Big Role for Australia’s first female Governor General

Since my posting regarding Australia’s first female Governor General I have been directed to some informed articles about the true role of the Australian Governor General. In view of the ignorance that most people have regarding the Australian Constitution and the roles of Australian citizens, politicians and the Governor General, I thought it prudent to direct you to at least one informative piece.

Sir David Smith, a retired public servant, has had a close association with the Monarchy and the Australian Governor General, serving a string of Governors General in his illustrious career. He has also become well informed about the legal and constitutional realities of Australia’s Head of State. It so turns out that the British Queen is not the Head of State in Australia, and has not been since Federation on January 1, 1901. The Australian Governor General is indeed our Head of State and is to act according to the Australian Constitution, not on instructions from the Queen of England. That surprised me, in light of the misinformation I had been subjected to by the Australian Press.

So do yourself and Australia a favour by reading at least the first half of an article written by Sir David in October 1996. Here is the link to the article, titled Australia’s Head of State:

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