Man Raised From the Dead in Melbourne 2 Days Ago

Early Tuesday afternoon I received an email from a friend with the amazing news that a man had been raised from the dead in a suburban shopping centre in Melbourne. Yesterday, as a further development on this news, I met the brother of the woman who prayed for the miracle and he confirms that this event did take place. So now I’m passing on the details to you. (note: since the initial posting of this report I have spoken with the woman who prayed for the man and have refined the detail)

At the Endeavour Hills Shopping Centre in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne on Monday June 30 a man collapsed in the open walkway area of the centre. The man was in his mid 50’s (estimated) and on his own.

A Christian lady, Pastor Nais Grant, was nearby when the man collapsed. She began praying for the man, as others gathered around and some members of the public began CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) in attempt to get his heart beating again. Blood had come from the man’s mouth and he had stopped breathing. The man gave a few breaths then became listless and unresponsive.

Another lady came up to the pastor and asked if she was praying and if she was praying in tongues. The pastor said she was. The lady said she too was a Christian and had been watching the reports of miracles happening in Florida. This newcomer suggested that they should pray for the man to live.

The paramedics arrived and gave oxygen while also continuing to give CPR. They were unable to revive the man. The pastor asked the paramedics if it is OK to pray for the man. She was told that the efforts of the paramedics were doing no good, so they were welcome to try. The ambulance officers could not reactivate any signs of life.

Nais prayed out loud, rebuking the spirit of death and calling for the man to revive. After a short period of time the medical officers pronounce the man dead. His skin was grey and mottled in appearance.

The two ladies continued to pray for the man and about six minutes after the man was pronounced dead he began breathing and his heartbeat was restored.

The medical officers, more than surprised, checked the man and confirmed that he was revived.

Because of the seriousness of the event the man was transported by ambulance to Hospital for thorough checking. The time span from the man dropping dead and having his pulse and breathing restored was at least 20 minutes.

It seems we are seeing the early stages of a long awaited season of power. In the 1970’s I heard preachers talking about how the power of God was up until then very much the preserve of a small number of people. Those people, consequently, became something like super-stars. Kathryn Kuhlman, Oral Roberts, Aimee Semple-McPherson, Sister Etter, T L Osborne and others were members of an elite group who were recognised for the healings which attended their ministry.

Then in the 1970’s people began prophesying that the day of the big name was past and that God was going to empower ordinary Christians to do what the big name preachers were doing. This is consistent with the words of Christ in Mark 16:17,18 – “these signs will follow those who believe – they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover”.

Bethel Church in Redding, California is probably the best known place for the current promotion of ordinary Christians into powerful ministry. Pastor Bill Johnson encourages his whole congregation to look for opportunities to move in the power of God. Testimonies of ordinary people doing extraordinary things have been widely promoted. If you are not aware of this, have a look at the YouTube video clip from CBN, at:

Add to that the current miracle reports which have spilled out across the globe in the wake of what is happening in Lakeland Florida, under the ministry of Todd Bentley, and this seems to be a season of the release of healing and miracles.

If so, then what are the implications for us? What are we to expect next?

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