A Model Marriage

Susan and I know that we have much yet to learn about creating a godly family which produces “godly seed” for future generations. We both came from Christian homes, but our parents had failings and were impacted by the limitations of their own parents.

While we may not make as good a model family as we want to, it is always nice to see that there have been godly families which others could learn from.

One such family was created by a once celibate priest who married a nun!

Martin Luther, the renowned Reformer, not only broke from the doctrinal traditions of the Catholic Church, he also broke from the vow of celibacy which priests were required to make. His example prompted a group of nuns to also wish to break from church traditions.

The ladies, however, had a problem. They were effectively prisoners in the convent where they lived. They had to be smuggled out in fish barrels, by a friend of Martin Luther. Luther then assisted them all to pursue a normal life, either returning home or being married.

But one young woman, Katharina von Bora, remained in Luther’s care, despite several engagements which did not resolve in marriage. Finally Luther’s father suggested that Luther marry the young woman. And thus a remarkable family was created, glowing with the devotion and energy of the young bride.

Martin Luther became excited about family life, commending it highly, and for centuries thereafter the model family created by Martin and Katharina was looked to by German families as their role model.

To find out more about the remarkable Katharina and her marriage to Martin Luther, check out the church history post at http://chrisfieldblog.com/ministry/church-history/katherina-von-bora-and-luther

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