Valiant Men

This title came about through a prophetic dream earlier this week. My friend, Michael, rang to ask if I taught on the topic of Valiant Men. At first I thought he wanted to know if I had ever heard someone else’s program by that title. He explained that his wife, Elizabeth, had woken that morning with a dream that I was teaching a session on Valiant Men. She sensed that the dream was from the Lord and so that prompted Michael to give me a call.

I told him that I was teaching a session that very night to a group of men who meet monthly in Box HIll, Melbourne. I said that my content was all about Valiant Men, but I had never chosen that title for my message. I decided on the spot that I would choose that title for the night’s session and Michael promised to be there.

The session was excellent, reviewing my ealier teaching about what Manhood is from God’s perspective and what real men must do. Then I launched into an explanation of where valour comes to play in the life of godly men. Real Men are Valiant Men, not just because they are willing to confront other people, but, most importantly, because they will stand fearlessly before God.

The positive feedback was overwhelming and the next day I received requests for my Power Point slides. Although those slides only summarise my message, they provide a potent review of the main points I presented. I am willing to pass those Power Point slides on to you. All you need do is ping me an email, at, and I’ll email the PP presentation directly to you.

This offer is not restricted to men. Women need to understand the issues that the men in their lives are grappling with. So, I am happy to forward my Power Point notes to men and women, young and old alike. Just ask and it’s yours.

On a side-note – Elizabeth was the woman who had a prophetic dream about a storm and a barley harvest, which led to my post on the Barley Harvest Blessing. You can go direct to that post by clicking here: