Do you Indulge Your Child?

My wife, Susan, was praying with a mother recently about the raising of the woman’s children. Susan was prompted to enquire about a particular child. While praying for that child Susan’s mind was quickened to the word “indulgence”. Since this word seemed to be prompted to her, Susan mentioned it to the mum.

Susan asked the mum if she indulged that particular child. The mother did not know what Susan meant. Susan explained that if a child refuses to cooperate or otherwise makes demands and the parent eventually gives in, then the will of the child has been indulged.

With that explanation the mother admitted that she certainly did indulge the child. Susan then cautioned the mother that pandering to the will of the child, especially when the child was seeking to get around the mother’s will, would reap terrible consequences in years to come. Susan then explained to the mum her need to be firm with the daughter and to apply godly wisdom and Biblical child training to the children, so they are freed from foolishness and learn to fear God and live wisely.

Let me ask you again….

Do you indulge your child?

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