Rejection 9 – Fear

Among the various results of Rejection is the key area of Fear. Fear is a major weapon which the enemy of our souls uses against us. The Bible alerts us to the fact that the devil uses ‘fear’ to keep people in slavery all their lives.

Hebrews 2 tells us that Jesus became human, like us, so that through His death He could destroy the devil, who had the power of death up to that time. This would enable Jesus to set people free from the ‘fear of death’.

“And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.” Hebrews 2:15

Multiple Deaths

Since we are tri-partite, made of three parts, spirit-soul-body, we are able to be in fear of death at three levels. We can fear physical death to our body. This involves fear of disease, fear of accidents, fear of pain, fear of spiders, and so on.

We can also fear death at a spiritual level, which includes the fear of falling from God’s grace, fear of hell, fear of eternal damnation, and similar terrors.

Rejection is centred around the fear of death to our soul. That involves the fear of death to our mind, emotions, will and personality. Mental death includes the fear of insanity and senility. Death to our will involves being enslaved, incarcerated, addicted or dominated.

Emotional Death

Death to our emotions centres around our fear of being hurt. We don’t want to be rejected or told that we do not have value. We want to be loved, so we fear any of those actions or expressions from people that make us feel worthless, stupid, unloved, unworthy, out of place, and so on.

It is possible to have no fear when it comes to our body, such that we are a dare-devil and thrill-seeker in our actions, and yet to have deep fear when it comes to dealing with people.

Emotional Fears

The fear of emotional death, even if we do not understand it as such, leads us to such things as a fear of people, fear of rejection, fear of intimidation, fear of rebuke, fear of correction, fear of mockery, fear of hurt and fear of being found out.

These fears dictate our actions, choices and responses. Many people’s lifestyle, career choices, friendships, routine and so on are the product of their navigation of their fears, trying to keep away from threatening or dangerous situations.

Fear of People

Since we want people to love us and it is therefore people who hurt us, those who have rejection issues carry a fear of people. A fear of people drives some to the point of becoming hermits, choosing isolated lifestyles, remaining un-married, avoiding crowds, not connecting with active social groups and fading to the background in their social contexts.

Note that people can manage their fears, even though those fears still hold them. So, just because someone carries a fear of people does not mean that they automatically avoid social settings. Some extroverts push past their fear of people and perform under the spotlight, despite their underlying sense of danger at the hands of insensitive people.

Insecurities and Anxieties

Fear also manifests in various feelings of insecurity and anxiety. A person who has been rejected has had their personal confidence damaged. While they may maintain their bravado publicly, they can carry deep-rooted insecurities and unseen anxieties.

Imagine trying to get on with life, study, career, marriage and family with deep-seated insecurities and anxieties. That’s how some people navigate their whole life. They manage to live a normal life, raise a family, run a business, build a career and have friendships, hobbies and interests but by swimming upstream, as it were, in everything they do.

Imagine how freeing it is for those people to dump their burdens of fear, insecurity and anxiety, through the love of God and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Imagine how much easier life is and happier their existence becomes when God breathes His grace and life into their being!

Stolen Life

The devil is a liar and a thief. He comes to rob from us the life which God has given us. He comes to steal, kill and destroy all those things which are God’s gifts to us.

“The thief comes not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” John 10:10

Many people are living with only the left over pieces of the life God gave them, because the devil has come along and stolen, killed and destroyed much of what is their life. Sadly, humans do not have the ability to beat the devil and reclaim what was stolen from us. Only God can do that, because Jesus destroyed the devil through His resurrection.

If you are existing instead of living, it is probably because the devil has stolen the life God gave you. Your life is meant to be full, blessed, happy, delighted, confident, purposeful and rich. If it is not these things then you have been robbed. You need to call upon God to bring His power and grace into your day to day existence and give you life more abundant.

Fear Torments

The fear which comes from rejection needs to be broken from your life, because fear torments you. It shakes your heart and mind, challenging your confidence, intimidating your faith, agitating your inner being and bringing undue pressure into your body.

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear: because fear has torment. He that fears is not made perfect in love.” 1John 4:18

Receive the Gift

The gifts of life, love, family, friends, faith, purpose, destiny, fruitfulness and satisfaction are meant to be everyday blessings in your life. I offer you the gift of life more abundant through Jesus Christ. Call out to God, through faith in Christ, for God’s love to be poured out into your life, so you can be healed of rejection and have your life restored.

Don’t settle for anything but the blessing and freedom God created you for.

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