Why I Expect God to Bless Me

Why should God bless you or me?  We look to God for His blessings and when we do others may question our right to do so.

That’s why I like to remind myself from time to time of where I stand before God and on what basis I look to Him for His blessing in my life.

You may find the following summary of those thoughts helpful as you struggle with your own worthiness to receive from God throughout your Christian life.

Totally Unqualified for Blessings

I do not deserve any blessing or favours from God.

My lack of discipline, selfishness, fleshly weaknesses, compromise, lack of spiritual commitment and so much more completely disqualify me for any blessings from God.

I have not fasted enough, prayed enough, given enough, sacrificed enough, died to self enough, served God enough, or done anything else enough to gain one iota of favour or blessing from God.

I am unqualified for on-going grace from God.

Saving Grace

I am as unqualified for on-going grace from God as I was to receive the sacrificial grace of Jesus Christ that brought me salvation, forgiveness of my sins, adoption into God’s family as a Son of God, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, grace to be useful in God’s kingdom, victory over Satan and eternal spiritual blessings.

Yet despite my total lack of any qualification for that grace, as a sinner with nothing to recommend me for the total abolition of my sin and the complete cleansing and newness that Christ gives, my hopelessness did not prohibit me from receiving that wonderful grace.

And so too in this situation, my uselessness, weakness, fleshly compromise, lack of discipline, etc, fail to disqualify me for the amazing and abundant blessings of God’s grace through Jesus Christ.

I Ask for Miracles

So I ask for miracles and I expect miraculous blessings others would not dare ask for.  I do so, not on the basis of any capacity I have to deserve them or qualify for them, but on the basis of God’s desire to give them to me and His provision of them through the sacrifice of Christ.

When I reach out for them, on the basis of faith alone, I touch the very heart of God’s plan for my salvation, that I would receive all He has provided for me through faith in Christ.