To The Slaves

Be warned, my fellow Westerners, living in the luxury of modern life and enjoying democratic government and the notion of wonderful freedom.  You are slaves.  You have been cunningly enslaved by those you trusted to protect you.  So I write this summary to expose your situation so you can decide what you will do about your enslavement.

Your Lost Freedoms

You were born with God-given freedoms and rights, known as inalienable rights because they cannot ever be separated from who and what you are.

Those rights and freedoms have been defined from ancient time and you find them in the Holy Bible, in ancient English common law, in the Imperial Acts of the monarchs of England, in the Coronation Oath of the British monarchs, in the Bill of Rights 1688 and in the Constitutions that establish nations.

Simply stated, in western democracies, the men and women of the society pool their personal sovereignty to form government for their society.  They are sovereign and their will is supreme over their own lives.

They elect “representatives” to stand in proxy for the sovereign men and women and to serve the will of those men and women.  That is why elected officials and those they appoint are known as “public servants”.  They are to serve the will of the public.

We are not slaves to the will of the Emperor, or the will of the government, or the will of anyone else.  We are the sovereigns and we participate in society by our individual choice to do so.  We are governed only so far as we agree to be governed, and we may withdraw our agreement at any time, because we are the sovereigns.  Any other model makes us SLAVES to the will of others who are denying us our God-given inalienable rights and freedoms.

You are either a sovereign or you are a slave.  You either have the right and power to live your life or you don’t.  If you don’t, then you are not free, but you are enslaved.

Moral Responsibility

Note, however, that our personal rights and freedoms do not extend to committing crimes.  We are each morally responsible before God, from whom we draw our rights and freedoms.

The simple summary of our moral responsibilities toward our fellow man is that we must not harm anyone or their property, and we must keep our word to them.  The Bible summarised our responsibility toward our fellow man as “Love your neighbour as yourself”, and Jesus Christ summarised it as “Do to others what you want them to do to you”.

We are not free to abuse, steal, lie, cheat, harm or otherwise impose upon others.

Mankind is responsible before God to hold each other accountable for crimes against person and property and for keeping our word.

Freedom Today

Our real standing is that we are each a personal sovereign whose will is meant to be represented in the social decision making process of government.  Governments are created by us and for us, so all expressions of the government, including all the various departments, officials, processes, etc, are there as our public servants.  Compare that with what takes place today.

A cold look at what happens today suggests that our elected representatives and the appointed officials do not see themselves as there to serve us at all.  Instead they serve corporate agendas, money making for the government or corporation, and other objectives which not only ignore our wishes but impose things on us against our will.  Even those who are diligent about their position and responsibilities end up only serving the tasks assigned them in their role, which tasks are essentially designed for the good of that corporation, not delivery of the underlying rights and freedoms of the sovereign people.

Even where the majority of the public clearly oppose certain decisions the politicians will pass something into law and force it on the people.  This is not ‘representative government’ or ‘democracy’.  It is enslavement.  You are made a slave every time your elected government or some government department or corporation takes action against the public will.

Are You a Slave or Are you Free?

In view of what I have just outlined, are you a slave or are you free?

Do your elected representatives ask you for your instructions and then do what you tell them?

Do the government departments and officials listen to your instructions or complaints and then serve you effectively?

Or does the government push its own agendas?

Do governments pass laws that the people object to and then force compliance from the general public?

Have your rights and freedoms expanded over the past decades or have they been eroded?

More Serious Questions

Since your true rights and freedoms have been defined for hundreds of years, we can measure whether you are a slave or free based on how today’s government and society measures up against the ancient benchmarks.

A well known ancient benchmark defining personal freedom is found in Magna Carta which was first prescribed in 1215 and then reiterated in 1297.

The first version of Magna Carta in 1215 included this promise: “To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice.”  That Promise was repeated in Magna Carta 1297 as “We will sell to no man, we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right.”

So the evidence of a free society is that every member of the society is guaranteed justice and their rights.  In fact the delivery of justice and their rights will never be denied and will not even be delayed.

Are justice and people’s rights speedily delivered to all in your society?

I set up the website to give focus to this most basic foundation of our rights and freedoms.  You will find various articles there discussing related matters.

Modern Government

In practice today’s western governments provide the impression of representing the democratic will of the people, but actually have their own agendas in mind.  Those governments have no regard for Magna Carta and the rights and freedoms of the people, except to keep up appearances and appease the people.

Western governments are increasingly intent on making their constituents slaves to debts incurred by those governments.  And it is likely that most governments are bound to serve masters apart from the people who elected them, such as international financiers and international power brokers.

The net result of this is that you are a slave.  You are being pushed around and expoited by the very government you might be proud of and have voted for.  That government and all the officials are far less interested in your will than their own.  They do not seek to ‘represent’ you, but to enslave you.

Sold Out

You have been progressively sold out by those who were entrusted with authority by you.  They can’t admit they have done this and they keep up appearances of all being in order as it has always been.

Your elected officials and those appointed to responsibility have sold you out for personal gain, or for ideological motivations, or because of secret agreements and bonds they are party to, or to feather their own nest in some way or similar reasons.

Just as spies are moved by various motivations to use their position against the country they live in, your leaders over past generations and today have progressively sold out your rights and freedoms for their own reasons.

However it happened, your sovereignty has been subverted, your freedoms removed, your rights destroyed and justice denied you and you have been made into a slave.

Try Bucking the System

If you still doubt that you are a slave then try bucking the system.  Just try calling your elected representatives to account, challenging some government rule that offends you and your rights, or calling for justice and your rights.

You will not get what you ask for.  Your sovereign will is ignored.  That is because your sovereignty has been subverted and sold out.  Your will is no longer represented by those you elect, but ignored and suberted by them.  They think this is the way it is supposed to be.

Ignoring the Slaves

Because you are a slave the social system of politicians, officials, courts and corporations will ignore you.  It will initially do so politely, so as not to arouse your suspicion about your enslavement, but you will get nowhere trying to have your voice heard.

If you press the point you will get various forms of polite obfuscation.  Rather than address your concerns as a sovereign man or woman calling your representatives or public servants to account, those in positions of authority will fob you off in various ways.

If you phone them you will get passed from person to person.  If you write, you might get a polite reply from an underling advising that the person or department you are calling into question is doing exactly what it is supposed to do according to such and such a law or Act of government.

If you press the point harder you will be ignored, or told you are a trouble maker, or given a fresh justification for the actions you object to from someone higher up the tree.

However they respond the net result is that you are left without the answer or outcome you sought according to your will.  Your WILL, the most significant element of your freedom, is ignored and trampled upon, albeit politely.  And that is because you are a slave.  Your slave masters don’t need to obey the will of a slave.

Doing My Job

One of the answers you will get when you challenge the system is a reply from someone saying in effect, “I am just doing my job”.  They will advise you that according to such and such a rule, or regulation, or the like, they are supposed to do what they are doing.

If you challenge them and point out that by them “doing their job” they are violating your rights, denying you justice, making you a slave, or the like, they will shrug their shoulders and try to get away from responsibility by saying, “I’m just doing my job”, “This is what I am supposed to do”, “I have a wife and kids to support, so don’t blame me if you don’t like it.  I’m just doing what I have to do.  You’d do the same in my place.”

Everyone Is Accountable

The stand that “it’s out of my control and I’m just doing my small part” quickly fails close scrutiny.

A man who drives the getaway car for a bank robbery, or who locks someone in a room so another person can attack them is an Accomplice.  They are fully accountable for their actions and responsible for their part in the abuse that takes place.  They are an undisputed party to the crime.

In the same way every official, in politics, courts, government departments, corporations, or the like who contributes to the abuse of your rights, justice and freedoms is an Accomplice.  They are an undisputed party to crimes against humanity and to your enslavement.

They are all fully accountable, even if a politician has promised them protection by passing laws to protect them.  Abuse is abuse, violence is violence and enslavement is enslavement, no matter what supposed laws are in place to protect those who commit the crimes.

What to Do

Do you know what to do about your enslavement?

If you don’t know what to do then you are in a pretty sorry situation.  You are a slave and you don’t know how to change it.  What hope is there for you and your children?

You will notice that the freedoms enjoyed just a few decades ago have been reduced since then.  Your freedoms are not being expanded, but eroded.  You are increasingly enslaved with each passing year.

So what will things be like in another fifty years?  What are you leaving for your children and grandchildren to live under?  What are you going to do to protect their freedoms and ensure they are not even more enslaved than you are?

Each of us must answer such questions for ourselves.  These are personal matters.  You may want to be a slave and want your descendents trapped in slavery.  You might have decided that this is the way it is meant to be.  It is not up to me to tell you how to live your life.  What you leave for your children is your business.

However, what I think is wise is that we stand up for what is ours and what belongs to our descendents.  I would like to see many of us effectively call to account those involved in injustice, treason and slavery.  I pray that at least some of you sense the same convictions.

Connecting the Generations

The notion of a “generation gap” is not new. It was well established in the 1960’s when I was in my youth. Back then it seemed the younger generation was intent on separating itself from all that had gone before. Youth were determined to be free from constraints and expectations put on them by their parents.

Wearing jeans, having long hair and listening to rock music were signs of rebellion by youth, who did so against the wishes of their parents, to prove that the youth could make their own way and not be subverted by parental expectations.

We had the sense back then that prior to our time things had continued with greater continuity from one generation to the next. It seemed to us that a revolution was underway and that children were cutting themselves off from their parents more seriously than ever before.

I don’t know that the perception was completely accurate. But it is easy to believe that a process of increasing separation from previous generations was underway.

Today’s Disconnect

Today, however, that sense of disconnect from the previous generation is more acute than ever. We now speak not of the young versus the old, but of there being multiple different cultures in increasingly narrow age bands.

The “baby-boomers”, which accounts for my generation, were different to the “veterans” who went before them, and are quite apart from the Gen X’ers who followed. But while both boomers and X’ers are on the scene Gen Y is already upon us. Supposedly the gap between Gen X and Gen Y is as great as between the Gen X and the boomers.  To top it off today’s youngsters are now dubbed Generation Z, or digital natives, who are expected to have yet a different set of values to Generation Y.

It seems that a process of cultural disconnect is accelerating and what may once have been a generation gap is now becoming a gap of multiple generations.

An Anointing Is Needed

With that background take a moment to reflect on the last verses of the Old Testament, in Malachi 4:5,6.

“Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD: And he will turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” Malachi 4:5,6

A prophetic anointing has been promised by God to do what might today seem impossible: to turn the hearts of parents and children toward each other.

So there is an anointing which God provides that is able to do just that, despite how much more difficult it might seem in today’s situation.

Don’t Be Fooled by Labels

While it may seem intriguing to think of today’s kids as different from youth a hundred years ago don’t be too hasty to swallow the idea.

Remember that God created man thousands of years ago and the heart of man has remained the same ever since.  Man’s heart is evil and deceptive, sold under sin.  Man is readily seduced by worldly values, especially those that appeal to self gratification, appease our sense of value and feed our pride (the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life – 1John 2:16).

Men, women and youth were categorised by King Solomon, in the height of his benchmark wisdom, into a few basic distinctions, including fools, wise, evil, angry, and so on.

All the labels in the world, created by worldly observers, may trick you into thinking that there is a real and tangible gulf that should exist between you and those of different generations.  Yet mankind has not changed.  Evil people are still evil people.  Fools are still fools.  Godly are still godly.  And so on.

And people of vast age differences have always been able to relate, despite man’s tendency to be selfish, rebellious and foolish.

Heart Connection

Notice that the intergenerational connection promised in Malachi is not one of mind, interests, fashion, joint ventures, playing on the same team, or the like.  It is all about the heart.  The heart is the heart of the matter.

God, by His Spirit, is ready to create a heart connection between the generations.  It is about the heart and a heart bond.  It is about compassion, respect, care, bonding, love and relationship.

People of different professions, different ages, different political persuasions, with different tastes, abilities and interests, can love one another and care for one another.  That is readily obvious when we see parents care for children who have chosen a vastly different life direction to that which the parent wishes for them.

So God has an anointing which will turn the hearts of the parents toward those children who now seem so hard to understand and so difficult to relate to.  And God has an anointing which will turn the heart of those children toward those parents who seem to them to be so out of touch, irrelevant, overbearing, or otherwise disconnected to them.

Don’t Lose Heart

If generational barriers have invaded your home or put a gulf between you and others, don’t lose heart.  All is not lost.  This is not something that has to be.  God has an anointing that will bridge the supposed gaps and turn the hearts toward one another.

If you are struggling with generational gaps let me suggest a prayer for you to offer to the Lord.

“Lord God, You know that my heart is not perfect before You.  I am susceptible to the same things that distract others.  So I don’t come to You because I deserve anything, but I come to You asking for grace and mercy on me and my family.  I ask You to turn my heart toward my children and those around me who I am distanced from.  And I ask You to turn their hearts toward me.  Give us Your grace so we can love, accept and forgive one another.  Turn each of us toward You, so we each come closer to each other.  Give me such a heart of compassion that I overlook and even hide a multitude of sins, rather than reacting to them and letting them pollute my heart.

Please send Your anointing into me and my family, and bring about a healing.  Remove all the offences, injuries, resentments, distrust, shame, pride, selfishness and other rubbish that has polluted our home and our relationships.  And please glorify Yourself in my family.  Cause Your name to be exalted by what others see that You have done in me and for me, and in my family.  Be glorified by acting gloriously in my situation.  I ask this in the lovely and powerful name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”