The Human Will Video

The human will can be damaged, along with our thinking and emotions. So it is important to gain an understanding of our will and of how God will bring it back to health.

This video addresses the fact that the will is part of our ‘soul’ which can be damaged and in need of healing and restoration. If we do not have a healthy will we are like a city whose walls are broken down. Thoughts and feelings can invade us, dragging us away from the things we intended to do.

But when God “restores our soul” (Psalm 23:3) He restores our Will as part of that process. Watch this video to gain valuable understanding of what is happening inside you and how you can be set free from damage to your will.

Pastor Chris Field also has a second video on the Will, explaining how we can use “resolve” to activate our will for our present and future stability.

That second video on the Will is titled “Resolving Your Will”, by Ps Chris Field (Will 2)
It can be found at:

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