My Fellow Aussies

You and I are being abused Big Time by those in power.

They are intent on robbing us blind of all the rights and freedoms our grandparents gave us.

This is not some cunning plot in some dark corner but it’s right out in the open.

Justice is perverted.   Rights have been violated.   Your Freedoms have been destroyed.

Just 100 years ago the best Constitution in the world was ours, built on 700 years of powerful promises from England’s Monarchs (Crown) for our “liberties”  –  That’s our Freedoms!

Check this out: Justice and Right are never up for sale, and will never be denied or delayed!

Now we get fined without conviction. Our homes and land are taken without proper trial. People with no lawful authority hit us with huge fines. We are regulated and penalised as never before.

And all that stuff is ILLEGAL!     It is OUTSIDE OUR CONSTITUTION.


So, how does it happen?

WE ALLOW IT. We don’t know what the law says and our pollies, courts, police, leaders, corporations, etc lie to us.     They claim to have rights we never gave them.

While we sit back and believe their lies they take more and more of our Freedoms and Rights. There’ll be nothing left for our grandkids but SLAVERY!

Think about the things your parents could do that you can’t.

Think how much more regulated you are every year.

It’s supposed to be for our good, but we end up in a prison camp, not a free country.

You were not born a slave. Slavery is long gone. So why do you let people enslave you?

I’m in a fight for our Freedoms. I’m against Bank Fraud, Court Corruption, Lying Politicians and Treason across the land.

Our great grandparents built this nation on centuries of proven promises from the Crown.

No other standard guarantees freedoms and rights like the Crown does.

Our Constitution starts by acknowledging Almighty God and the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

Both God and the Crown guarantee our rights and freedoms.

Today’s leaders despise both God and the Crown and are in Treason against them.

That means they also despise YOUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS.

They want Australia run like a company, with them as Directors and YOU AS SLAVES!

They throw us crumbs to shut us up or buy our votes, while they walk all over us by their unlawful decisions, illegal courts, treasonous laws and more.

I don’t expect you to believe me.      But I want you to hear what is going on.

One day you’ll wake up and discover what I am saying is true. I pray that day comes soon.

Meanwhile I’m fighting those who are out to destroy you.

When you wake up, please join me in the fight!

Chris Field

Minister of Religion – and fellow Aussie            

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  1. Col de Scmbstr says

    G’day Chris,
    You’re a bit behind the times ol son, SLAVERY is here now. WHY and HOW you may ask?? Simple answer – It never left!!
    The sooner the S4B$heeple WAKE UP to that glaring fact the sooner they may have a chance of slipping the chains that bind them.
    I am, however, not overly confident of such an event transpiring as ‘those who do not move cannot feel their shackles’.

  2. Nigel Ball says

    Chris you could not be more right. And the worst part of this is that we are so innocent as to let it happen. John Brumby openly stated that he thought it was OK for 11,000 Victorians to be fined for a speeding offense that they did not commit. And he is still our Premier! He should be in jail for attempting to pervert the course of justice. But we have all but given up our right to justice without so much as a wimper.

    Keep up your fight. Justice is worth the fight!

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