Australia is a Christian Nation

Australia has a Christian heritage, a Christian Constitution, a Christian basis for law and a culture based on Christian values. Our Government prays to the Christian God at the start of each day’s proceedings.

We acknowledge the “Crown” of Britain, which is only conferred on those who have sworn their allegiance to the Christian God and the Bible. By acknowledging the Crown, even though we do not have any official obligation or link to the British Monarch or Government, we are claiming the divine authority which the Crown represents.

The famous Aussie concept of “mateship”, where we look out for one another, is an expression of the Golden Rule of Jesus Christ.

All of that, and more, makes us Christian.

Individuals and groups within our nation can choose to be heathen, atheist or to worship another religion. But the actions of those groups do not change who and what we are collectively as Aussies.

Our journalists, researchers and intellectuals can all declare that we are not Christian, and surveys of our population can show that Christianity is on the decline in Australia, but none of that has any impact on the reality. We are legally, historically and constitutionally a Christian nation.

We don’t make Australia Christian. That decision was made for us by history and by the deliberate choice of the Australian population, just over 100 years ago, when they voted to become a nation and insisted that the words “humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God” were in the legal Constitution.

And that’s very good news for some very good reasons. If we are not anchored in something, then any group could take over our nation and make it into what they want it to be. By having a clear definition of who and what we are, as a Christian nation, we have an answer for all those who wish to manipulate us.

Communism and revolutionary governments have to remove the Christian basis of a nation in order to take control. That’s why they ban the Bible and persecute Christians. Our safest basis to protect against such regimes is what our ancestors gave us – Christianity as the basis of our nation.

Australia will stay a Christian nation until the Australian population chooses to become something else. And we need to be careful if we are tempted to throw away the Ten Commandments, the example and teachings of Jesus Christ, the authority of Almighty God, Civil Law, the Westminster system of Government, Judeo-Christian morality, and all the other things that go with Christianity.

There is no alternative system on which to base a nation that has proved to be as effective, personally, socially and nationally as the basis provided by Christianity.

Praise God, we are a Christian Nation!


  1. Gabrielle Iriks says

    Thanks for your clear unrefutable comment that Australia IS a Christian nation! We need to hear this over and over to counter the absolute FLOODING of the anti Christian media and education system upon our minds and this generation. I will be using this comment for a presentation in my Anthropology unit at Uni. Keep up the GREAT WORK! God BLESS you!

  2. Ken Chaw says

    Thank you for the blog article on “Australia is a Christian Nation”. I am a Christian teaching in a Christian school in Melbourne. Last Friday, I was able to share why Australia is a Christian Nataion and I quoted your blog during staff devotion, explaining why I am proud to be an Australian citizen, because this country is a Christian country. Thank you for your blog.

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