Where Does Your Truth Come From?

This is a theme I often speak about, because it is fundamental to every person’s journey into reality and their discovery of what is truly BEST in their life. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone is sure

they are right! Yet opinions differ even to the point of violent contradiction. So “opinion” is not a good source of Truth.

So…. Where does YOUR truth come from?

There are only three broad sources of truth: Human Thought; Divine Revelation; Alternative

Spiritual Sources.

Most people rely on Human Reasoning, their mental faculties, their sense for what is right and

best, expert opinions, scientific analysis, popular opinion, and so on. These people rely on Human

Thought as their source of truth. Is that a reliable source of truth?

Well, if it was, we could expect all people who thought about something to come to the same

conclusions, over and over again. If Human Thought is the source of truth then there would be

almost universal agreement, especially among those given to analytical thought, reflection and


Is that what we find? Absolutely not!

What we find is that just about everyone has a different opinion

about every conceivable topic. Arguments, contentions and wars are commonly based on

conflicting ideas of what is right and wrong, or the best way to do things. Clearly Human Thought is a complete failure as a reliable source of truth.

Note, however, that people commonly elevate THEIR OWN thinking as superior to that of the

people around them. Pride in the human heart is the reason so many people look to their own

thoughts, or their own preferred mix of expert opinions, as their source of truth.

Divine Revelation is another source of truth, which has been commended by common people as well

as kings and queens of nations. Multiplied millions of people have attested to the remarkable value of

the Bible as their source of truth. So, what would make Divine Revelation a worthy source of truth? Simply, because it is DIVINE. With God as our creator, He is eminently qualified to give wisdom, direction, understanding and truth to otherwise ignorant human minds.

Now, if Divine Revelation is a reliable source of truth we would find people from diverse cultures,

in different periods of history, of different personality, age and sex who all find the Bible’s contents valuable and infallible.

Is that what we find? Yes, Absolutely!

I have chosen to base my life on Divine Revelation, as given through the Bible. That is where my truth

comes from, as you will see in the various things I write and share.

The third source of “truth” is found in Alternative Spiritual Sources. This is where people look to

individuals or processes which promise to bring them insight and direction but not from human or

divine sources. Various forms of witchcraft, occult and new age practices seek to draw on input from

these alternative spiritual sources. If Alternative Spirituality is a reliable source of truth its devotees would come up with the leading outcomes in human experience, and the most effective wisdom for the whole gamut of human society.

Is that what we find? Absolutely not!

What we find in the devotees of gurus or spiritual processes which promise enlightenment and true truth, is that they withdraw from the mainstream of life, often developing bizarre thoughts and lifestyles and inclined toward destructive actions and outcomes.

You are finding your truth in either Human Thinking, Divine Revelation through the Bible, or

Alternative Spirituality.

So… Where does YOUR truth come from?

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