Who Are You – 3

Where is your personal power? What gives you any edge or advantage in dealing with life?

Is it your dogged persistence and determination not to go under? Is it your family wealth and resources you can rely on to get you through? Is it your native cunning and wit, enabling you to find a way out when all else fails?

Your sense for what will get you through the next set of challenges is a clue to who you think you are. If you believe you are a survivor and will find a way, then that belief has profound negative moral consequences. It is a very dangerous thing to believe.

If you believe you are immune from really big problems because of your stable community, technological culture and highly educated and sophisticated society, then they too are very dangerous things to believe.

Who Are You?

Are you some deluded twit who believes the lies you have been fed all your life?

Are you an irresponsible hopeful who expects the best because you don’t really want to face anything else?

Are you a culture junkie, drugged with the incense of modern materialist philosophy, drifting through life in an induced stupor?

Are you a moral weakling who refuses to confront reality because it will ask too much of you?

Hello! Is there anyone in there? Or are you an imitation?

I’m Searching

Where do I have to look to find those divinely created beings who walk in the radiance of God’s glory? Where do I find those people connected to all they were created to operate in? Where are the men who exemplify divine manhood? Where are the women whose grace and fulfilment in their calling radiates a beauty none other can match?

Where are the young men who are trouncing the devil at every turn? Where are the fathers who bask in their intimate companionship with God? Where are the prophets who understand the times and don’t seek a material reward for being God’s servants?

Who Do You Think You Are?

What gives you the idea you can be the person you choose to be? What ever made you think your life was your own? How did you come up with the notion that you could blend into the ‘blah’ that is today’s generation and not fulfil divine destiny?

How do you expect to escape your accountability before God? Which of your excuses do you think He will be impressed with?

“Sorry God, but I had a wife and 2 kids, so I couldn’t be who You wanted me to be!” “Oh, the boss wanted to fast-track me up the corporate ladder, so I was a bit distracted.” “That business venture took up most of my life. Sorry about that.” “I have responsibilities and bills to think about!”

Let me ask you one more time, “Who do you think you are?”

You have absolutely no alternative but to be who God created you to be, for His glory and for His pleasure. But instead, you don’t even try to discover who you are. You can’t even answer the question, “Who are you?”

Down the Drain

Your world and culture are going down the drain before your very eyes. You are being sucked into the vortex of social upheaval, with your eyes as tightly shut as you can hold them. You have no idea of your authority and power before God’s throne and no care for the fact that you could make all the difference that needs to be made.

You are not only throwing your life down the drain, but your children’s heritage and your culture’s hope. The Kingdom of God is waiting for someone who knows who they are, and so you distract yourself with cheap amusements, busy-work, and myriad excuses.

Who are you? You are a poor excuse for one made in the image of God. You blaspheme Him by your failure to be anything like Him!

Knee Jerk

Because you don’t know who you are, you think your identity is carried in the ether. You think that whatever you think makes what you thought legitimate. But you are not the author of reality. Your thoughts are pathetic when compared to God’s. His thoughts are higher than yours as the heavens are higher than the earth.

You react to life in “knee jerk” fashion. You run with the sheep this way and that, upset by the headlines, lured by the marketing, seduced by the lies, afraid of political correctness, brow-beaten by the gurus, lulled by pop-culture, numbed by confusion, sedated by social inactivity and marshalled into other men’s plans.

Forget the “knee” and stick with “jerk”!

It’s About Choices

Identity involves choices. Moses could choose to remain an Egyptian, or fulfil his destiny as a Jew. He made that choice and made history.

Abraham had to choose to leave his family and homeland to follow God’s call. James and John had to leave their father, Zebedee, to become apostles.

Esau chose to despise who he was, as heir to Abraham’s blessing. Jacob chose to transform who he was and to claim that very same blessing. Now God is not known as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Esau. There were awesome consequences to momentary choices.

And it call comes back to “Who Are You?”

Esau did not care to be heir. He was a hunter and his dad’s favourite. He was the macho man. But he was a Jerk! He valued the valueless qualities and despised the most valuable aspect of his identity.

Are you doing the same thing?

The Row Boat

I promised to tell you who is who in the rowboat story from last lesson. A rowboat came ashore from a sailing ship. The rowboat contained three adult men and a ten year old boy. One of the men wore a uniform and held a rifle. Who is who and what is what?

The commander of the rowboat was the ten year old boy. He was a midshipman because he was son of a nobleman and thus in the officer stream. Despite his youth, he carried more authority than each of the men, by noble birth and by rank on board ship. One sailer rowed at his command. The soldier escorted a prisoner ashore where he would be abandoned to fend for himself, as punishment for his actions on board.

Don’t Assume

Your mind, family and culture do not have the whole picture. Don’t make assumptions based on what makes sense to you and your programmed expectations. You have been dumbed down, to keep you from understanding who you are. You assume you are this or that and can do this or that, and can’t possibly do something else.

Please stop and think. Stop coming to wrong conclusions. And make sure you find the best possible answers to the question, “Who are you?”

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