I struggle with the sheer abundance of devotional material already available. Why in the world should another word be written, and why from me?

I recalled this morning that I have hundreds of sermon summaries from my pastoring years. I don’t refer to them and no-one reads them. So why write even more material?

This week I met yet another chap who writes blog posts. The written word is at flood proportions today.

Yet I also remember that God is a God of abundance, and superfluous abundance. Years ago I saw calendar photos of isolated locations of amazing beauty, some with sunsets and others with miles of sweeping blooms. Yet, apart from the photographer, you could believe no one else even saw those delights. And the photographer wasn’t there all day every day drinking in the same amazing sight. Then I thought of fruit trees growing in forests and on remote mountain slopes and of the huge amount of pristine water that flows in remote places into the sea.

There is an amazing superabundance of things in God’s economy. Every moment of every day there is a continuing sunrise and sunset, producing a non-stop stream of glorious vistas. Yet most of us don’t even see one each day. It’s as if God is creating an abundance to be wasted.

What about the starry sky. How many stars would have been enough? 

How many varieties of bird would have been enough? How many flavours would have been enough? How many sensations for our body to feel or aromas for us to smell would have been enough?

God is not the God of ‘enough’ but the God of superlative abundance.

So, if God wants me to write something to add to the abundance, that’s perfectly consistent with His character and economy.

Maybe along the way I’ll write something that has more value or impact than I expect, but for now I’m working on the discipline of taking time each day to write, as the thoughts come to mind. And I’ll pile this bunch of words onto the seemingly endless mountain of things already written, so I can honour the God of abundance who blesses me abundantly and who wants to give to His creation and to His children yet more than they already have.

So, these words are penned (typed) for the glory of God.

May He be honoured by that which comes out on the page. Amen.

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