Touching Lives

This is a posting I made on another site and thought I would share with you. Many years ago, when I was a young sales rep, I found myself sitting in a high-powered office overlooking Sydney Harbour, in front of the Advertising Manager of an International Cosmetics company. In the minutes that followed I sensed that this man had something troubling him.

I had been praying that God would give me opportunities to share about Him with people. After shifting in my seat for a while I ventured to ask if there was something bothering him. He said, “Yes”, and then he poured out about his wife leaving him and his life being in a mess.

I suggested that he needed God. He didn’t throw me out of his office, but looked like he wanted to hear more. So I explained why we need Christ and God’s forgiveness. I explained the wonder of relationship with God.

Then, with a gulp, I asked him if he wanted that kind of help in his life. He said, “Yes”. I led him through the sinner’s prayer, anxious that I get him to pray all the right things. I stumbled my way through to the “Amen”.

I looked up, itchy with discomfort. He just sat there with his head bowed, for what seemed like ages. Then he slowly lifted his head and looked at me. He said, “That was an amazingly emotional experience.” Well it sure was for me – I was exhausted by it all. But there he was, touched by the hand of God. 

I never saw him again. I was just a boy and he was a high-powered executive. I have no idea what came of him after that amazing encounter. But experiences like that have given me a strong taste for helping people. Touching lives is a privilege we all want to have – and touching lives with the love and power of God is an exciting moment for us all.