Big Bang Culture

Why do you think today’s scientists came up with a Big Bang? Hmmmm???

In an age when everyone wants ‘instant’ success, easy solutions, quick fix, five minute meals and sudden deliverance why not come up with a Big Bang Cosmology?

Big Bang encapsulates the worldview of the instant gratification culture.

Causeless Creation

Take a look at the Big Bang and what it represents in terms of cultural values. All of a sudden something that wasn’t there came into virtual spontaneous creation, in a big, big Bang!

The Big Bang does not connect to cause. It is causeless creation. It is the happy accident that made our very existence possible, by sudden, unbelievably enormous spontaneous generation. A random chance lucky event is supposed to have happened.

And that’s what most Westerners are living for. They want to be the lucky person in the right place at the right time to enjoy a causeless benefit.

Big Bucks

Western culture has lost sight of the notions of hard work, reward for effort, diligent productivity, earned benefits, personal achievement by persistent endurance, and so on. The gambling culture, Hollywood hopefuls, stock-market dabblers, get-rich quick investors and budding entrepreneurs often base their hopes on nothing more than luck. They want to be the one who is struck by chance, lucky to pick the right winner, picked out of the crowd, favoured with fame and fortune, and all by pure happenstance.

While not all westerners are suckers for the get-rich quick, instant success, easy road delusion, there is a strong undercurrent of luck-based hope in the culture. The dream of big bucks is held in the chest of many people, without them ever intending to put in the hard yards to earn such benefits.

Mindless Chance

A key quality of chance is that it is mindless. It is not connected to morality. Chance blesses the undeserving as readily as the worthy.

While God represents moral responsibility and accountability, random-chance events are devoid of such impositions on morally hedonistic society. So chance gets the vote and God gets the gong.

And that social value system is celebrated in the Big Bang. Just as culture wants to exist outside of moral accountability to God, science has ruled God out of the picture and enshrined “chance” in His place. A happy accident is now the source of human existence in our universe.

Society and its science have their feet anchored firmly in fantasy. Their only hope is luck. Their only morality is random chance events. Their only meaning is accidental.

Connection Lost

In order to enshrine luck in such a primal place in human existence something else had to be displaced. God has been displaced by luck. Our connection with order, intelligence, design, purpose, morality, responsibility, accountability, fulfilment and meaning has been lost.

Luck does not give us order, intelligence, design, purpose, morality, responsibility, accountability, fulfilment or meaning. Western society is now disconnected. We are drifting in space, happy for a lucky accident, but unsure of anything.

We should expect such society to drift into slavery, shame, defeat, hopelessness, suicide, immorality, addiction, weakness and delusion. There is nothing to protect it from these things.

Who is to Blame?

Do we blame false science for creating a vain culture? Or do we blame a vain culture for seeking a false science?

People who have thrown away their connection to the Living God have sought substitutes for themselves. But there is not substitute for the awesome reality of the God of miracles.

They have collected the elements of a pseudo-culture: government, science, education, order, direction, meaning, purpose, morality and religion. But without the Living God activating each one it is empty and vain.

True culture is anchored on God. It is anchored on the Fear of God, godly morality, responsibility, accountability, divine power, grace, salvation, and so much more that God presents to us in His Word, the Bible.

Stand Out

While western culture crumbles, due to building itself on sand, we should expect godly families to stand out from the crowd. They will display all the qualities that come from being connected to the Lord of the Universe, God of Creation and Father of us all.

Godly families will have meaning, morals, purpose, power, authority, wisdom, fulfilment, understanding, hope, direction, resolve, responsibility and power. They will be able to take action and bring hope where others are wallowing in emptiness.

However, that will also place on godly families the responsibility to act for the good of the foolish and hopeless ones who have bought into the lie of luck, in place of the grace of God. Because God’s children love their neighbour, they will seek the good of those foolish and deluded people around them.

By God’s grace those stand-out godly families may well be the salt that saves a rotting society and the light that shows the way to lost souls.

The Real Bang!

The Big Bang is a fizzer. It fizzles out in the light of God’s reality. It fizzles out in its inability to provide a guiding light to those who worship it. It fizzles out as an explanation for reality and as a sign of our times.

The real ‘bang’ in our society is not in the hands of those who love luck and happy chance. The real ‘bang’ is in the hands of people connected to the God of all eternity, Almighty God, our Creator.

Society is not going to be built on empty pseudo-science which worships the shallow values of a shallow culture. It is going to be built by people who do know their God and who can therefore do Exploits!

“And he will corrupt with flattery all such as do wickedly against the covenant: but the people that do know their God will be strong, and do exploits.” Daniel 11:32

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