The Look on His Face

I began this poem months ago, prompted by watching a young man walk passed, fitting the description I start these verses with. I have now added further verses that give body to my observation and cogitations. I offer it to your reading pleasure.

The Look on His Face. A poem by Chris Field. November 2008

The look on his face said it all.
Idiot grin and uneasy glee.
Her hand in his was all he knew,
And it tossed him with elation strange and new.

Giddy tripped his heart as reason cut its anchor.
Emotion surged through muscle and mind, abandoning thought and sensibility.
She smiled, and his puppy grin stretched muscles to the point of pain.
Tripping bliss stumbled on in dazed delirium.

How easily this fool was caught in love’s strong surging stream.
How quickly he was swept away dissolving at the seam.
A Gonner! He is done for now. No hope for breathing space.
He’s taken hook, line, sinker too! I see it on his face.

How sweet it is to be so caught and blessed by sudden bliss.
How sweet to tingle at her touch, her smile, her eyes, her kiss.
How sweet to fall by Cupid’s shaft striking from above.
How sweet to have life start anew as now you fall in love.

I wonder what his face will show in days yet far away.
I wonder what his thoughts will think and what his heart will say.
Tomorrow he will spend his days entangled in life’s race.
But now he’s stepped aside from that. I see it in his face.

Keep this moment in your heart. Other days will come.
The sweetness will at times turn sour as life moves to its sum.
You’ll need more than puppy love to live your wondrous dream.
So pause to pray at God’s great throne and stand in heavenly beam.

Your heart is not enough to guide you through the coming years.
Joy fades in pains and happiness has oft dissolved to tears.
Faith and Grace are needed now, and strength in you to stand.
With them on board you have no fear to take that sweet girl’s hand.

But I can see you haven’t heard a thing I’ve had to say.
Your face betrays your mindless joy that’s swept your heart away.
Oh well, I pray that ere you wed and step into the fray
You’ll find the time to call on God and humbly kneel to pray.

God bless your joy. God bless your gal. God bless your future too.
God keep you from all foolish thought and keep your purpose true.
God grab you, firm and hold you fast, just as love has done.
May you rejoice each day to know your God, the Holy One.

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