The Barley Harvest Blessing – Coming Soon!

I refer to something which I call the BARLEY HARVEST BLESSING. It came to my attention just a few days ago. This is what happened.

On August 11, 2007 an associate of the Family Horizons ministry contacted me to ask about the relevance of the Barley Harvest, since a prophetic anointing brought it into focus. The man’s wife had been in prayer a month earlier (mid July 2007) when she sensed a strong impression while seeking God about her family’s future, particularly in regard to investing in property. The words that were impressed to her were …..

“A STORM is coming, but I will hide you from it and the waters will not overflow you.Then you will enjoy the BARLEY HARVEST.”

The warning of an impending storm was realised in the recent upheavals on financial markets, due to the sub-prime lending concerns in the USA. With that development the husband contacted me for an interpretation of “Barley Harvest”.

Harvest is self-explanatory and it promises increase and abundance. So that’s wonderful.

However, was there a specific significance to the BARLEY harvest?

As I sought the Lord my spirit was quickened when I found one of the few Biblical references to Barley Harvest, in the book of Ruth. My heart thrilled at the promise this prophetic word brings. Allow me to share this encouragement with you.

I noted that Ruth and Naomi arrived back in Bethlehem at the BEGINNING OF THE BARLEY HARVEST!

“So Naomi returned, and Ruth the Moabitess, her daughter in law, with her, which returned out of the country of Moab: and they came to Bethlehem in the beginning of barley harvest.” Ruth 1:22

In a short time following their return to Bethlehem, during the Barley Harvest season, significant things happened for both Ruth and Naomi. As we anticipate the beginning of a new spiritual BARLEY HARVEST, these same significant things can be expected in the lives of God’s servants.

Naomi’s case.

Here was a woman who had lost everything. Her husband was dead, her sons were dead and she was no longer a well-to-do wife and mother, but an impoverished widow. Yet, at the beginning of the Barley Harvest she returned to her spiritual roots and received the RESTORATION of her spiritual inheritance. At the outset she was the wife of a faithless Jew who gave her two sons. He was faithless because he did not trust God to provide during the drought, but left for a foreign land, dominated by foreign gods. Now she found a kinsman redeemer who not only restored her fortunes but connected her to God’s lineage to Jesus Christ.

Ruth’s case.

Here was a woman who had been led into connection with God and God’s people through some compromised believers. Her spiritual connection with Israel was through a faithless man who had abandoned the Promised Land during a drought. That man and his sons then suffered death in a foreign land. Despite the tenuous nature of her connection with the God of Israel, Ruth still chose to possess that connection, no matter how poorly it was established. “Your God will be my God, your people my people”, she said to Naomi. Then, within the weeks of the Barley Harvest, Ruth’s connection with the God of Israel was amazingly upgraded. By her marriage to Boaz she became the great-grandmother to King David and in the lineage of Jesus Christ.

In Summary: the Barley Harvest was a season of two wonderful blessings. It was a time of restoration of lost inheritance. It was also a time for upgrading the spiritual connection to God’s Kingdom purposes.

As we anticipate a Barley Harvest let us all believe God for the Barley Harvest Blessing.

Let us look for restored inheritance, calling and purpose, such that people who have pulled back from ministry, lost their vision, been burned, abandoned or exploited in the past, will be reinvigorated to the fervour and commitment they once had.

Let us also look for those who have a tenuous connection to God and His purposes to be caught up into whole new realms of engagement in God’s Kingdom, ministry, anointing, gifting and life purpose.

Let us stir up faith for the apprehending of the BARLEY HARVEST BLESSING

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