Resisting the Truth

Truth is powerful. Jesus told us that the truth sets us free.

“You will know the truth and the truth will set you Free!” John 8:32

Yet, despite the wonderful benefit of the truth it seems to be human nature to reject truth, especially if it is something we don’t like.

An example of people rejecting truth is found in the historical account of Jacob’s sons. The ten older brothers took a dislike to their younger brother, Joseph, because he was their father’s favourite, having been born to the one woman Jacob truly loved, Rachel.

Joseph received two dreams from God. In these dreams the message seemed clear that Joseph’s brothers were to bow down to him. The brothers resented such a suggestion, since they were already jealous of Joseph.

The brothers’ bitterness toward their younger sibling was so strong they discussed murdering their brother, but ended up taking him prisoner and selling him to slave traders.

In the grand scheme of things the TRUTH was that God would cause Joseph’s brothers to one day bow down to him. They rejected that truth because it was offensive to them. They conspired to make sure it could never come to pass.

However the truth is the truth, and rejecting it only means we live in delusion. It also means we miss out on the freedom which truth is meant to bring us.

We have no idea what would have happened if the brothers had accepted the truth. All we know is what actually transpired.

Joseph, sold as a slave, had God’s hand on him, but was then falsely accused and thrown in prison. Yet, even there, God’s hand was with him and he was given great responsibility, effectively running a section of the prison, while still a prisoner.

Suddenly and unexpectedly Joseph was promoted to second in command of Egypt.

Eight years later Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt for food and had to deal directly with the younger brother they had once planned to kill. They did not recognise him and he put them through a tough time.

Finally, on their second visit, Joseph revealed himself to them, as recorded in Genesis 45. They were so stunned they could not believe it. They were sure the official they were dealing with was a powerful Egyptian, never suspecting it was their brother who understood all the things they discussed among themselves in their native tongue.

Joseph finally convinced them he was their brother and that led to the whole of the family moving to Egypt.

What we see in those events from millennia ago is that it is perfectly possible to be blind to things that are right in front of us.

That prompts the question of what we may be missing right now too.

In the case of Joseph’s brothers they even had revelation from God to show what was going to happen and they rejected it. They refused to accept what was offensive to them.

Are you fighting against truth that seems offensive to you?

For example, many a western wife chokes at the Bible teaching on the wife’s role in marriage. That model is not politically correct in our day and age. Ideas of equality are deeply entrenched and backed up by all kinds of observations about how inappropriate it is to have a patriarchal family.

Many children and youth choke at the idea of honouring their parents. Many Christians choke at the idea of Bible teachings they reject. And so it goes.

Let me remind you that the truth sets us free, so each time you choose to reject truth, for whatever reason, you deny yourself freedoms which Christ has for you.

I have to deal at times with people who cling to delusions about themselves which are far from the truth. Their lives, health or family may be crumbling because of their vain ideas, but they will not accept anything critical of themselves, so they hold to delusions that continue to destroy them.

Let me challenge you to realise that you may well be living in your own deception, rejecting truth that God has revealed but which you don’t like.

Let me further challenge you to humble yourself and accept the truth that will set you free.

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