him. All the days were happy and bright.”

She married at the age of 17, but her husband, although ‘religious’, turned out to be a drunkard. He joined the Union Army during the Civil War and never returned. She later married James Smith, a deacon in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, who also became indifferent to things spiritual. But Amanda’s faith kept growing.

A sermon on holiness by a Presbyterian evangelist, John S Inskip, was indeed a “second blessing” to her. Gone were her fears of ‘white people’. “I would rather be black and fully saved than white and not saved”, she said.

She began to preach. Invitations came from across the United States – and even England. “In 1876 she was invited to speak at a Keswick Conference”, then to Scotland, India and Burma. She was not, emphasises one biographer, a feminist or an agitator for women’s ordination. “The thought of ordination never once entered my mind, for I had received my ordination from Him who said, ‘Ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you …”

Smith became a legendary personality in her own time. This was achieved by her published works, mostly as letters to such periodicals as Wesleyan/Holiness, Methodist Episcopal, and African-American Methodist, from the 1870s until her death. Her book “An Autobiography: The Story of the Lord’s Dealings with Mrs. Amanda Smith, the Colored Evangelist: Containing an Account of Her Life Work of Faith, and Her Travels in America, England, Ireland, Scotland, India, and Africa as an Independent Missionary” was published in 1893 and sold widely.

Amanda Smith died in 1915 in a suburb of Chicago, where she had spent her last years heading up an orphanage for black children. She was 78 years of age.

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The Galley Slave Analogy Explored

In the Galley Slave analogy I shared with you recently I spoke of a galley slave rowing for the black fleet of pirate ships. Because the observations I am making in that scenario are important ones I am going to revisit the analogy here and unpack some points that I want you to note.

Reviewing the Analogy

In the scenario everyone spends their life as a galley slave (slave oarsman) in sea vessels, either for the Black Pirate fleet or the White ships (they are the good guys). The black are constantly in fear of being pursued and sunk by the white ships. While each person has free choice of fleet to row for their choice is usually made inadvertently, by their childhood actions.

Acts of selfishness, independence or evil automatically assign a person to the Black ships. Only those who have remained free of selfishness and evil will be allowed to work on the White ships.

I suggested that you were a slave on a Black ship and had heard that it is possible to cry out to the White ship for rescue. When your ship is under attack you cry out for rescue, despite the anger of those in the Black ship around you. As the Black ship breaks up you are rescued to the White ship for a whole new life.

Instead of being chained in place you are given a place to row, but as an act of devotion. You are a ‘love slave’ to the White fleet, and you have the opportunity to abandon ship if you should so choose.

You do choose to abandon the White ship, in hope of freedom from all servitude altogether. You escape to shore and run with all your might. But you discover that your abandonment has made you a slave again, this time to the Black Pirate ships again.


While we all love the notion of absolute freedom, it does not exist. We live in a moral universe in which we either serve our maker or we rebel against Him and become a slave to degradation.

Even if we are otherwise ‘nice’ people, when we are on the side of evil we must suffer the consequences that come to evil. We are judged as a pirate because we have chosen, no matter how ignorantly, to be on the pirate ship.

“The wages of sin is death.” Sin brings people into slavery to its kingdom. The kingdom of sin is under the death sentence and so you, when on the side of sin, will suffer judgement, destruction and hell. You are an enemy to God and you serve God’s enemies. You are under the judgement that belongs to all of God’s enemies. Your only hope is to abandon the enemy’s service and come under God’s lordship.

New Life in Christ

We are each offered forgiveness and deliverance through faith in Jesus Christ. God sent Jesus to pay your account, so there is a legal provision for your debts to be cancelled. However, you must “call on the name of the Lord” to be saved.

Those in the service of sin will resent you for abandoning their ship and crying out to God for mercy. They will mock and rebuke you for changing sides. You may well lose all of your friends and the respect of your associates. The change in your place is radical.

Complete Freedom to Serve

Your newfound freedom in Christ is awesome. You are freed from slavery to sin. You are now empowered to become free from every evil habit of thought, word and deed. Your will is now able to yield to God. You can stop cursing, lusting, arguing, rising up in pride and much more. This is a profound freedom that is exhilarating in its dimensions.

In that place of freedom the only reasonable response is for you to dedicate yourself to God, as His love slave, serving His kingdom with all your life. In your service, you are no longer chained to sin and shame. You are able to choose each time to yield to God’s call on your life. There is no coercion but joyful cooperation with God.

Back into Slavery

When you are tempted to reject God’s grace and to pursue self-will again you have the freedom to do so. God will not trap you in His kingdom, as the devil traps you in the kingdom of darkness. God wants you to yield to Him as an act of your love for Him, with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.

If you choose to give in to selfish ambition, self-serving ideas and selfish independence God will let you run after those things. However, that very act of pushing off to gain new freedoms for yourself only brings you right back to a place of slavery to sin again.

When you serve sin, sin becomes your slave driver. Once you are back under the slavery to sin you are once again in line for all that sin’s kingdom is under, which is judgement, death and hell.

Choose Your Slavery

Your only choices are between slavery and slavery. You can be in bondage to the cruel slavery to sin, habits, shame, degradation, addiction and evil. Or you can be a love-slave to God, free within yourself, but willingly yielding yourself in service to God.