The Bible – The Profound Book

The Bible is the most Enduring, Authoritative, Profound, Resilient, Enlightening, Impactful, Endorsed and Significant book in all of human history.

The AUTHORITY of the Bible is only one of the factors that make it quite PROFOUND. The quite amazing qualities of the Bible which make it profound include: the numerous prophecies which it records that have come to pass, even centuries after the predictions; the surprising unity of the text, despite the centuries over which it was written and the diversity of the human authors; and the dynamic nature of the text, which remains current and relevant, despite the passing of entire millennia.

The Bible is the only book in human history to present us with prophecies which are fulfilled up to centuries later.

Considering the number, diversity and time separatedness of Bible writers the Unity of the Bible is profound.

So too is its authority, relevance and impact through history. It is a miracle of human literature that such a book should be created at all, let alone under such circumstances.

The Bible is also “living”. It has the power to bring to fruit in a reader improvements which they could not achieve by other means. The Bible, therefore performs as a type of seed which germinates within the reader and produces fruit.

It is also spiritual truth that sets people free. Its truths about spiritual things are attested to by their positive impact on lives and cultures.

These qualities are unique and set the Bible into a category of its own. It is truly a profound text.