The Sin Problem

Imagine a large group of people applying for a desirable ideal job with the best of conditions and fabulous pay. At the end of the interview process the entire group of applicants is addressed by the boss of the company.

He tells them that they are an amazing group of applicants, with all the qualifications he could possibly want and more. They are each wonderful people he would be delighted to have on his staff. He found himself wishing each one could be employed on the spot.

He applauds their minds and attitudes, their diligence and good habits, their skills and their talents, their past achievements and future aspirations.

However, he informs them, although he wants every one of them in his employ and he has the jobs and the finances to employ every one of them, he cannot employ any of them, because they each have the same flaw.

He explains that they must be excluded because each of them at some time in their past has done something that offends God, from telling a lie, to being selfish, or being proud, or responding with a spiteful attitude toward others, or wishing they had what others had, or failing to meet God’s standard at some time or other.

They are excluded despite all the wonderful positives.

That’s how it is for mankind when they try to win God’s favour. 

They can be the most diligent religious person, achieving what few others ever achieve in consistency, attention to detail, sincerity, etc, but fail to establish relationship with God because of The Sin Problem.

They can be the most generous and loving person, always going out of their way to help those in need, with a cheerful heart and totally sacrificial commitment, winning acclaim and being loved by multitudes, yet fail to establish relationship with God because of The Sin Problem.

They can be the most inspirational motivator, instructing their entire generation to do what is right, keep the best standards and live to their very best, but fail to establish relationship with God because of The Sin Problem.

“The LORD’s arm is not too short to save you, nor His ear too deaf to hear. But your iniquities have separated you from your God, and your sins have hidden His face from you, so that He will not hear.” Isaiah 59:1,2

Just as the boss I mentioned had delight in each applicant, so God loves each of us and wants to be in relationship with us. He doesn’t hate us or want to punish us. God wants us in His family, as His children, enjoying being with Him forever in heaven.

The problem is not on God’s side.

And the problem is not that we don’t want to have an amazing relationship with the God of all eternity, who created the universe and who still does miracles in our world today. It’s not that it’s a bad thing to have Almighty God as our Daddy. It’s not that we wouldn’t have the most amazing life if we had God speaking into us on a daily basis and with us in every situation.

The issue is The Sin Problem. That’s the sticking point. That’s the obstacle we have to overcome. If only that was out of the way the possibilities are amazing, not only for right now in this life, but to be enjoyed forever and forever.

It’s just a crying shame about that Sin Problem.

Now, if the boss really wanted us to work for him, and if God really loved us, you would think they would use their superior resources to come up with a solution for us.

And that’s what’s happened.

God came up with a solution to The Sin Problem. He did it by finding a way to pay for the sin, so it is forgiven and forgotten. He did that by having part of Himself, what we know as the Son of God, Jesus, to leave heaven and become human, to live sinlessly but then be brutally murdered to pay the price for sin. The sinless one pays the price with His life, so the sinful ones are forgiven and set free to live eternal life.

When we put our faith in Jesus as our Saviour, accepting God’s free gift of forgiveness, The Sin Problem is solved and we enter immediately into relationship with God as God’s child. There is nothing getting in the way.

And, as God’s child, we don’t need to earn anything from Him, by religion, good works, zealous service, or anything else. Those actions could never get us right with God before we put our faith in Christ and they don’t get us any special awards now that we have faith in Christ.

What we are best to do is to explore and enter into the fulness of the new relationship we have with God. Rather than religion we enter into Relationship. Rather than service, we enter into partnership. Instead of pleasing God by what we do we please God by our faith in Him.

And forever we grow deeper in relationship with God and more like Jesus, being transformed by the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

We can do all that because through Christ we have been set free from The Sin Problem.

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