Your Stolen Wealth exposed by Chris Field

Here is something to shake you up.  Your birthright has been stolen from you by the very people you voted for – and they don’t intend to give it back.

That means your share of the wealth of Australia now belongs to the Pollies, since they’ve stolen it out of your hands.  And you didn’t even know it happened!

Let me explain.


Australia really belongs to us Aussies.  We are entitled to the wealth of the land.  It’s called our Common Wealth.

That’s why when we created our own nation just over a hundred years ago we called it the Commonwealth of Australia.  We could use the wealth of the land to build roads, educate the kids, and build the nation.

We the people were in control.  We voted to accept our Constitution.  And we are the only ones who can change that Constitution.  That is stated in the Australian Constitution at Section 128, also called Chapter VIII.  Only a majority of us Aussies, in each state, can change our Constitution.  By the Constitution we are completely in control of our Common Wealth!

And that’s how it was for more than half a century.  Australian’s enjoyed one of the highest standards of living in the world.  We rode on the sheep’s back, made rich by the minerals in the ground and we developed some of the world’s biggest projects, like the Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme.

Something Changed

We no longer enjoy the same wealth and we pay tolls on roads and now pay for many things freely provided to our grandparents.  Just about nothing is free any more.  They even want us to pay for the carbon dioxide we breathe out our nostrils.

So, how did we lose our common wealth?

Someone must have stolen it from us.

And they must have done it very secretly, so we did not notice.

Did you see it happen?  Do you know who did it and how?

It was done by putting a fake Australia in place of the Real Australia.

You are now living in the fake Australia, without even realising it.  And your politicians did this to you while you were at the beach, the footy, or the Melbourne Cup.

The Real Australia

The Real Australia is easy enough to understand.  It was created by the vote your great grandparents at the end of the 1800’s.  They voted to accept a carefully written Australian Constitution which created the “Commonwealth of Australia”.

That Common Wealth was based on just a few things: the will of the people; Almighty God; the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; and the Australian Constitution document.

You find all that in the opening paragraph of the Constitution, called the Preamble.

WHEREAS the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland; and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established

Commonwealth Law

The foundational Australian law is the Constitution, since that document has the authority of all the people and is under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

Our elected representatives are empowered to make laws for our good.  The Constitution puts it this way at Section 51…..

The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth

When the Parliament makes a law that law must be in line with the Constitution and must be for the good of the Commonwealth.  And the Commonwealth is OUR common wealth.  The Parliament has no lawful right to make any law that is not for the “peace, order and good government of the Commonwealth”.  If they make any such law it is not a law at all.

Once a law has been voted on and passed, it must be submitted to the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, to be made into a true law.

Remember that we all decided (or at least our great grandparents did) that we are humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God and under the Crown of the United Kingdom.  That Crown has been given the responsibility to protect all our rights and freedoms, because that Crown gave us the promises of justice and right in Magna Carta and other Imperial Acts.

Creating the Fake Australia

What our pollies did was create a fake version of Australia and the Crown.  Their aim was to stop us having a say about our Commonwealth.  They wanted to make Australia something that THEY controlled, not us.  They wanted to change the laws, sell off the assets, claim the land in their control, and much more, while denying us our God-given rights.

Credit for the big step toward this fake Australia goes to the only Prime Minister in Australia to be sacked by the Crown.  Prime Minister Whitlam’s Labor government, back in 1973, introduced an unlawful authority into Australia.

This was done through an Act of Federal Parliament called the Royal Styles and Titles Act 1973 (Commonwealth), which is Act number 114 of 1973.

That Act was not submitted to the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.  So it was not done according to our Constitution.  It was a Politicians Act, to steal our common wealth.

That Act was the first Act to be made into law without proper endorsement by the Crown of the United Kingdom.

Change the Names

The Royal Styles and Titles Act 1973 (Cth) seemed innocuous enough.  It could have been simply a way of updating the names of things, to keep pace with modernisation.

Instead of the “Commonwealth of Australia” our nation would be simply called “Australia”.  You will note that currency from that time no longer bore the words “Commonwealth of Australia”.

Queen Elizabeth the Second was now to be called the Queen of Australia, which has a much more patriotic ring about it than the Queen of the United Kingdom.

The “Parliament of the Commonwealth” was from then on called the “Parliament of Australia”.

What was not obvious at that time was that these newly updated names have no foundation in law.  They do not refer to things described in the Australian Constitution.  They are fictions which allow our politicians to pretend to be serving the Commonwealth, while they are actually running a Corporation that is not based on the will of the people, nor building the common wealth of the people.

States Follow Suit

In the following decades, and particularly since the Australia Act 1986, each state also abandoned its lawful foundation and become a Corporation stealing the wealth of the people.

That is why several states have undermined the role of their Governor General, changed the names of their historic responsibilities, claimed ownership of the land, and so on.

Today we are living in an unlawful republican society, where our wealth and rights have been taken over by our politicians who have usurped the place of the people and the Crown.

Making Unlawful Laws

Remember that the foundational law in the Commonwealth is the Constitution.  By that Constitution the only laws that can be made are those that are for the “peace, order and good government of the Commonwealth”.

And all laws must be authenticated by the Crown, through the duly appointed representative, the Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia.

However, now laws are made by the Parliament of Australia in the name of the Queen of Australia and signed by the Governor General of Australia.  While this is all very nice, it is completely UNLAWFUL.

No Federal law made since 1973 is according to the Australian Constitution.  They have all been put into force by unlawful processes.  And that amounts to an enormous amount of law since 1973.

All those laws are now not for the “peace, order and good government of the Commonwealth”, since the politicians have destroyed the common wealth and taken our wealth into their own control.

Australia Act 1986

The Australia Act is seen as changing the Australian Constitution, by agreement of all the states and the Federal Government.  But the only power that can change the Constitution is the “people”, by referendum, since the common wealth does not belong to the politicians, but to the people.

The Australia Act is just one example of the many enactments of the Australian Parliament acting as some other body than the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia.

What results is that we are now ruled by Corporations.  And the politicians have become the corporate bosses.  The Commonwealth of Australia exists in name only.  The politicians keep up the charade that all is the same as ever before, but in reality the Australia we know today is not the Commonwealth of Australia.

No Justice

That explains why we do not get our rights in Australian courts.  The Courts follow the corporate rules created by their corporate State, rather than upholding the rights of Australians guaranteed in the Constitution and by the Crown of the United Kingdom.

The Queen of Australia is a non-entity and does not protect us.  That notion of a Queen has been introduced to lull us into thinking all is the same.  We still have the Queen, but we do not realise she is not given her lawful place as the Queen identified in the Constitution.


Those who are leading our nation today are usurpers.

That is a terrible thing to say, but it can only be the truth.

Australia is run as a Corporation.  The authority of the “people” has been usurped.  Your politicians are making decisions only you can make.  They are claiming rights that only belong to you.  They have claimed your land as theirs, not yours.

Your wealth has been stolen.  The common wealth has been taken from you by your political leaders.  The Commonwealth of Australia is no more.  You now live in “Australia”, not the Commonwealth of Australia.

All the protections put in place by your predecessors, in the Australian Constitution, have been cleverly destroyed, by smiling pollies who have changed the names, and completely changed your world.

Maybe you need to know that.  And maybe you need to do something about it.

I give credit to Queenslander Dick Yardley for drawing these issues to my attention.

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  1. Leonard Neil Butterworth says

    I am aa Aussie & like to be referred to as a FDA ( Fair Dinkum Aussie ), given my position that we ‘ the people ‘ need our C of A C Act 1901 re-instated, my question is how do we ‘ the people ‘ demand our Pollies to carry out our wishes. Geoff Whitlam’s Govn had no mandate from the people, hence my ask how regain our Country.
    It takes brave people as individuals’ to take on Govn, but as a collective I believe we have Country in our Hands, time to ask each Pollie to stand up & be counted. Today in Tassie we had our ( said to be Minister for Local Govn Bryan Green ) that our Lower House had passed the Bill to introduce Mandatory voting at the Illegal Council level. All Council/s are Private Companies with ABN’s ?? How do we stop the contamination of our C of A C Act 1901 by these Corporate Bodies, even our ATO is a Private Company & why are we registered as a Company in the USA. My questions need answers ? & my ask is, who or whom has got the ‘ Testicle Fortitude ‘ to take action. !!! Help please,
    Warm regards, Len Butterworth Hm 0362611554 M/Ph 0428282735

  2. Your Name Anthony Cincotta says

    We are indeed being ruled and robbed by corporations. Our local water authority is now a corporation with no authority to tax. Our utilities are sold of and those that govern still get a dividend via the GST but we the people lose out. Governments and government authorities steel from us in the form of taxes and duties and in some instances they tax taxes. Local governments have unheard of powers to steal property if the exorbadent local taxes are not paid. Mining companies can walk onto a farmers property and set up a drill rig and in fact a mine without recourse to any rights of the owner of the land. There is so much that is going wrong in this country right now and maybe the above article goes some way to explaining the disease that now has us all in its grip.

  3. Your Name k.cerrone says

    One only has to see with eyes half open to notice that it doesn’t matter what government we have in, the larger adgenda remains; that of the new world order, controlled by the US. Check out John HOward’s speech to the nation explaining the reasons for going to war in Iraq; the Canadian PM of the time made the EXACT SAME SPEECH to his countrymen. This is why we, the common man and woman has dwindling wealth; because this is no longer our country.

  4. Your Name kate says

    One only needs to have our eyes half wide open to see that it doesn’t matter what government we elect in Australia anymore, the agenda stays the same. Google the speach to the Australian public by John Howard, when announcing we are going in to Iraq; the EXACT speach (verbatim) was used by the Canadian prime minister at the time. I guess it is the US and the NWO who have taken our commonwealth and our rights as Australians.

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