Cracks in Australia

Following my article “Cracks in the Public World” I point now to several cracks in the public world that we know of as Australia.

Recognising and challenging these cracks is important for those who are being attacked by wrongful use of authority or by the unlawful intrusion of the public world into the private lives of people.

I write these thoughts to assist the many Aussies who have contacted me regarding abuse they are suffering at the hands of the courts and corporations in Australia, often in connection with bank lending.

By What Authority

Anyone claiming the right to exercise authority over you must be able to certify their authority.  So a basic question for anyone doing anything is “By what authority are you acting?”

Authority issues are usually much more complex than we might initially think.  But they are vital nonetheless.  Just because someone “claims” to have does not mean they truly have that authority.  A suit and badge do not assure authority.  A title does not prove authority.

And authority can be conferred by one person to another, when they do not have the right to transfer that authority.  So sorting out the issues of authority, or jurisdiction, is important.

In courts, the moment jurisdiction is challenged it must be clarified and certified.  While this fact is not always followed (as I found when I challenged jurisdiction before Associate Justice Nemeer Mukhtar in the Supreme Court of Victoria in 2010 and he denied my challenge), it is a matter of law that jurisdiction, or the authority employed by those asserting to have it, must be validated.

Original Authority in Australia

White Australians trace their claim over Australia back to Captain Arthur Phillip, who raised the British flag at Sydney Cove in Sydney Harbour back in 1788, claiming Australia for England.

However that original claim is subject to some doubt.

A limitation on making that claim was that land could only be claimed if no previous claim existed.  The principle of Terra Nullis applies.  Yet England was advised that the natives around Sydney did have a system of recognising land ownership or rights.  So Australia did not truly qualify as terra nullis.

Then we have the problem which Mark McMurtrie points out about the Crown being refused permission to claim any lands in the Pacific, which is where Australia is located.

Is the original claim on behalf of England a lawful claim?  There are serious questions about that.  That suggests some serious cracks in the public world of Australia.

Australian Constitution

The Australian public voted to create a Commonwealth of Australia governed by an Australian Constitution.  So the basic legal authority for Australia as a Commonwealth is the Australian Constitution.

All officials and processes in Australia are bound by the Constitution.  Yet today most of the government and judicial processes in Australia are in contradiction to that Constitution.  This is a gaping crack in the public world of Australia.

Whitlam and the 1973 Styles Act

In 1973 Prime Minister Gough Whitlam foisted on Australians the Royal Styles & Titles Act 1973 (Cth) which cleverly undermined the Australian Constitution by unlawfully replacing the lawful elements of our existence as a Commonwealth with a set of token elements that have no lawful basis.

The Australian public created a Commonwealth of Australia, under the Crown of the United Kingdom, governed by a Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, with a head of state being the Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Those entities cannot be changed without the majority of Aussies in all states agreeing to make changes.  Yet Mr Whitlam unlawfully replaced those things with Australia, the Queen of Australia, the Parliament of Australia and the Governor General of Australia.

While those new names sound fine, they have no lawful authority.  And by that switcheroo (substituting an unlawful non-entity for the real Commonwealth of Australia) a de-facto, illegal corporate reality has stolen Australia from us Aussies.

For more on this check out my summary at Your Stolen Wealth Exposed,

The abduction of our Constitution and the imposition of unlawful corporations is a gaping crack in the public world of Australia.

Australia Act

In 1986 Prime Minister Bob Hawke presided over another shock wave through the public world of Australia, known as the Australia Act.

The Australia Act seems to be little understood but its significance is dramatic.  Simply stated, the Australia Act 1986 dissolves the States and brings all government under the central Federal government.

While the full implications have never been tested in court, and most politicians are unwilling to go anywhere near explaining the true implications of this act, it is quite reasonable to argue that everything in Australia which springs from any State or Territory government is null and void.

That means the corporations registered in any state and the orders of any state court, as well as the state officials and registration of all lawyers are without lawful authority.

Thus the Australia Act has created some gaping cracks in the public world of Australia.

Powerless Local Councils

A further problem is that supposed authority has been given to parts of the Australian government system without lawful right.  So our local councils now act as if they have the right to tax people, through rate charges, and to regulate people’s activity, when the Australian Constitution and the Australian public have denied those rights to councils.

So here we have an example of authority exceeded.  And the same is true for police giving you an on the spot fine.  That is unlawful.  And the traffic courts in Australia provide fines in abuse of the correct judicial processes defined in the Constitution.

These various processes are ultra-vires (outside of true authority) and they are gaping cracks in the public world of Australia.

Complicit Treason

When you and I try to challenge some of these aberrations and cracks in the public world we come up against courts and politicians intent on maintaining these unlawful processes.  Thus we have treason going on.  And various parties are agreeing to work together to maintain and protect the things that are wrong.

Note that the negative impact of the 1973 Royal Styles & Titles Act has never been corrected, by politicians of any persuasion.  Courts act as if all is perfectly fine.  Our current Governor General and Prime Minister were not sworn in by the lawful oaths, and so they are not even holding true office.  Yet no one with power do anything about it seems to care.

And note that the implications of the Australia Act 1986 have not been properly investigated or the Australian public asked to pass new laws to clarify how we want our nation to operate.

Instead it is as if those in power, the “powers that be”, want us to give them freedom to do as they please, no matter how far it is from lawful authority.

What to Do

In view of what is going on in Australia, allow me to repeat what I advised at the end of the previous post on this topic, “Cracks in the Public World”.

Don’t allow any public official or public process to operate outside authority.  Don’t allow any public office or public process to abuse due process.

In a democratic society, the public world is accountable to the people.  So it is up to the people to keep an eye on their public servants and keep them in line with the limits of their authority and the lawful processes they are to follow.

Find the Cracks

Your best defence against abusive public officials or intrusive public process is to challenge the cracks in the public world.  It is easy for the public world to get out of step with its authority and the due process of its system.

All such failure of the public system invalidates its actions and the officials who are out of authority or abusive of due process.

It is an absolute must that you keep the public world to its own limits.  Otherwise the system will abuse you.

Your Stolen Wealth exposed by Chris Field

Here is something to shake you up.  Your birthright has been stolen from you by the very people you voted for – and they don’t intend to give it back.

That means your share of the wealth of Australia now belongs to the Pollies, since they’ve stolen it out of your hands.  And you didn’t even know it happened!

Let me explain.


Australia really belongs to us Aussies.  We are entitled to the wealth of the land.  It’s called our Common Wealth.

That’s why when we created our own nation just over a hundred years ago we called it the Commonwealth of Australia.  We could use the wealth of the land to build roads, educate the kids, and build the nation.

We the people were in control.  We voted to accept our Constitution.  And we are the only ones who can change that Constitution.  That is stated in the Australian Constitution at Section 128, also called Chapter VIII.  Only a majority of us Aussies, in each state, can change our Constitution.  By the Constitution we are completely in control of our Common Wealth!

And that’s how it was for more than half a century.  Australian’s enjoyed one of the highest standards of living in the world.  We rode on the sheep’s back, made rich by the minerals in the ground and we developed some of the world’s biggest projects, like the Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme.

Something Changed

We no longer enjoy the same wealth and we pay tolls on roads and now pay for many things freely provided to our grandparents.  Just about nothing is free any more.  They even want us to pay for the carbon dioxide we breathe out our nostrils.

So, how did we lose our common wealth?

Someone must have stolen it from us.

And they must have done it very secretly, so we did not notice.

Did you see it happen?  Do you know who did it and how?

It was done by putting a fake Australia in place of the Real Australia.

You are now living in the fake Australia, without even realising it.  And your politicians did this to you while you were at the beach, the footy, or the Melbourne Cup.

The Real Australia

The Real Australia is easy enough to understand.  It was created by the vote your great grandparents at the end of the 1800’s.  They voted to accept a carefully written Australian Constitution which created the “Commonwealth of Australia”.

That Common Wealth was based on just a few things: the will of the people; Almighty God; the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; and the Australian Constitution document.

You find all that in the opening paragraph of the Constitution, called the Preamble.

WHEREAS the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland; and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established

Commonwealth Law

The foundational Australian law is the Constitution, since that document has the authority of all the people and is under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

Our elected representatives are empowered to make laws for our good.  The Constitution puts it this way at Section 51…..

The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth

When the Parliament makes a law that law must be in line with the Constitution and must be for the good of the Commonwealth.  And the Commonwealth is OUR common wealth.  The Parliament has no lawful right to make any law that is not for the “peace, order and good government of the Commonwealth”.  If they make any such law it is not a law at all.

Once a law has been voted on and passed, it must be submitted to the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, to be made into a true law.

Remember that we all decided (or at least our great grandparents did) that we are humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God and under the Crown of the United Kingdom.  That Crown has been given the responsibility to protect all our rights and freedoms, because that Crown gave us the promises of justice and right in Magna Carta and other Imperial Acts.

Creating the Fake Australia

What our pollies did was create a fake version of Australia and the Crown.  Their aim was to stop us having a say about our Commonwealth.  They wanted to make Australia something that THEY controlled, not us.  They wanted to change the laws, sell off the assets, claim the land in their control, and much more, while denying us our God-given rights.

Credit for the big step toward this fake Australia goes to the only Prime Minister in Australia to be sacked by the Crown.  Prime Minister Whitlam’s Labor government, back in 1973, introduced an unlawful authority into Australia.

This was done through an Act of Federal Parliament called the Royal Styles and Titles Act 1973 (Commonwealth), which is Act number 114 of 1973.

That Act was not submitted to the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.  So it was not done according to our Constitution.  It was a Politicians Act, to steal our common wealth.

That Act was the first Act to be made into law without proper endorsement by the Crown of the United Kingdom.

Change the Names

The Royal Styles and Titles Act 1973 (Cth) seemed innocuous enough.  It could have been simply a way of updating the names of things, to keep pace with modernisation.

Instead of the “Commonwealth of Australia” our nation would be simply called “Australia”.  You will note that currency from that time no longer bore the words “Commonwealth of Australia”.

Queen Elizabeth the Second was now to be called the Queen of Australia, which has a much more patriotic ring about it than the Queen of the United Kingdom.

The “Parliament of the Commonwealth” was from then on called the “Parliament of Australia”.

What was not obvious at that time was that these newly updated names have no foundation in law.  They do not refer to things described in the Australian Constitution.  They are fictions which allow our politicians to pretend to be serving the Commonwealth, while they are actually running a Corporation that is not based on the will of the people, nor building the common wealth of the people.

States Follow Suit

In the following decades, and particularly since the Australia Act 1986, each state also abandoned its lawful foundation and become a Corporation stealing the wealth of the people.

That is why several states have undermined the role of their Governor General, changed the names of their historic responsibilities, claimed ownership of the land, and so on.

Today we are living in an unlawful republican society, where our wealth and rights have been taken over by our politicians who have usurped the place of the people and the Crown.

Making Unlawful Laws

Remember that the foundational law in the Commonwealth is the Constitution.  By that Constitution the only laws that can be made are those that are for the “peace, order and good government of the Commonwealth”.

And all laws must be authenticated by the Crown, through the duly appointed representative, the Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia.

However, now laws are made by the Parliament of Australia in the name of the Queen of Australia and signed by the Governor General of Australia.  While this is all very nice, it is completely UNLAWFUL.

No Federal law made since 1973 is according to the Australian Constitution.  They have all been put into force by unlawful processes.  And that amounts to an enormous amount of law since 1973.

All those laws are now not for the “peace, order and good government of the Commonwealth”, since the politicians have destroyed the common wealth and taken our wealth into their own control.

Australia Act 1986

The Australia Act is seen as changing the Australian Constitution, by agreement of all the states and the Federal Government.  But the only power that can change the Constitution is the “people”, by referendum, since the common wealth does not belong to the politicians, but to the people.

The Australia Act is just one example of the many enactments of the Australian Parliament acting as some other body than the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia.

What results is that we are now ruled by Corporations.  And the politicians have become the corporate bosses.  The Commonwealth of Australia exists in name only.  The politicians keep up the charade that all is the same as ever before, but in reality the Australia we know today is not the Commonwealth of Australia.

No Justice

That explains why we do not get our rights in Australian courts.  The Courts follow the corporate rules created by their corporate State, rather than upholding the rights of Australians guaranteed in the Constitution and by the Crown of the United Kingdom.

The Queen of Australia is a non-entity and does not protect us.  That notion of a Queen has been introduced to lull us into thinking all is the same.  We still have the Queen, but we do not realise she is not given her lawful place as the Queen identified in the Constitution.


Those who are leading our nation today are usurpers.

That is a terrible thing to say, but it can only be the truth.

Australia is run as a Corporation.  The authority of the “people” has been usurped.  Your politicians are making decisions only you can make.  They are claiming rights that only belong to you.  They have claimed your land as theirs, not yours.

Your wealth has been stolen.  The common wealth has been taken from you by your political leaders.  The Commonwealth of Australia is no more.  You now live in “Australia”, not the Commonwealth of Australia.

All the protections put in place by your predecessors, in the Australian Constitution, have been cleverly destroyed, by smiling pollies who have changed the names, and completely changed your world.

Maybe you need to know that.  And maybe you need to do something about it.

I give credit to Queenslander Dick Yardley for drawing these issues to my attention.

Synthetic Reality

Following my recent series of posts on Words that Control Us I am now extending the concept to the matter of synthetic reality.

A set of words can invoke a sense of reality in our minds and even bind us as surely as if we were in chains of iron.  Yet that reality is synthetic.  It is synthesised from something other than reality and takes on tangible form in our thinking.

Consider Titles of Office.  One person is called a manager and another is called a janitor.  But they were both born naked and will take nothing out of this world.  The titles describe their responsibilities, but those titles also convey as sense of status and importance, and even a sense of the worthiness of the bearer.

Artificial Persons

Consider artificial persons.  A corporation is only a piece of paper with a name on it.  If no living man or woman turned up to sell or invest their energy into the corporation it would be powerless.  Yet many of us think of corporations as more powerful than the whole community put together.

Imagine having to fight a global, multi-national corporation, or the World Bank, or whatever.  The thought is a disturbing one, because we think of that entity as having great power.  But the entity is actually a fiction.  It is something that was made up in someone’s mind and then put on a piece of paper.  If all the employees went home it would lie dormant.

Immersion in Fantasy

Ps Chris Ong recently prompted my cogitations along these lines in a sermon about how people get carried away with pure fantasy.  People immerse themselves in books, movies, games, virtual realities and fanciful ideas with great zeal these days.

Yet the fantasy world was simply made up in the mind of a writer who created mental images that delight us.  There is no true substance or worth in the fantasy world, except to distract and entertain.

Think of such popular fictional realities as Narnia, Helms Deep and the Shire, made popular by recent movies of people’s fictional writings.  Or consider the new world of blue avatars that has now become part of western mythology.

However, no matter how compelling that world is, and how much we can immerse ourselves in it, or in books about it, or in books about books about it, it has no substance.  It is as shallow as a dream that passes or an imagination that dances in the mind but has no bearing on anything.

TV Ads

I am not a consumer of commercial television and so I was interested to see some recent television commercials in which absolutely fantastic worlds or animated (but real looking) transformations take place.  It seems that the world has become addicted to the super-real, “nothing like this has been seen before” imagery.

However, while synthetic reality has become ubiquitous today, people who know how to encounter and deal with the “real” world are possibly fewer, as people become distracted with the worlds of fantasy.

A top gamer, or one who reads commentaries on the commentaries of someone else’s imaginary world, or one who escapes to the false worlds created in books and movies, cannot build their real world experience on such things.

An Old Problem

Synthetic reality is not new.  Notions of a hero, alter ego identity through which people have vicarious experiences (movie stars, sports heroes, rich and famous) is not new.  Identification with a sports team, star personality, powerful corporate entity, etc gives people a sense of vicarious virtue that is synthetic.

The Illusion of Image

And consider the world’s addiction to “image”.  Image is also a synthetic reality.  The notion is that by improving the image, by style, fashion, plastic surgery, attitude, etc, one can change the reality of who they are.

The statement was made of American Christians that they have as many problems as Christians in any other place, but have learned to slick up their image.  That improved image, of personal presentation, body language, power dressing, etc, masks insecurities, shame, fear, guilt, pride, emptiness, etc, that may be more apparent in other, less dressed up cultures.  But the reality is not different, despite the synthetic reality being projected.

Vain Imagination

Illusions in the mind can be vain imagination, and that can all be a “stronghold” in the mind that is a high thing exalting itself against God and truth.  It can also be a lie that seduces and entraps you with imaginary chains that work as powerfully as real ones.

Illusions of grandeur, fantasies about who and what you are, escape from reality, retreat from real interaction through escapist preoccupations, day dreaming, prejudicial labelling, preconceived notions of what is and what can be, fascination with image, addiction to worldly values, these are all elements of a vain imagination.

In the Mind

The Apostle Paul identified the root of this problem two thousand years ago.  The problem is in the mind, but it’s not merely a mental problem.  Thoughts in our head take on spiritual power that enslaves us.

Paul advised that we need spiritual weapons, not human techniques, to pull down “strongholds” in our mind.  We know the strongholds are in our mind because Paul then lists three descriptions of what makes up the strongholds, and the list includes “imaginations” and “thought”.

“For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh:  (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds😉  Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” 2Corinthians 10:3-5

Taking Thought

Those who preach metaphysics suggest that natural man has the power to change his thoughts and thus change their life.  They even base this claim on the Bible, quoting such verses as “as a man thinks so is he”.

But don’t be deceived by the Mind Worship delusions.  They are a vain imagination.

Look again at what Paul said.  The weapons we need to deal with the issues in our mind are not “carnal”.  That means they are not of flesh and blood.  You are not capable of breaking the strongholds in your mind by natural means, including by trying to guide your thoughts.

You need supernatural weapons to pull down those strongholds, and destroy those imaginations and thoughts that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God.

And remember the words of Christ when He said, “Who by taking thought can add one inch to his height?”

“Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit to his stature?” Matthew 6:27

Don’t fall into mind worship of give your life to chanting mantras about how you are getting better and better every day.  That stuff is fleshly.  It is “carnal”.  And carnal weapons don’t work on strongholds in the mind.

Rely on Truth

One of the spiritual weapons at our disposal is Truth.  Truth sets people free.

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8:32

Now, once again, don’t be fooled by people who say that if you read their book you will know the truth.  Truth is not just some supposedly factual information.  Truth is a person.  Jesus Christ identified Himself by the name “Truth”.

“Jesus said to him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the Father, but by me.” John 14:6

When you allow the truth of God’s Word and the truth about who Jesus is, as revealed in the first four books of the New Testament (the Gospels), you will be releasing the power of truth into your life to pull down strongholds in your mind.

The Matrix Allegory

In the first Matrix movie we see a chap named Neo learn how to live outside the illusions forced upon his mind by others.  Christians immediately saw in that story an allegory for the freedom we have in Christ to be able to live free from the lies of Satan, the deceptions of the world and the deceitfulness of sin.

And we see that allegory also hinted at in Alice in Wonderland, where Alice rejects the beliefs and impositions of Wonderland and will not let them dictate who and what she is.

The Bible puts it as resisting the devil.

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7

Your Reality

Who is dictating your reality?  Do you choose to believe whatever you think best indulges your self will?  Or do others force a perception of the world and how you fit into it onto your life?

Have you been deceived?  If you were deceived how would you even know?  Have you ever been set free from a wrong idea?  If not how do you know how to discern truth from lie?

Are the labels used to identify you accurate or are they chains to tie you down?

What does God say about you?  His Word is truth and what the Bible says about you is something you really should pay attention to.

Are you living in vain imagination?  Have fantasy thoughts seduced you and drawn you away from living in the real world where you can actually achieve real benefit as God created you to?

You may not have thought about these issues before, so get onto it right now!

Rule of Law

I write this just over two weeks since I was evicted for the second time from my family home as I continue my stand against Bank Fraud and Injustice in the Courts.

In such circumstances the obvious focus is in regaining possession of my home.

However the bigger underlying issue that impacts us all is not the matter of bank mortgage fraud or of unjust charges by police or local councils, or any of the individual matters that offend modern society.

The bigger underlying issue is destruction of the Rule of Law.

When law is in place and all are held equally accountable to it, then fraud is dealt with, unjust charges are stopped, unlawful assertions from corporations are silenced and so on.

Today’s generation is faced with a crisis that is often not understood. We have a crisis of the rule of law.

Corporations Rule

Instead of the Rule of Law we are now under the Rule of the Corporations.

Lawful elements of society, such as the courts, governments and police, have been made into corporate entities. In effect we have the Govt Pty Ltd doing its thing and the Police Pty Ltd doing its thing, the Local Council Pty Ltd doing its thing and the Courts Pty Ltd doing their things, and so on.

And each Corporation ceases to be concerned about the Law but is concerned about corporate profits.

As these social entities become corporate entities their employees cease to be civil servants and become corporate employees. Instead of our public servants serving the public, they now serve the orders of their bosses, so their corporation can make money and the employee get a bonus.

By these processes the Rule of Law has been replaced with the Rule of the Corporation.

Foundations Destroyed

The lawful foundations of Australian society include Biblical Law, Common Law, promises made into Law by the Crown through many centuries, and the Australian Constitution.

Yet today many courts and public processes act as if those foundations have been removed and no longer have any part in Australian society.

The Crown, Common Law and Constitution have been replaced by the Corporation.

You will likely hear people say that common law has been done away with.  The oath of allegiance to the Crown has been removed from many acts of parliament in several Australian states. The Australian Constitution is ignored and abused in many legal enactments over the past century.

There is a deliberate strategy going on to remove the lawful foundations, so corporations can do what they want to control and enslave the population.

Restore the Law

It is time to restore the Rule of Law to Australia.

That means that governments, courts, police, officials and the like must operate by the law of the land, being our Australian Constitution, the common law, the Crown promises made by successive monarchs over the centuries and the law of God as given in the Holy Bible.

If politicians, police, courts or officials operate by corporate rules, or make laws that attack the true law of our land, then those things must be challenged and corrected.

The fact that thousands of homes are taken from people unlawfully by banks which refuse to prove their claim is more than banking fraud. It is a failure of the Rule of Law.

The fact that thousands of motorists are given unlawful fines through traffic courts that have no lawful right to operate is more than injustice. It is a failure of the Rule of Law.

The fact that thousands of families are charged unlawful fees by local councils that do not have lawful standing to tax the people is more than an aberration. It is a failure of the Rule of Law.

Dollar Signs

Somewhere along the line our social offices have become businesses, with corporate bosses and corporate profit motives.  And somewhere along the line those corporations have ignored the law, so they can make greater profits from the people they are supposed to serve.

And if we do not do something about it those corporations will continue to destroy our common law rights, our Constitution and the protections we have under the Crown.

The “Great Charter of the Liberties of the people”, Magna Carta, guarantees that any person operating under Crown will never deny or delay justice or right. The whole Australian Constitution is under the Crown, so all our politicians, courts, police and office bearers are bound by Magna Carta to uphold and protect your liberties and rights.

Yet traffic police now seem intent of passing out fines, not punishing evil doers. Councils find new ways to charge householders as the years go by. Governments pass increasingly restrictive laws with higher and higher penalties.

It’s seems to be all about Dollar Signs, not about justice and right. Magna Carta is of no consequence to these corporate creatures with their eye on the bottom line.

Evil Laws

Kenneth Wayne tells of his experience as a young officer in the USA sitting in on a briefing meeting of state government officials as they discussed a Model Traffic Code. The rules being suggested violated the Constitution and made unjust charges against motorists. However it was pointed out that by those rules the state could make much more money. If someone challenged the rules on Constitutional grounds the legal system would be able to derail the objection.

Kenneth Wayne heard it suggested that people would assume the rules to be lawful since they were being passed by the political leaders. And by the time someone was persistent enough to block the evil laws the state would have made a fortune anyway. Sadly the politicians chose to implement the evil laws.

Blatant Abuse of Law

Such blatant abuse of the Rule of Law as Kenneth Wayne saw many years ago appears to be commonplace these days. It is as if a new generation of politicians have little regard for what is lawful, and greater concern about what is profitable. They see things from the point of view of corporate profit, not what is truly lawful.

Sadly many members of the public assume that a law passed by their elected political leaders must be lawful and right or it would not be allowed. That is not the case. Blatant abuse of the law takes place around us all the time.

It is well and truly time to recognise the problem and to find a solution that restores the Rule of Law and removes evil rules, statutes, regulations, courts and processes, etc from our societies.

What To Do

Decide today that you want to live under the Rule of Law, not the dictates of corporations which have no lawful right to oppress you.

Take and interest in the ancient common law, Imperial Acts of the monarchs of England, the Constitution and the maxims of law. Have you ever read the Constitution?

Also take an interest in those sites where people are raising questions about banking practices, unwanted laws, abuse of political process and the like.

Learn your lawful rights and choose to live in them.

Be prepared to expose and challenge those processes in your nation that undermine the Rule of Law.

Pray for the restoration of justice and rights to the people of the land, so they can live in the liberty which God gave them at birth and intends for them to enjoy for life.