Modern Day Slavery

How is it we are trapped in a web of fines, threats, debts, notices, by-laws and the like?

How is it the police are our enemy when they are supposed to bless us by protecting us?

What has been done to justice when the Justice Department spends so much of its time harassing us, entrapping us, making strange and unfounded judgments against us and upholding all manner of silly claims against us?

Do you really want to know?

Common Law Obligations

Under Common Law you can be held guilty for various things. But apart from a few responsibilities toward others you are blessed with abundant rights that can’t be taken from you (inalienable) because they were given to you by God when you were created.

Despite your rights and freedoms you are obligated not to harm others, or to harm their property, and also to keep your word.

Your Common Law obligations are toward others: not to harm them; not to harm their property; and not to break your word to them.

Keeping Your Word

The reason keeping your word is a Common Law obligation is because you can hurt others by breaking your word.

If you promise to do something and others rely on you they are vulnerable to harm if you don’t keep your word. If you don’t buy what you promised to buy the seller may miss a genuine sale to another customer. If you don’t marry the girl you promised to marry you may cause her a life of heartbreak. If you don’t deliver the medicine you promised the patient may die.

So your word is a potential source of “harm” to others, just as your fist, or your unchained bull may be. If you cause injury then you have broken a Common Law obligation.

Making a Slave of You

Centuries ago certain men who were looking only for their own interests realised they could use your obligation to keep your word to enslave you and make you pass your wealth to them.

They could do it by trapping you into a contract that was in their favour. If they could induce you into a commercial contract where you gave your word, and then get you in default, having broken your promise, then they could drag you before the courts and force you to pay what they claimed.

This is a perversion of the Common Law obligation to keep your word. It is also evil and wrong, despite the fact that a good case may be presented in court.


What makes the evil commercial contract so wrong is that its intention was never to create a positive, mutually acceptable contract for mutual benefit, but to entrap, enslave and destroy one party for the benefit of another.

Thus commercial law emerged as a powerful element of law over recent centuries. Terms like ‘law merchant’ reflect that body of law based around commercial contracts.

Before God, who is Chief Justice over all justice, the heart is under observation. God looks on the heart. God deems a contract to be evil if the heart of the one creating it is to exploit or harm another. The prophets of old and the Son of God Himself warned us that God looks on the heart.

Presumption of Contract

The evil of commercial law enslaving others has developed further in today’s western world to the Presumption of Contract. Rather than trap people in a fraudulent contract we are today trapped by contracts we didn’t even know we entered.

In order to exploit you other parties, including our governments and government agencies, induce us into presumed contracts and then respond as if we knowingly entered into bondage to them. When those parties deem us to be in default they then drag us before the courts and we are somehow found guilty of things we did not know we were bound to.

What is more, we are not given much chance if any to defend ourselves because we are deemed to be guilty from the moment someone points their finger at us and declares us guilty, such as a traffic cop, parking attendant, local council employee. or similar.

No Escape

We are no longer presumed innocent until proven guilty, but we are guilty the moment someone accuses us. That’s how it is with police traffic offences, parking tickets and so on.

We may well get an unsolicited letter in the mail declaring that we have been found guilty of this or that and the fine is such and such. When we write back or phone to find out what it is about we discover that the only options we are given relate to how we will pay, not how the other party will prove their claim. The claim is taken to be true, without proper judicial process and thus trampling on our common law rights and natural justice.

We are treated like slaves who have to obey our masters, rather than people with God-given freedom who are immune from false and evil claims, protected by justice and the guarantee of our rights (such as our monarch is bound to give through Magna Carta and other ancient promises).

Contract Wins

One reason things go like that is because it has been declared that Contracts are higher in standing than our common law rights.

It is possible for you to contract to give up your common law rights. So Contract stands higher than those rights. Or, to put it more correctly, your will stands higher than your rights. You have the right to choose by your own will to give up your rights.

You can choose to be a slave, or to pay for someone else’s crime (as in Tale of Two Cities, or the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ). Your freedom is so powerful it includes the right to give up freedom itself.

And by extension of that, if you enter a contract by your own free will, that contract stands higher than any rights you may have given up.

Pretended Contracts

If someone can trick you into a contract, or bluff you that you are bound by a contract you didn’t knowingly enter and didn’t know the full terms and conditions of, then you can be made an absolute slave, based on the idea that contract is supreme.

So governments and corporations, police forces, local councils, and all manner of other regulators are busy as all get-out tangling you into their contracts. When you respond to their absurd letter of demand or their unexpected and unjust charges and fines, they will tell you that you are bound by this or that rule to do what they demand. No matter how much you huff and puff you seem to get nowhere. If you stall and delay you find that unexpected additional penalties have been imposed. When you object you are told that your complaint has been reviewed and refused.

And you just don’t seem to be able to break this nexus. You find yourself enslaved by all manner of constrictions which your parents and grandparents never thought of, and you are at the mercy of pen-pushers and self-interested parties who seem to have the right to dictate your fate.

It’s Presumption

The whole house of cards is built on Presumption. They presume to have power over you. They presume that you are in contract with them. They presume that you are bound by their decision, no matter how one-sider or evil, or how filled with self-interest it may be.

They presume you have voluntarily given up your rights and freedoms to them, and they intimidate you if you don’t comply with their presumption.

You are Presumed Dead. And they treat you like a corpse.

Most people simply give up and play dead, because they fear the consequences of challenging what seems to be evil.

Dead in the Head

Your problem is that they are not so far wrong. If you are dead in the head, if you are willing to lie down and let them trample on you, then they have every right to treat you like a carcase at their disposal.

If you let them make contract with you, presume that you are their slave, and walk all over you, then that’s probably OK. I mean, if you choose to accept that contract then you can accept it. You can’t exactly argue against it if you accept the terms and conditions and allow them to bind you into an evil contract.

It’s your life, and it’s your will. If you WILL for it to be so, by lying down and letting them enslave you, then I guess that’s the CONTRACT you have entered into. It’s the terms you have accepted.

As someone once put it, what you suffer is what you want. If you didn’t want it you would not suffer it. So if you accept others treating your like a slave, then you must actually want to be a slave deep on the inside. It would be wrong for me to deny you what you want.

Or Stand Up

The alternative is to wake up to what is going on and to stand up and say, “No”.

You can challenge the presumed contract and demand that they prove it. You can reserve your rights rather than letting them trample all over you.

You can declare that there is no contract and that you don’t consent, and they must prove that you knowingly entered into contract with them and accepted the terms. You can demand that they give you full disclosure of the contract they are offering and allow you to modify the terms to suit you, rather than the terms that suit them.

But don’t expect that they will give up their slave easily. There may well be a fight about their right to hold you to their will.

And then you must decide whether you really believe you are free, or if you are just looking for some easy way out of some bills and obligations.

That’s the deal. The rest is up to you.

Any Good Men?

The way evil prevails is if good men do nothing.

Are there any good men out there?

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  1. says

    There is another way of dealing with these characters. – administratively! Since they created this silent contract after the Great Depression, they were forced, under common law, to create a remedy. That remedy is to accept for value their demand notice (bill of exchange), appoint either their chief financial officer or a government treasurer as your fiduciary to settle the account (and close it if you wish) and return both their and your paperwork back for discharge of the debt (as opposed to payment with backed money.

    They are then obliged to process your discharge and discontinue the matter. If they don’t you may lodge a protest under the Bills of Exchange Act, basically saying that if they don’t accept your exchange, they are in effect refusing payment and the debt is discharged automatically. A court should be able to endorse this.

    Or you could just give them fiat notes (Reserve Bank Notes) which are IOU’s and thus pass on the debt to someone else. Please see the following for elucidation:

  2. tad says

    Actually, I think the above needs clarification, Chris. The Bible says somewhere that you can only be the servant of one master, so you can either serve God or Mammon. If you willingly sign up as a slave, then you are breaking your contract with God, a higher contract. However, if you’ve been tricked (by Satan) into a silent contract, then you have every right to be absolved from that corrupt non-contract. Therefore, the strawman contracts are all null and void at common law.

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