Can You Pass the IDIOT Test? #1

Here’s a picture of someone about to do something silly…. Hmmmm

There are many things that make people idiots, and they have nothing to do with knowing facts.
The most dangerous and idiotic things you will do will be linked to attitudes, responses, choices and irresponsibility, not failing an exam about this or that.

So, I am preparing several IDIOT tests, to help you find out if you are foolish, irresponsible or otherwise dangerous to yourself and others.

So…. Are you ready for the first IDIOT Test?

You know you’re an IDIOT when …..

1. You complain about what other people have done or are doing.

Do you complain about the voters who elected your Government?
Do you complain about what your Govt is doing?
Do you complain about petrol prices?
If so, you are probably an Idiot!!!

But You Protest

“OK”, you say, “What’s so idiotic about that?”
It’s idiotic because complaining is delusive.
People who complain gain the impression they have actually done something meaningful.
When someone dominates a committee meeting with an hour of their complaints and heartfelt protests they probably think they have actually DONE something!
When people get on their soap-box in the lunchroom and have everyone agreeing with their insights into what others are doing, they probably think they have actually DONE something!
But they have done nothing but waste their time and delude themselves.

Empty Protests

Have you ever seen reports of protest groups blocking the front entrance to some building? If you watch real carefully you will find out that those going to the building just use the back door and the meeting or event they were planning goes ahead anyway.
But all those people shouting on the pavement get a bit of media coverage and feel as if they have really achieved something. The following year, when the same event is on again, the protesters line up to do it all again.
And, yes, on some occasions the publicity may actually get them somewhere, but mostly not.

So, compare that to the man among his friends,  drink in hand, waxing lyrical about whatever he has an opinion about. Others join in and argue or agree. An hour or two might pass and they might actually have covered a wide range of opinions and insights. But the protest is usually empty.

Making A Difference

Compare that with the person who steps out of the crowd, or goes home from work, to research the matter, find out how to make a difference and who then engages in the effective and appropriate process to deal with and change the things others are simply huffing and puffing about.

Most people have no intention of making a difference. They simply want to hear their own voice and vent their spleen in a self-gratifying tirade. They don’t make a difference. They relegate themselves to the group called the “irrelevant”.

They continue to be treated with disregard by those who make things happen, because they can neither help nor hinder the processes. They are simply a whinger on the sidelines, who doesn’t even know what to do and who won’t do anything even when they know what to do!

Am I Being An Idiot?

Here I am protesting about what other people do. So, doesn’t that make me fit my own description? Am I not simply a whinger?

If you came up with that observation yourself, I congratulate you. That’s the kind of attentiveness we need. Yes, I am whinging. I am protesting the behaviour of others. I am doing it in order to make a difference.

I am creating this series of IDIOT Tests in order to prompt you to consider what you are doing, so that you (and I) can do differently from here on. I am taking ACTION, and action is what is needed.

Hearer or Doer

The Bible assures us that hearing the right messages makes no difference, but DOING something about it is vital.
“For not the hearers of the law are just before God, but the doers of the law will be justified.” Romans 2:13
If we hear the issues and do nothing about it we “deceive” ourselves.
“Be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” James 1:22

All those you hear whinging about things this coming week are probably well informed, concerned about the right things and able to articulate their thoughts quite well. But they are wasting your time. And that goes for you, when you are the one doing the whinging.

If you do not DO something about the issues then you make yourself irrelevant, despite your complaining.

Expert Whinger

A few weeks ago I met an expert whinger. He was educated and articulate and had researched the problems he brought up. We met casually and we grazed through several subjects for a while. When he got onto his pet subject I became excited. He seemed to be well-informed, insightful and equipped with some good ideas about what to do. I eagerly asked him what he was going to do.
He replied, “Nothing. What’s the use of doing anything?”
I slumped on the spot. He was everything I could have hoped him to be, except that he was unwilling to do anything. Suddenly all of his insights and knowledge became worthless.

I tried to encourage him to action, but he had clearly decided a long time ago that “it is no use”.

I realised then that many people are idiots. It is not intelligence that they lack, nor information, insight or the like. What they lack is resolve to DO something. Therefore they become idiots.

Do You Pass the Test?

How did you go on this IDIOT Test?
Are you another idiot, or are you one of those who patiently, consistently and effectively works to change the very things others complain about?
I pray that you are a man of action, a person of wisdom, and someone who will DO what you know needs to be done.

I’m looking for a group of such people, to help me in my own movement into effectiveness.

Ping me on Twitter or Facebook, or email me, to tell me how you went on this test.
Stung – but willing to change!
Just scaped through!
Pass With Honours!
Or maybe,
What idiot test? I didn’t see an idiot test. Am I missing something?”

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  1. says

    Major Wong in Malaysia just sent me an email…

    Dear Pas Chris,
    Love your ‘idiot test’. It hits dead centre on our silly antics and attitude. It’s so human to see the wrong on others but never seeing the sin right in our face. Normally the person who complains the most also offers the least help in the body of Christ; how typical. In Malaysia we also have a saying in the Malay language “kuman di seberang sungai nampak tetapi gajah di depan mata tak nampak” that translate as ‘How often we see the bacteria across the river but fails to see the elephat in front of us’. God bless you.


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