New Prime-Time Interviews with Chris and Susan Field

Susan and I were seen last night on two national TV channels in Australia, at the same time!

Channel 7 interviewed us on Christmas Eve and put their story to air in the Today Tonight program at 6.30pm.  We were the lead story.

Channel 9 recycled existing footage they recorded back in October and linked that into new footage of a lady fighting the banks (who I put them in touch with) in the A Current Affair program at 6.30pm.  Again, we were the lead story.

It came about because of a level of competition between the two programs.  But it is good for us – at least for all those watching TV at 6.30pm.

To see the Channel 9 story go to their on-line hosting at:

To see the Channel 7 story click on the “PREACHER V THE BANKS” story at:
Note that this story may not be readily available.  If you find a permanent link to the story please let us know.

The original A Current Affair (Channel 9) story from October can be found at:

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