Rejection 25 – Steps to Release

When God set me free from Rejection I thought everyone enjoyed the same release. I thought it came along with the experience of being Filled with God’s Holy Spirit. It all happened to me around the same time and I assumed it was all part of the same package.

I remember talking with my older brother toward the end of God’s major work in my life, and realising that what God was doing in me was not common to everyone. I said to him, “You know how God gets in and messes with your inner life and totally sets you free and transforms you ….” He looked at me blankly and said, “No”. So I tried to explain it to him differently. I finally realised that what I was going through was not a standard procedure, but a wonderful personal journey.

Challenged to Explain

Several years later, when I gave testimony of God’s wonderful healing in my inner life I was challenged to explain how God had done it. I couldn’t explain it and simply announced that it was God’s wonderful work, for which I am very glad.

Those who heard my testimony told me I had no right to share such a wonderful thing if I couldn’t also tell my audience how God did it, so they too could experience the same transformation.

That put me on my back feet, so to speak, and I went to prayer to ask God what it was that He had done to set me free.

Mileposts on My Journey

The Lord enabled me to reconstruct the journey which He had led me along in order to bring me to the release which I enjoyed. I realised that I did not take these steps quickly, but laboured over several of them for extended periods of time.

Reject 25 Steps to Release

I had no mentor on my journey and so I stumbled along, bogging down, drawing back and resisting the Lord’s work along the way. Yet, I gradually recognised the mileposts which I had passed along the way.

I wrote down the list of major steps God had me take. As I did, I realised that when I had prayed for others and given them godly advice, I was unconsciously directing others to follow the same path that I knew had worked for me.

I called the steps My Steps to Release. I have taught them around the world and used them in many diverse situations to help people young and old for a wide range of backgrounds. So I confidently teach them to others.

Widely Applied

As I saw the path which the Lord led me along I recognised that He asked very similar things of me for a variety of issues which He dealt with in my life. These were the steps God used to lead me out of Rejection, but He also used them to release me from masturbation, and from fear, and to deal with my pride, and to release my faith, and so on.

As you come to appreciate these steps I commend their use in the many challenges you have to work through, but also in your efforts to bless and help others.

A Road Not A Map

The problem with a distilled list of steps is that the “map” becomes an object of worship for those who learn them. Bookshops abound with texts espousing the “Six Steps” to this or that. “Become a better YOU in five simple steps!”

However you need to keep in mind that my Steps to Release describe a Road. They involve a “journey”, not a seminar session. They are about you stepping into freedom, not about you having a new trick routine to try out.

The steps are not magical. They do not teleport you to some destination. Instead, they are the steps upon which you must place your foot. If you really want to be free you must walk with the Lord, not just read about the road.

Milestones on the Journey

This is the journey which God took me along and taught me to use to bring others into wholeness and release. This is the journey which I have led many rejection sufferers along and seen them walk into complete healing and restoration.

It begins with the step of Admitting you have a need. This challenges you to be humble.

It helps to identify the real problem and the initiating events, if possible. The right medicine will only be given if the right diagnosis is made. Is your problem rejection, or fear, or shame, or something else? Where did it come from?

Repent of any wrong you have done to create the problem. Be honest with yourself and God. If you have initiated or perpetuated the problem in any way you need to ask God to forgive you.

Forgive all those who have been a part of the problem, including its initiation and continuation.

Renounce all of the evil associated with the problem. This is the process of breaking the spiritual connection between you and the problem. Break your link to all the elements of the problem, from its initiation and development in your life.

Now, resist the evil. Break the power of those things you have already prayed about. This is spiritual warfare against the evil spirits associated with your problem.

Then throw yourself at God’s feet, spiritually. Give God all of your problem, garbage, fears, sins, and so on. Let God take what is left of you and make of you what He wants.

Now bask in and receive God’s love and healing in your life.

More Clarity

I have discussed these Steps To Release in several of my books, in videos on YouTube and in articles on the site. If you would like to learn more about these steps then check out those resources.

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