Why Bother

Our story was given national coverage on TV as “Home Loan Siege” on A Current Affair. That sure has created a stir.

I spoke with a local yesterday who asked me why I bother challenging Bank Fraud. His reasoning went like this.

1.         You either pay the Bank or someone they sold your loan to, so it doesn’t matter if the Bank is lying, there is nothing in it for you.

2.         The Bank has more money than you, so you will lose anyway.

3.         There’s no point in taking on the banks.

Sadly his approach is one we have heard too many times in recent weeks.

A Pastor’s wife told Susan “I don’t have a loan.” When Susan pointed out that many people do have loans involving fraud the woman said, “I don’t have a loan.” When Susan tried to point out that Banks commit Fraud and the Courts commit Treason the woman said, “People shouldn’t take loans then they wouldn’t have any trouble.”

The responses we confront carry the sense of “I’m alright. Blow you Jack!” (Self-interest only) and “What’s the use?” (Defeatism). The reason the Banks commit wholesale Fraud (now exposed in the USA) and the Courts commit wholesale Treason (as I have encountered many times this year) is because “good people do nothing”!

It’s the “I don’t care!” attitude and the “Why bother?” defeatism that created this problem.

I told the local chap someone has to stand up to evil, or my grandkids will ask why I didn’t protect their future. He patted me on the arm, told me I’m a brave man, then advised me I would lose anyway.


That’s why justice in Australia is non-existent; why we pay fines we shouldn’t have to pay; why the courts dismiss us as irrelevant; why politicians lie to us and do their own thing; why Treason rules and our lawful rights are trampled.

Now, if SOMEONE HAS TO DO SOMETHING, who should that be?

Someone has to say “It DOES MATTER!” and “It’s WORTH THE FIGHT!” Someone has to stand up and challenge evil, or we will all be swamped by it.

Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott, Bob Brown, Bob Katter, Tony Windsor, Rob Oakeshott, John Brumby and a host of other influential politicians should be the first to defend us. But, I’m afraid to say, they are part of the Treason problem, either by seeking to destroy our Constitution or not stopping others who are doing so.

What about the leaders in industry, science, commerce, arts, media and so on standing against Fraud and Treason? I can’t see them. The “heroes” haven’t breathed a word about it.

Surely the Church is championing the cause. Can you see that? I can’t see anything but a few individuals banging their head against the Courts and the pollies. Most are ignored by the media, painted as trouble-makers and struggling against apathy of the masses.

That’s why I bother. One day I will stand before Almighty God and He will ask about my BIRTHRIGHT. He will ask me what I did with the freedoms and rights He gave me. I don’t want to tell Him “I sold my birthright for a weekend in the sun!”

I want to say, I treasured everything You gave me, and I fought to defend it, and all Aussies are now living better lives because I brought down Fraud and Treason!

When you get to my age leaving a lasting heritage is means much more than fast cars or the latest fashion. I have a use-by date, but my kids and grandkids will inherit whatever is left of Australia once we have finished abusing it.

So I’m turning the tide. I’m on a ridiculous campaign against evil at the highest levels and apathy or self-interest everywhere else.

It reminds me of Don Quixote “To Dream the Impossible Dream” – “And the world will be better for this, that one man scorned and covered with scars, still strove with his last ounce of courage – to Reach the Unreachable Stars!”

Grab your donkey and come for the ride!