Cave Man Proves to be Real Man

The term ‘cave-man’ is a cute little evolutionary trick to create in your mind the idea of some kind of human that was pre-human. The whole concept of a ‘cave man’ dates no earlier than the discovery of human fossils in the Neander Valley in Germany in 1857, a mere two years before Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” book was published. The discovery at Neander is where the term Neanderthal comes from.

The Cave Man Myth

With the push to sell evolution to the world the concept of a ‘cave man’ became a useful imagery. The idea that our original evolutionary ancestors lived a simpler and more primitive life seemed to make sense. Primitive tribes were still being discovered and new fossils finds were being recovered to feed the populist idea.

In the 1920’s the debate about origins reached ferment and cave man concepts and images filled the popular culture.

Such ideas fed the arrogance of the western mind, which ascribed to itself a place of evolutionary superiority over the more primitive and childlike peoples found in far-flung jungles. A patronising and self-serving approach could then justifiably be taken toward these ‘lesser’ peoples. The superior’ creature could dominate the inferior.

And so it was that Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species” book legitimised murder, death camps, Marxist revolution and much more. The image of an idiot cave-man played wonderfully into the evolutionary notion and its implications.

Blame the Cave Man

Cave man imagery, including cartoons and jokes, suggested that male dominance of women was an evolutionary throwback, to the mythical time when a cave man dragged a woman to his den by her hair.

Cave man imagery legitimised nudity, suggesting that clothing is only an impost of recent invention, but is not part of the natural human condition.

And cave man legitimised man’s baser instincts as being somehow deeply embedded in the human psyche. Man’s lust for another man’s wife was not seen so much as sin, but as something from the stone-age.

Jack London’s award winning book, The Call of the Wild, concluded with the suggestion that every creature, including man and his dog, carries the wild instincts of his primitive past buried deep within him.

The Myth Crumbles

Like all the materials trotted out by evolutionists to legitimise their counter-science the cave man myth is crumbling too. Missing links, embryonic recapitulation and Piltdown man were compelling reasons to embrace evolution, but they were myths and frauds. So too is the “millions of years” chorus which still rings loud and clear in scientific corridors. So too is the peppered moth, evolutionary tree of the horse, vestigial organs and so much more.

The cave man mythology is hard to kill, because it has been celebrated in so many ways, including such popular television series as The Flintsones. Researchers have, however, continued to prove the sophistication of the cave man. The supposed ancient ancestor of humanity was not a childlike idiot with an animal-like lifestyle. He was remarkably capable and decidedly “human” in his existence, as best we can tell from the evidence.

Neanderthal Man

Neanderthal man is the title given to the fossil remains of an over-sized human population which has been discovered around the world. Neanderthal fossils have been uncovered widely, including at the Peking Man site in China, near the Paluxy River dinosaur and human footprint trails in Texas, USA and in various places around Europe.

Recent investigation on the island of Gibraltar reveal that Neanderthals were much more sophisticated than evolutionary textbooks once tried to make us believe.

BBC Report, September 23, 2008

Here is a quote from a BBC report on the findings at Gibraltar.

“The findings, reported in the journal PNAS, give the lie to the popular view that Neanderthals ate a diet utterly dominated by meat from land animals.

“This is yet another difference that had been proposed between Neanderthals and moderns which now disappears” Prof Chris Stringer, Natural History Museum, London.

It is one more example of the greater sophistication now being ascribed to Homo neanderthalensis; and further complicates the story of how modern humans (Homo sapiens) out-competed and out-lived their evolutionary cousins.”

Notice that Prof Stringer recognises that the differences between modern humans and the Neanderthals are only ‘proposed’. They are proposed, not from science and evidence, but from the promoted belief that man evolved. The cave-man notions imposed upon the bones are fictitious and fanciful, serving only to beguile the public, not present scientific evidence.

Notice the words in the report “greater sophistication now being ascribed” – which means that the lack of sophistication – the dumb, child-like expressions conceived by the artists and the simple cave accommodation – were ‘ascribed’. They were never science, just the imagination of men who wanted to believe in evolution. Yet they were presented to the world as scientific fact.

Science has long been abducted by those religious devotees of the cult of humanism.

Are You Duped?

This simple report further attests to the fact that we were being deceived by the evolutionary dogma on this topic. Many knew that the supposed science was biased and misleading – but only now is the admission being made.

This is typical of evolutionary assumptions being promulgated from a position of bias, only to be overturned by more complete scientific investigation.

This should sound a clear warning to all those who still hold to the remnants of evolutionary dogma, but it probably will not.

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