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  • Grand Jury in Australia
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  • Limits of the Law
  • Native Claims in Court
  • Bank Bashing on Oz Media

    aca-logo-sm.gifOn Tues Dec 28 both Channel 7 and 9 networks in Australia ran bank bashing stories at 6.30pm, featuring Chris and Susan Field.
    Serena Moeau was also featured on 9.
    The Fields reclaimed their Preston (Melb) home a week after being evicted in Sept.  Serena has been in a four year battle with the National Australia Bank, but this was her first time featured on the tele.
    Links to the stories can be found at: http://chrisfieldblog.com/2010/12/29/new-interviews

    Print, Sign and SEND

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    Print the Notice demanding a Foreclosure Freeze, Sign it and Send it to Victorian politicians to demand that Banks no longer evict people without proving their claim!
    It’s basic justice and it’s being stolen from All Aussies.  If we can get the newly elected Baillieu Govt to do the right thing that will lead others to follow suit.
    Click the link to get to the Notice – then Print, Sign and Send.
    Freeze Foreclosure Notice – http://justice-and-right.com/notice-foreclosure-freeze
    Or you can write your own letter following the points given at: http://justice-and-right.com/freeze-foreclosures

    Rosie v the NAB

    rosievgoliath.pngBank Bashing is a popular past-time these days, but for some it is serious business.
    For Rosie Cornell a campaign titled “IHate the NAB” has become a major focus.  After suffering at the hands of the National Australia Bank (NAB) and getting nowhere in her efforts to get justice, Rosie has resorted to a protest website where those who have gripes with the NAB can find info and also publish their own stories.
    The site has recently been relocated and you will now find Rosie’s site at: http://www.ihatethenab.info

    Freedom Magazine Sabotaged

    next strategy.jpgThe fledgling Next Strategy Magazine, distributed in Newsagents around Australia, was set back in recent months by sabotage of equipment in their Gippsland office.
    A break-in resulted in key machines being sabotaged and rendered inoperative.
    However the publishers are confident they will be back on track quickly, despite the cost and disruption.  No-one has been identified as responsible for the break-in and acts of sabotage.
    It could be assumed, however, that there are people who object to information being made public.
    Next Strategy is available in newsagents and you can subscribe at: http://www.thenextstrategy.com

    Citizen’s Grand Jury

    grand jury 2.jpgIn a grass – roots response to injustice in Australian courts a new judicial process has sprung up involving the calling of Grand Juries across Australia.
    The process is being coordinated by an organisation calling itself Australian Civil Authority (ACA).  It’s first Grand Jury sat at Werris Creek in New South Wales in November and resulted in three cases being identified as worthy of further legal process.
    A Grand Jury involves a body of 23 or more individuals who judge matters brought before them, as any jury would evaluate a matter in a courtroom.  Jury members are “judges” and so reference to multiple judges in the Australian Constitution not only relates to a multiple of people appointed as judges in courts, but also to the body of jurors who judge the matter presented before them.
    Rob Hulls (known in political circles as “Piggy Hulls”) banned the Grand Jury process in Victorian courts, so charges of Treason could not be heard against him, Julia Gillard and others.
    However, the right of subjects of the Crown to convene due judicial process persists and is now being explored in this new initiative.
    The three cases identified for further judicial process by the Werris Creek Grand Jury have been referred for filing in NSW courts.
    A Victorian Grand Jury will sit in early February.


    banks-lie-cover-small.pngThis has to be the clearest explanation yet about how the banks take advantage of us with lies and tricks to get us to give them our wealth.

    60 pages of explanation, examples, quotes from authoritative sources and common sense plain speaking stuff that puts the picture together so any reasonable mind could grasp it.

    This Book is absolutely FREE – and it’s to be passed around to your family and friends – so we can get a bunch of people tuned in to the fact that BANKS LIE!
    Click to get your FREE copy of BANKS LIE!

    Limits of the Law

    eye1small.jpg There are limits to what the law can do. And that’s a good thing.
    Law is not a boundless set of rules that can be changed to suit those in power, but a limited set of principles which do not change through time.
    That’s the way it is supposed to be even if not the way things are done in western societies today.

    Read more about the LIMITS OF THE LAW …


    This JUSTICE UPDATE email is intended as a resource for those who are waking up to the facts that Banks Lie and Courts Deny Justice.

    When we “wake-up” to what is going on we look for info, resources and help to navigate through unfamiliar waters.

    There are many who have woken up and taken up the issues with varying degrees of success and with their own unique emphasis.

    This Newsletter aims to connect you with the people and ideas that have proven helpful to others, to give you a boost in your personal progress to your rights, freedoms and justice.

    This newsletter is limited to topics relevant to those who need to defend themselves against evil in their courts or community, and those who wish to do something about it.

    We welcome input from those who have something to contribute – as ideas, articles, info, connections, stories to share and so on.

    We also invite you to SPONSOR OUR CAUSE by making a DONATION via PAYPAL.
    Help us publish materials, maintain our database, provide resources and give time to helping others.

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    Keep Your Mouth Shut!

    Chris Field has now been mainstream prime-time viewing three times and he shares his approach with our readers.  It’s simple – Just Keep Your Mouth Shut!
    It’s what you leave out that makes what you actually say acceptable – especially for those fighting for freedom and our rights.
    Get the full story at: http://justice-and-right.com/mouth-shut

    The Constitution Revealed

    john quick.jpg

    Since the Australian Constitution is the foundation on which the Commonwealth of Australia is established you are wise to become very familiar with it – especially as you contend for justice and right.
    An excellent tool for understanding the Constitution is an Annotated version created by Dr Quick and Mr Garran.  It is the original annotated version and is respected in the High Court, so if you find something in there you can use it to claim justice and right.
    Sam Broad hosts an on-line version at: http://www.peoplesmandate.iinet.net.au/QuickAndGarrenNotesOnConstitution.pdf

    home in hand small.jpg

    Re-Possession of Homes and Farms

    The public is being informed that people how been able to lawfully re-claim possession of their homes and farms after being evicted.
    A Warrant of Possession only lasts for 72 hours (3 days) once it has been acted on by the Sheriff (like a can of food that goes off once it is opened).  It is lawful to re-take possession of the home after 72 hours.
    Woody in the Hunter Valley has been back on the farm for 2 years.  Ray and Cathy have been back in their home for over 18 months.  The Fields have been in their home for over 3 months.
    A couple near Mildura repossessed their home in the past week.  And there are others too.
    Find out the details at: http://justice-and-right.com/re-possession



    With our world under the heel of banks it is good to know there are alternative economic theories we can work from.  You may have heard of the Austrian School of economics, but have you heard of SocialCredit.
    There’s a simple story used to present SocialCredit in practice.
    The original version is available from Jeremy Lee’s site, and it has been summarised at: http://chrisfieldblog.com/2010/12/22/money-myth

    securitisation chart mini.jpg


    An amazing chart shows over 50 steps in the process of securitisation of home loans and mortgages.
    You may not understand it, but it gives you a clue that you were not given FULL DISCLOSURE when you signed your contract – and that INVALIDATES the contract.
    To see a larger version of the chart go to: http://justice-and-right.com/securitisation-chart

    michael anderson.jpg


    Michael Anderson is challenging the corporate nature of Australia and demanding it stop operating as a US corporate entity.
    He filed a Prerogative Writ of Mandamus in the High Court on December 8, 2010, demanding Australia ceases to operate as an SEC registered company.
    Michael can be contacted at ngurampaa@bigpond.com.au


    In June 2010 John Babet took a last stand against the bank repossessing his home. He chained himself to the roof of his home. The eviction happened none-the-less and John is now driving several efforts to challenge the break-down of our rights and freedoms.
    John is spokesman for the Community Reformation Action Group (CRAG) at http://crag1.webs.com


    While various names are known and respected for making a contribution to our freedoms, there are many unsung heroes who deserve recognition. Some have come and gone, forgotten or even despised because they did not meet the expectations of others. Yet they are a link in the chain and built into the momentum of the movement.
    And others made a hidden contribution, passing information to friends, buying a book, attending a seminar, making up that group of supporters who touched and influenced others and gave depth to the efforts of those “up front”.
    A Big THANK YOU to all of you. Your part is indeed a valuable part of the whole. And without you the whole would be incomplete. Thanks.

    Let us know if you have info that should be included in future editions of Justice Update.


    Australian Law

    Chris Field wrote a declaration about Aussie Law that you will probably find helpful as you think through what you are entitled to as an Aussie before the courts.
    Check it out by clicking here.

    When Good Men Do SOMETHING

    We know the quote that evil advances when good men do nothing.  So we’re very glad to see that many good men and women are out there doing something.
    Justice Update aims to keep you informed about who’s who and what’s what among those of us fighting for Justice and Right.
    If you know of someone doing something, please let us know, so we can share their story with others.

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