Faith and Banks Audio Message

For the past few months I have been sharing a message around the place about Faith and Banks.

It is a sermon I have been able to preach in many different churches and small groups, sharing my perspective on Faith in God and how that has been part of my fight with Macquarie Bank and Perpetual Trustees, the courts and sheriff over my home.

I hope to have a video version of the message available on YouTube, but so far I do have an audio version uploaded by Ps Larry Sebastian, where I preached this message last Sunday (March 20) in Casey City Church in Fountain Gate, Melbourne.  Click here to listen to the Audio of that message.

The first half of the message explores what the Bible shows us about God’s grace, which is the basis of my life of faith.

Then I explain how my understanding of faith has supported me over the past 18 months as I have engaged in taking on lies and fraud in the banking industry and injustice in the courts.

That battle is not over, but so far we are delighted with where things have come to and where they are heading.

Here is the link to that message:

Someone wrongly labeled the message as Parenting, since I shared on that topic at Casey City Church last year.  Ignore the title and enjoy the message.

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