Pilgrim Pleasure 3 – Poetic

We have followed Pilgrim, as he gave in to the temptation for temporary indulgence on the “Please Yourself” path. We saw how that small step of selfishness changed the way her perceived and accepted the “Do Right” trail, which he had been on before.

pilgrims progress

We saw how Pilgrim became addicted to pleasing himself and eventually abandoned the right way completely. Yet, in that process, Pilgrim found that he could not enjoy the things he pursued. Pleasure became elusive and his life was spent in the vain quest of what he believed could be found.

Poetic Summary

I have described Pilgrim’s pleasure plunge in a poetic summary. This not only summarises the story, but allows you to put it up somewhere as a reminder of what this story teaches. Print it off and put it behind the toilet door, or on the fridge.

Read this series to your children and have them learn the important lessons described therein.

I pray that the Lord open your hearts to the truth and shine light into your whole existence, as you receive the reality embodied in this poetic summary.

A Poetic Warning

One day another pilgrim walking the “Do Right” trail came to the place where the “Please Yourself” path crosses and leads off to a lovely meadow. And there, nailed to a tree, hung a parchment with these pain-filled words.

Please Yourself – Pilgrim’s Folly

“Please yourself”, they told me, “and have your fill of sunshine.”
I nodded my approval and gladly took their cue.
I sampled all the goodies of sight and sound and senses,
And told myself with sureness, “This will surely do”.

My purpose, like a boulder, that weighed upon my shoulder
I left behind for playful things, without that load of care.
Intent upon my pleasure I ran from treat to treasure
And did about as many things as I was wont to dare.

But as the days unfolded, while other voices scolded,
I found a sourness turn to bad the things that ought to please.
I also found a yearning and a deadly sort of burning
That nothing I could do would now appease.

“Please yourself”, they told me, but something seemed to hold me
And keep my senses empty, to never feel their fill.
So I became distracted, obsessed and sore impacted
By burning lust undaunted and longings raging still.

“Please yourself”, they tell you, and try now to compel you
To venture down a pathway that steals away your soul.
So stop, right now and hold back, and stay upon the right track
For “Doing Right” and fearing God is what will make you whole.

Copyright 2009 CGF

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