Peoples Grand Jury in Australia

A new context for lawful adjudication has been initiated within Australia in recent months and takes another step forward in February, with a sitting in Melbourne.

A Grand Jury session will take place in Melbourne on Sunday February 6, organised and operated by the Australian public, independent of the Federal and state courts.  The first such “Peoples’ Grand Jury” was held in late 2010 in Werris Creek, New South Wales.

The Grand Jury sittings are organised under the banner of the Australian Civil Authority and have come about by the energies of several Australians who have become frustrated by endemic and systemic abuse of the Australian public by the elected officials and courts.

It is not uncommon for legitimate concerns expressed by members of the Australian public to be rejected by the courts.  Registrars and magistrates commonly vet matters that are filed and block attempts by ordinary Australians to have matters of wrong laws or wrong actions by officials investigated in court.

This corruption of the Australian court system is an abuse of the judicial power of the Commonwealth, but there seems to be no way to redress the abuse.

Hence the advent of the Peoples’ Grand Jury sessions.  Concerned members of the public, functioning within the lawful structure of a jury process, under common law, are investigating the claims that courts commonly reject.  Upon finding these claims to have substance the matters are then being referred back into the judicial system.

If the judicial system still rejects these matters then the Grand Jury process will have to look at the possibility of creating a lawful common law court that obtains justice under Commonwealth law, without the interference of the current legal system.

The current judicial system in Australia operates under a cartel of the legal profession which has excluded all others from the process.  Lawmakers, court officials, lawyers and corporations work together to use the legal system for their benefit.  When concerned members of the community seek to correct any abuses of law, practice or official position the court monopoly closes ranks against those matters, thus protecting itself and those in collusion with it.

A prime example of this is that Rob Hulls, as Victorian Attorney General, removed Grand Jury trial from the Supreme Court of Victoria in 2010, to protect himself, Julia Gillard and others who have been indicted there for Treason.  Only a Grand Jury can try matters of Treason and so all the accused are now fully protected from prosecution, without any investigation of their guilt or innocence.

Filings against officers of the court and against the Sheriff of Victoria have been made in the Federal Magistrates Court in Melbourne, only to be rejected by Ian Gray, the Chief Magistrate, who himself is charged with Treason.

John Vella is one of the key figures in energising the Peoples’ Grand Jury process and he has made a number of comments to explain the motivation for this legal approach.

“The exercise here is to challenge corruption made lawful by purported authorities who have much to answer for.  The matters brought before the Peoples’ Grand Jury are for indictment. This is the first step by the people to approve prosecution of those accountable. We the people have lost authority over public servants who by their created legislation have built a wall around themselves, so they are protected from prosecution or at least made it very difficult to be prosecuted.

Governments (all entities) are now corporations against the will of the people. The creation of corporations is to enslave the people – more taxes, more restrictions, more red tape, removal of property rights.

People need to make a stand against institutionalised evil. Collectively we are the authority over and above the Governor General, politicians, the judiciary, public servants and the rest.

Politicians have over some years sold off Australia at will. A big part of Australia is now owned by foreign interests. Australian jobs have gone abroad under the Fair Trade Agreement and other treaties and legislation hatched by evil people. Australians are now one of the highest tax payers in the world while multi and trans-national corporations pay little to no tax.

The Australian Civil Authority (ACA) was created under sovereignty of the people to investigate and prosecute political, judicial and corporate criminals… and is owned by all Australians.

Corrupt legislation hatched by politicians will continue until the People regain control over THEIR COMMON LAW COURTS and bring those accountable before a Court of proper jurisdiction (Court of Justice) and not a corporate court that enslaves the will of the people to submit to their demands.

Summonses will be brought before the GJ for indictment, once indictment takes affect it then goes before a court having a jury of 12 free men/women to make judgement. Today, courts are ruled by registrars, magistrates and judges. These people have no authority other than to supervise the Jury. The Jury determines the sentence and not the supervisor unless those going before the court agree to be judged by a single judge. Only GOD can judge at his Will.

Grand Juries are the stepping stone to the re-establishment of the People’s Common Law Courts.

The Grand Jury is being run by the Australian Civil Authority and no one else.”

The Melbourne Grand Jury will take place in Melton, an outer north-western satellite suburb, at Delicious Restaurant, 350 High Street, Melton on Sunday February 6.  The session starts at 11am.

Among the half dozen matters slated for investigation by this second Peoples’ Grand Jury are investigation of Council land tax (rates) on private land and Certainty of contract & eviction by Banks.

The Grand Jury sessions are open to the public.

People wishing further info can write to the Australian Civil Authority, PO Box 65 Werris Creek NSW 2341.


  1. Lyn Bennetts says

    Well done Chris,
    What you and your group are doing is fantastic, please keep me informed of your progress and if I can be of any assistance please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Kind regards

    Lyn Bennetts
    Freedom Fighters of Australia

    Together We Will Make a Difference!

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