Still Here

It is almost a month since I moved back into my home after being evicted by Victorian Sheriffs.

On Tuesday (Oct 19) a fresh notice delivered from Jane Baldwin of the Sheriffs Office Victoria stated the following…


That’s a pretty intimidating notice eh?
Many people who have received that Final Notice have done exactly what it tells them to do, thinking they will never get their home back, all is lost, they are in defeat and so on.

But that’s exactly the same notice I was given before my eviction on 21 September.

We ignored the notice back then and we are ignoring it again!

You see the only thing the sheriffs can do is forcibly remove me from my property. But they can’t pass ownership of my home to any other person. My home belongs to me!
So, there is no reason why I should “vacate the property immediately”, except to make life easy for the sheriff and the banks.

My home is MY HOME. I own it. I “possess” it.

The last eviction did not give “possession” to the bank, since the Sheriff acknowledges that I possess it right now.

The banks want my home, but they have not proven they have any right to it. They lied to the Victorian Supreme Court on 11 January 2010, just like the USA Banks lie to the courts over there. The US Banks have been stopped from foreclosing because of their lies. In Australia the banks can still lie to the court and not get charged with Fraud – but I intend to change all that.

The bank’s lawyers knew that the bank didn’t have lawful right to foreclose, and that’s why they advised that “copies” of the original loan contract were available for inspection. All the bank had in order to prove its claim were Copies. Copies are inadmissible. They are “hearsay evidence” and that’s not worth a bean in court.

Unless it’s the supreme court of victoria where they trample on the Crown and the rights of the people.
Associate Justice Mukhtar of the Supreme Court Victoria made a ruling that my claim that the bank prove its rights and not rely on hearsay evidence was unacceptable. He struck out my claims and insisted that I must never bring them to the court again. That’s total abuse of my lawful rights and of justice. Yet his order was posted to me stamped with the Crown Identifier in an envelope marked OHMS (On Her Majesty’s Service). So, the order represents TREASON.

The lawyers in my case conspired with the bank to pervert the course of justice. And officials of the Supreme Court of Victoria went along with the plan, trampling all over my rights and justice. They will all have to accept responsibility for their criminal behaviour. They can’t keep committing Fraud and Treason and Perverting the Course of Justice. It’s got to STOP!

I may yet be removed from my home once more. Jane Baldwin has threatened me with that already. She is operating under the authority of the Crown, intending to fulfill a Warrant created by the Supreme Court of Victoria, which court is under the Crown.
But the Crown has promised you and me “Justice and Right” and that promise has been around for over Seven Hundred (700) Years!
So if Jane Baldwin or any other sheriff’s officer forces me from my home they are committing TREASON against the Crown, just like the Supreme Court of Victoria is doing right now.

The Supreme Court Victoria and the Sheriffs Office Victoria are working hand in hand to put into effect a “strictly non-judicial foreclosure” on my home – denying me the proper jury trial and justice guaranteed us – violating all the promises guaranteed to us by the Crown, the Australian Constitution, and Common Law. That’s TREASON.

The only reason they can get away with Treason is that no-one stands up to them and calls their criminal activity for what it is.

Now, back to where I started. “I’M STILL HERE!”
I’m still calling Fraud for what it is.
I’m still calling Treason for what it is.
I’m still demanding the Crown’s Promise set in concrete for us over 700 years ago.
Why should we accept slavery or defeat when we have been promised Justice, Rights and Liberties?

And I’m still here prompting YOU to realise what is yours, and prompting you to stand up against this Treason too!

Get rid of Rob Hulls – He presides over this destruction of our Justice and Right and sought to remove the Crown from Victorian courts. He’s got to go! I believe he is engaged in Treason against the Crown.

Oh, and do you want to know something funny. Rob Hulls has been charged with Treason by a fellow Victorian, and the only way Treason can be dealt with is by a Grand Jury. So, guess what? Rob Hulls has done away with Grand Juries in Victoria!
Isn’t that a scream?
He’s compounding his Treason
by taking away the power of the people to try him for Treason.

Did I already say “He’s Got to Go!”
I hope you get the picture. The man sh0ws criminal hatred for your freedoms and will do what ever he has to do to destroy them.
Men like that shouldn’t have any responsibility at all.
Such men should have to face the Grand Jury they seek to outlaw, so they can be recognised as the outlaws they are.

Bible Teaching In Melbourne

This post is to announce that Chris Field has commenced live Bible Teaching in Melbourne!

People who love the Bible and are keen to learn how to apply Biblical truth and wisdom to their life can now enjoy two live Bible Teaching sessions each week in Melbourne, Australia.

Sunday nights at 5pm Chris Field leads a Sunday Night Church service for Full Gospel Assembly Melbourne, at the YWAM base, 1 Kent Road, Surrey Hills.

Tuesday nights at 7pm Chris Field leads a mid-week Bible Study, at the Box Hill meeting rooms of Full Gospel Assembly Melbourne, 15 Ellingworth Parade, Box Hill.

For May and June the sessions are dedicated to Family topics, for which Chris is well known. This coming Sunday night, the evening of Mothers Day, Chris will teach from the Bible on “How To Treat A Woman”. On Tuesday night, next, May 13, Chris will present his “Straight Talk On Sex” material.

People looking for relevant and faith building Bible Teaching in Melbourne are invited to Surrey Hills 5pm Sunday Nights and Box Hill 7pm Tuesday Nights.

Please pass this notice on to your Melbourne contacts. You can email them the link to this notice, which is: