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God opens Portals so His grace and blessing can flow to people. Great men of ancient times were Portals, such as Moses and King David. God’s grace to their nation flowed through those men. The altar of animal sacrifice was a Portal of God’s forgiveness and grace.

In Jesus’ day we know of a Pool where an angel stirred the water to allow a person to receive healing. That Pool of Bethesda was a Portal. Jesus Christ was a walking Portal and all who came to Him received God’s grace and blessings. Cloths taken from Peter and put on the sick were a Portal of God’s grace and healing.

A Portal is some place, person or provision by which God delivers something of His grace and blessing to people.
Australians have many portals through which to receive God’s grace, such as the Church and the Bible. People receive God’s grace and blessing by reading God’s Word, the Bible, and by hearing the preaching of God’s Word and worshipping God in the many churches across Australia.

Aussies also have a wonderful Portal in the ancient Imperial Acts of the Christian kings of England, and principally Magna Carta. That declaration, dating back over 700 years, distilled Christian truths into a royal decree guaranteeing the liberties, justice and rights of the people. Through that one Portal millions of people, over many centuries, in diverse cultures around the globe, have enjoyed their God-given freedoms, justice and rights. Magna Carta is a “Portal” of God’s grace.

Another wonderful Portal, little more than a century old, is the Australian Constitution. Those who created it called it a new Magna Carta. They saw it as a guarantee of stability, freedom, peace and good governance. It was a Portal through which Australia is defined as a Christian nation, with a Christian heritage of law, good government, stability, safeguards against evil people, and hope for the future.

In modern times, however, evil forces have sought to block and close these Portals, denying us the liberties, justice and rights guaranteed in the Imperial Acts of the Christian kings and queens of England, and either ignoring our Constitution or trying to destroy it altogether.

We have had judges declare that Magna Carta means nothing any more. And there is a vigorous push for a Republic. There are lawyers today who don’t believe Australian law or common law came from the Bible. There are people today who think common law and the Imperial Acts have been removed by decisions of parliaments.

However, I am here to ensure that God’s Portals for us Aussies remain wide open!

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Son of the Living God, Saviour, Lord, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, I declare that Magna Carta is an Open Portal for the peoples of the earth and that the Australian Constitution is an Open Portal for the peoples of Australia.

I declare that every voice, force, energy, lie, manipulation, conspiracy, demon, collusion, curse, or any such thing that opposes the Imperial Acts, Common Law or the Australian Constitution is null and void, destroyed, invalidated, rendered useless and trampled under foot. No power on earth or hell can close God’s conduits of grace and blessing. I declare it so in Jesus’ powerful name.

And in Jesus’ lovely and powerful name I rebuke every conspirator, liar, manipulator, rebel, fool, official, potentate, demon, person or any other who in any way attempts to close or even limit God’s chosen Portals of grace and blessing to the ordinary men, women and children of Australia.

I defy the forces of darkness, in the name of Him who is the Light of the World.

I destroy the works of darkness, in the authority of Him who has the Keys to Death and Hell.

I rebuke the workers of iniquity, in the power of Him who will judge the living and the dead.

And I release blessing and divine grace upon Australia, for all the helpless, ordinary people who have been robbed, abused, lied to, deceived, trapped, enslaved and brought low by those who love darkness.

I release the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ upon this wonderful Commonwealth, where we share in common the wealth of God’s grace and blessing upon our land. I release salvation, healing, miracles, revival, restoration, forgiveness, repentance, holiness, deliverance from demons addiction and slavery, and the joy and blessing of being children of the Most High God.

We need more of God’s grace and blessing. And I won’t allow God’s Portals of that grace and blessing to be clogged up by foolish and evil people who think they can defy the Living God.

If you are a Christian I encourage you to join me in the declarations I have made here. Read it out loud and even shout it out before Heaven and Hell, so we, as God’s people, can claim God’s blessings and release them upon the whole of Australia.

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  1. says

    Dear Chris,
    I was waiting my turn in the NSW Supreme Court on Wednesday when the case before me was a telephone link with Timothy Boase in Perth who is cross-suing a bank for on-selling his mortgage and he stopped the repayments. Many others are demanding the note, ie; for the bank to produce the original contract in court when banks try to foreclose.

  2. Col de Scmbstr says

    G’day Chris,
    You might like to ensure that upon their next ‘visit’ the ‘portal’ the blue costumed gorillas are sporting is a ‘warrant of restoration’, not a ‘warrant of possession’ .

  3. says

    Another analogy for Portals is “Wells”.
    Abraham dug many wells – bringing needed water to sustain life.
    After Abraham’s death others blocked up those wells and so Isaac, his son, re-dug the wells to once again open the life-giving supply of water.
    This is what we now need to do with Magna Carta and our Australian Constitution (and all the other Imperial Acts as well). We need to re-open them, so the life-giving benefits are enjoyed by a new generation.
    Genesis 26:18 And Isaac digged again the wells of water, which they had digged in the days of Abraham his father; for the Philistines had stopped them after the death of Abraham: and he called their names after the names by which his father had called them.

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