Disposing of Millions of Years

The world is awash in references to amazing aeons of time. Dinosaurs disappeared so many millions of years ago. Natural features emerged another bunch of millions of years before that. Here a million, there a million, everywhere another million!

Now, why is speculative scientific thinking so obsessed with big numbers? Only a hundred or so years ago science didn’t need to think in terms of millions of years. Now it’s an obsession! What has changed? Has some new evidence come to light? No. All that has changed is scientific opinion.

Evolution Needs More Time

Before the widespread acceptance of the theory of evolution time was not a big component of scientific thought. Processes were observed in the real world and the implications of those observations were extrapolated over historical events. Nothing around us necessarily needs time in bucket-loads.

With the advent of an evolutionary mind-set, with its necessary transitional stages, science needed more time. It needed time for the first life to emerge, then for the next form to develop, and then the next, and so on. Mutations and missing links all needed time to develop, gain ascendancy over the previous population, then morph into the next stumbling step of development.

Mathematicians calculate that there will never be enough time for the millions of changes needed to accommodate evolutionary process. Evolution is a miracle, in any time frame. But that doesn’t stop the converts from pressing their long-age message hard and fast.

With evangelistic zeal the proponents and converts to evolution slash millions of years in every direction, like a child with a tin of paint. We are all wet with the wonder of time. Nature films, information at national parks, biology text books, television programs and just about every place it can be put, there are messages about time, times and then another million times.

Lyell’s Blindness

Compounding the problem of time was the proposition by Charles Lyell that the world has operated under uniform, constant conditions through the ages. Lyell ignored the evidence and proposed an imaginary world where all geological processes are even. The theory is called Uniformitarianism.

Lyell’s theory was a boon to evolutionists who knew that they needed to push the calendar back a few million years to give them time to breed. They also had an imagination issue, imagining a slow progression from one creature to the next, until all were able to blossom from the one common ancestor. Thus they needed time.

Lyell chose to ignore the historical records of catastrophe, both local and more global. His theory effectively ignores ice-ages, meteorite strikes, droughts, floods, earthquakes and other catastrophes which science observes on a regular basis. Lyell’s blindness became the platform for Darwin’s own misinterpretation of data.

Evolution Has it Wrong

The reason evolution needs gobs of time is that it is built on an insane interpretation of the visible data. As I have pointed out elsewhere (see below for links to other posts on related topics) Charles Darwin was a good naturalist, as an observer of what exists. Where he dropped the ball big time was in interpreting the data he collected.

Darwin and others imagined a progression that links all kinds of creatures from one biological source. That is contrary to what was already understood to be true.

Creatures of All Kinds

Prior to the popularisation of evolution scientists took their lead on biology from the ancient Biblical account of God creating a set of creatures that were bound into “kinds”.

“And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so. And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creeps on the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.” Genesis 1:24,25

The Hebrew word translated as ‘kind’ means that which is portioned out. It refers to species, as something assigned to creatures by God. The creatures were not all of the same species. They were not the same kind. They had natural boundaries to the biological nature and connections.

The limitations of kinds can be determined to some extent by the ability of creatures to reproduce viable offspring. Crossing horses and donkeys does not produce a viable offspring. The mule which results is sterile. The same occurs when a dog is crossed with a fox. Yet crossing dogs with wolves produces viable offspring which can reproduce further generations.

The observable science of breeding is evidence for the accuracy of the first chapter of the Bible. Observable science argues against the theory of evolution.

Watch the Time

How does the creation of kinds impact the issue of time? Firstly, divine creation of a range of viable and distinct creatures drastically reduces the more than millions of years needed by evolution to get to that point.

But the time frame is radically compressed yet again by the ingenious genetic miracle which God gave us. Built in to the DNA of each kind was a wide range of variables. Just as humans display diversity in skin colour, build, facial features, hair colour, ability and so on, without having to evolve from one kind to another, so too the animal kinds could quickly display their diversity.

In just one generation diversity of shape, size, colour, function and features could emerge. Siblings in one family could display quite unique qualities, as children in families or kittens in litters do today. Suddenly, then, all the diversity which evolution imagines requires long ages is on display in a few generations.

It’s Time to Tell the Truth About Time

Governments, schools, media and most social voices have taken up the chorus of “Millions! Millions!” The ubiquitous “millions of years” is repeated like a mantra by mindless devotees.

It’s time to tell the truth about time. Stop shutting down your brain because you have to make simple processes stretch over millions of years.

Fossils which protrude through multiple layers of other fossils, as is commonly found in coal deposits, show that the layers were not created over long ages. The eruption of Mt St Helens late last century showed how great canyons and other striking geographical features can be formed in days, not millions of years. Man made opals, huge stalactites formed in just decades and oil formed naturally in modern rubbish dumps all put a lie to the long ages. Today’s scientists have committed intellectual suicide, trying to force short processes into long, evolutionary time spans.

Excuse My Tone

Please don’t be offended at the strident nature of some of my expressions when I discuss this subject. As one who has suffered under the delusion of evolution and then struggled to open the minds of people who are choosing blindness for themselves I like to shake the tree a little. I want to grab people’s attention and get them to think for themselves again. I fear that some of the best minds on the planet are lost to the intellectual suicide which evolution demands of people today.

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