Rule of Law

I write this just over two weeks since I was evicted for the second time from my family home as I continue my stand against Bank Fraud and Injustice in the Courts.

In such circumstances the obvious focus is in regaining possession of my home.

However the bigger underlying issue that impacts us all is not the matter of bank mortgage fraud or of unjust charges by police or local councils, or any of the individual matters that offend modern society.

The bigger underlying issue is destruction of the Rule of Law.

When law is in place and all are held equally accountable to it, then fraud is dealt with, unjust charges are stopped, unlawful assertions from corporations are silenced and so on.

Today’s generation is faced with a crisis that is often not understood. We have a crisis of the rule of law.

Corporations Rule

Instead of the Rule of Law we are now under the Rule of the Corporations.

Lawful elements of society, such as the courts, governments and police, have been made into corporate entities. In effect we have the Govt Pty Ltd doing its thing and the Police Pty Ltd doing its thing, the Local Council Pty Ltd doing its thing and the Courts Pty Ltd doing their things, and so on.

And each Corporation ceases to be concerned about the Law but is concerned about corporate profits.

As these social entities become corporate entities their employees cease to be civil servants and become corporate employees. Instead of our public servants serving the public, they now serve the orders of their bosses, so their corporation can make money and the employee get a bonus.

By these processes the Rule of Law has been replaced with the Rule of the Corporation.

Foundations Destroyed

The lawful foundations of Australian society include Biblical Law, Common Law, promises made into Law by the Crown through many centuries, and the Australian Constitution.

Yet today many courts and public processes act as if those foundations have been removed and no longer have any part in Australian society.

The Crown, Common Law and Constitution have been replaced by the Corporation.

You will likely hear people say that common law has been done away with.  The oath of allegiance to the Crown has been removed from many acts of parliament in several Australian states. The Australian Constitution is ignored and abused in many legal enactments over the past century.

There is a deliberate strategy going on to remove the lawful foundations, so corporations can do what they want to control and enslave the population.

Restore the Law

It is time to restore the Rule of Law to Australia.

That means that governments, courts, police, officials and the like must operate by the law of the land, being our Australian Constitution, the common law, the Crown promises made by successive monarchs over the centuries and the law of God as given in the Holy Bible.

If politicians, police, courts or officials operate by corporate rules, or make laws that attack the true law of our land, then those things must be challenged and corrected.

The fact that thousands of homes are taken from people unlawfully by banks which refuse to prove their claim is more than banking fraud. It is a failure of the Rule of Law.

The fact that thousands of motorists are given unlawful fines through traffic courts that have no lawful right to operate is more than injustice. It is a failure of the Rule of Law.

The fact that thousands of families are charged unlawful fees by local councils that do not have lawful standing to tax the people is more than an aberration. It is a failure of the Rule of Law.

Dollar Signs

Somewhere along the line our social offices have become businesses, with corporate bosses and corporate profit motives.  And somewhere along the line those corporations have ignored the law, so they can make greater profits from the people they are supposed to serve.

And if we do not do something about it those corporations will continue to destroy our common law rights, our Constitution and the protections we have under the Crown.

The “Great Charter of the Liberties of the people”, Magna Carta, guarantees that any person operating under Crown will never deny or delay justice or right. The whole Australian Constitution is under the Crown, so all our politicians, courts, police and office bearers are bound by Magna Carta to uphold and protect your liberties and rights.

Yet traffic police now seem intent of passing out fines, not punishing evil doers. Councils find new ways to charge householders as the years go by. Governments pass increasingly restrictive laws with higher and higher penalties.

It’s seems to be all about Dollar Signs, not about justice and right. Magna Carta is of no consequence to these corporate creatures with their eye on the bottom line.

Evil Laws

Kenneth Wayne tells of his experience as a young officer in the USA sitting in on a briefing meeting of state government officials as they discussed a Model Traffic Code. The rules being suggested violated the Constitution and made unjust charges against motorists. However it was pointed out that by those rules the state could make much more money. If someone challenged the rules on Constitutional grounds the legal system would be able to derail the objection.

Kenneth Wayne heard it suggested that people would assume the rules to be lawful since they were being passed by the political leaders. And by the time someone was persistent enough to block the evil laws the state would have made a fortune anyway. Sadly the politicians chose to implement the evil laws.

Blatant Abuse of Law

Such blatant abuse of the Rule of Law as Kenneth Wayne saw many years ago appears to be commonplace these days. It is as if a new generation of politicians have little regard for what is lawful, and greater concern about what is profitable. They see things from the point of view of corporate profit, not what is truly lawful.

Sadly many members of the public assume that a law passed by their elected political leaders must be lawful and right or it would not be allowed. That is not the case. Blatant abuse of the law takes place around us all the time.

It is well and truly time to recognise the problem and to find a solution that restores the Rule of Law and removes evil rules, statutes, regulations, courts and processes, etc from our societies.

What To Do

Decide today that you want to live under the Rule of Law, not the dictates of corporations which have no lawful right to oppress you.

Take and interest in the ancient common law, Imperial Acts of the monarchs of England, the Constitution and the maxims of law. Have you ever read the Constitution?

Also take an interest in those sites where people are raising questions about banking practices, unwanted laws, abuse of political process and the like.

Learn your lawful rights and choose to live in them.

Be prepared to expose and challenge those processes in your nation that undermine the Rule of Law.

Pray for the restoration of justice and rights to the people of the land, so they can live in the liberty which God gave them at birth and intends for them to enjoy for life.

Ultra Vires

Have you ever heard of a judge, policeman or official overstepping their authority? It’s common enough and it’s the focus of this discussion.

Ultra Vires means “outside the law” and it has to do with the Rule of Law. It also relates to the abuse of official power. I trust that none of you ever have to deal with such matters, but this discussion is for those who want to think about the matter or who may have to deal with it in some way.

Scot Free

I chatted with an elderly man today who I met while on my daily exercise walk. He is of Albanian extraction but was born and raised in Kosovo, back when it was part of Yugoslavia. Since I have been to both Kosovo and Albania we had much to chat about.

He related the various troubles the nation of Yugoslavia endured due to ethnic rivalries. One case prompted me to write this post. He told of a man who convinced a friend to assist him commit a burglary. Both men were caught and brought before the judge. The judge was of the same ethnicity as the first man and he instructed that man to go through a particular door. That door led the man to complete freedom. He was let off “scot-free”. The other man, however, was sentenced to 12 years in prison.


Now, that’s an example of the abuse of office. The judge had acted “ultra vires”, outside his official authority. Either both men were guilty or both men were innocent. Favouring his own kind was an abuse of official power.

Rule of Law

Back in 2004, when I was in Cape Town waiting to travel to Zimbabwe I was shocked to see a newspaper headline declaring complete collapse of the Rule of Law in Zimbabwe. I read the article with keen eyes, concerned about whether I should cancel my travels there. I had visions of rioting and looting in the streets as we saw in the LA race riots.

What had occurred was that Prime Minister Robert Mugabe rejected a decision of the High Court in Zimbabwe. The dramatic headline was targeted at Robert Mugabe, not the ordinary man on the street. When we arrived in Harare we found it perfectly safe and a great place to minister to people.

In the Zimbabwe situation the PM resisted the lawful finding of the courts. He wanted to operate “ultra vires”, outside judicial restraint.

Model Traffic Rules

Kenneth Wayne tells of his experience as a young officer in the late 1970’s watching a political lobbyist advise politicians about the Model Traffic Rules which the  lobbyist wanted them to implement. When it was pointed out that the rules violated the American Constitution the lobbyist responded by pointing out that most people will never realise that the rules are unlawful and until someone successfully overturns the rules the government will rake in much more money.

That legislation, which did come into effect some time later, was “ultra vires”. It was outside of the law. The politicians who put it in place ignored the law, knowing that the public would be easily duped and would be powerless to stop them.

Going Ultra Vires

Operating outside the law is an appealing option to those in power, those who wish to get their way and those who have personal agendas to push. Whether it is letting someone off lightly or duping others into giving in to your demands, the act of going ultra vires is common enough.

Such terms as nepotism and discrimination reflect the human tendency to use positions of power and influence to cater to their own agendas. In most such cases the person has had to violate the rules and regulations, thus they have gone ultra vires.

Here Lies the Law

In some places the rule of law has been buried long ago. People do not get justice and those who can bribe and push their way forward get all the advantages.

In other places the law appears to be alive and well, but the laws have been adapted and morphed into laws that are outside the lawful constraints put on the Governments or officials.

The surest proof that the true rule of law is alive and well is that everyone is effectively held accountable for their handling of the law. Where people resist calls to account for themselves, then you can be certain they are operating ultra vires and don’t want to be stopped from doing so.

“Alas poor law, I knew him well…”