Aussie Freedom Summarised

You are born with rights and freedoms that belong to you.

Over 700 years ago a Christian king of England, recognised your God-given freedoms and rights and promised all his subjects he would guarantee them.

On behalf of all future kings and all officials of the king, he said, “We will not sell any man’s justice or rights. We will not deny anyone his justice and rights and we will not even delay giving to any man his justice and rights.”

[“We will sell to no man, we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right.” Magna Carta 1297]

That promise was repeated by future kings. (see Charles I Petition of Right 1627 and Habeas Corpus 1640)

Australia was created under the authority of those English kings who guaranteed your God-given justice and rights. The only way you could lose justice or your rights was by the Australian people choosing to throw away their Constitution by a majority of people in all states of the Commonwealth.

We haven’t thrown away that guarantee.

So every politician, court, policeman, sheriff, official, public servant, tax official, or person holding any responsibility in Australia is bound to deliver to you your justice and rights.

That’s it.

That’s your Freedoms explained.

No one in Australia has permission to make you pay for your freedoms, justice or rights.

No one in Australia has permission to deny you your justice and rights, or even to delay giving them to you.

That’s your BIRTHRIGHT.

That’s the inheritance your great, great granddad gave you when he gave you the Australian Constitution.

If anyone refuses to give you justice and your rights they are in treason against the Crown and are perverting the course of justice. They are committing crimes against the Crown, the Constitution, the Commonwealth and the common people.

They are unlawful. They are criminal. They are to be opposed and stopped from what they are doing.

Anyone who denies or delays justice and rights to any Aussie is a criminal and must be exposed, opposed and stopped.

If you don’t stop them, they will steal and destroy your rights and turn you into their slaves, while they sell your country off to the highest bidder.

And that kind of freedom is worth standing up for.

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