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What version of Karma are you running? I don’t mean on your computer, I mean in your daily life. Karma has been through a bunch of versions through the centuries and the all time best upgrade includes a fool-proof Karma Firewall!

If you haven’t reviewed your Karma recently, then you need to read this illuminating report.

Buddha and Karma

Contrary to popular notions, the concept of karma which Gautama Buddha presented back in the sixth century B.C. was primarily negative. That is to say, Buddha believed that karmic thought, word or deed deserved karmic revenge – a curse of suffering that pursues the person till he or she dies. Buddha’s original notion of karma is very close to what Moses presented in previous generations. When people do wrong they must suffer or are under a curse because of their actions and thoughts. A penalty is hanging over everyone’s head that we cannot run away from, no matter what we do.

Karma and Reincarnation

Buddha realised that karma could not be easily conquered and that its impact is deadly. Karma locks people into fear. It demands an eternal payment which is exacted when the person suffers in this life and in the after-life.

Buddha did not necessarily agree with the Hindu notion of reincarnation. Reincarnation should be seen as a curse which karma inflicts upon people, making them tread this world of suffering over and over again. What hope is there of ever resolving karma’s revenge?

Buddha told his followers that there was no way a person could ultimately become free from their karma, no matter how many lives they were forced to live and re-live. Reincarnation offered nothing to Buddha, but a hopeless perpetuation of the curse of karma.

Even if people could be reincarnated, to have another chance to live life and accumulate more karma, they would be locked into an endless cycle of repeated mistakes, suffering and reincarnations. True deliverance would have to come from an outside deliverer who would save mankind from karma.

A New Hope

It is known that Buddha predicted the coming of a Holy One who would deliver people from karma. This Holy One was to be recognized by wounds in his head and in his hands. Many of us believe we have already found this Holy One!

The Western Upgrade

Eastern mysticism has been dressed up and repackaged for today’s westerners. Popularised by various Hindu yogis, supported by such popular identities as the Beatles rock group and disseminated in a host of books about eastern topics, eastern mysticism has been packaged as a New Age movement.

In the New Age movement ideas from Hinduism and Buddhism have been merged with anything that carries an alternative spirituality to the faith of the Bible. In that repackaging process karma has been re-packaged as a new Western version.

Western devotees now speak of “good karma” and teach you how to increase your good karma. While it is possible that good deeds may be seen as good karma, Buddha never said that good karma can erase bad karma. Yet it is popular in commercialised western mysticism to offer people the hopeful notion of karma as a friend.

In that repackaging, the notion of reincarnation has also been interpreted as a friendly process, not a hopeless futility. Upward progress is believed in, as people conquer their bad karma, cultivate good karma and finally get to live “happily ever after”.

The Western upgrade of karma is fake. It is a seductive repackaging of the hopelessness and bondage of eastern religion, to seduce westerners away from the highly effective and valuable religious roots of their culture. Eastern religions have produced eastern living, which includes the caste system, poor economy, limited technology, religious masochism and so on.

Western culture owes little to eastern mysticism, while the east owes much of its modern advances to the Christian-based West.

The Karma Seduction

What is seductive about the western ‘upgrade’ of karma is that it denies what Buddha taught two and a half millennia ago. Buddha knew that karma was unconquerable and that the only hope was an external deliverer who would break the power of karma from our lives.

The western upgrade has dressed up karma in people-friendly garb. But if people think they can generate good karma and get rid of their own bad karma, they are deceived. They will become self-reliant and not look for the saviour which so many ancients prophesied about and waited for.

The karma seduction will doom people to ultimate judgement for their wrong doing. It will rob them of the saviour they need.

Westerners, once wonderfully blessed by knowledge of Jesus Christ as saviour, are being led away from the real help they need, to foolish confidence in their own ability to save themselves.

If you have had a Western Upgrade on your karma then you have been infected with a deadly virus which will eat the heart out of you and leave you ready for the eternal scrap-heap.

The Karma Firewall

What you need is not a karma upgrade, but the Karma Firewall. The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses you from all sin (1John 1:7). When you confess your wrongs to God He will not only forgive you but cleanse you from the effects of that sin (1John 1:9).

The blood of Jesus Christ is the firewall that blocks all effects of karma. It roots out the old infections, no matter how long they have been in your system. It also quickly neutralises all new infections.

That means you are able to go straight to the ultimate level. You don’t need reincarnation. You don’t need to earn your way out of your mess. You don’t go back to square one and have a clean slate. You get upgraded to a Son of God! You enter into relationship with the creator of the universe, Almighty God.

Jesus Christ has suffered for all our karma, in any and all of its forms.

My Silly Old Poem

Years ago I wrote a little ditty to celebrate the finished work of Christ in delivering us from karma and the need for reincarnation.

“Jesus Christ has freed me from my karma, and I’ve been born again.
Jesus Christ has done away with karma, and I’m complete in Him.
I’ve been born again; Didn’t need a reincarnation.
I’ve been born again, And it’s called salvation!”

Get your upgrade today!

More Information

For more information on Buddhism and the teachings of Buddha I recommend the excellent book by Steve Cioccolanti, called “From Buddha To Jesus: And Insider’s View of Buddhism & Christianity”. You can find out more by visiting: http://www.buddhabook.org

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