Flying Saucers

In an earlier post, UFO Sightings, I shared about my observations as a teenager visiting a hypnotist show where the subjects saw UFO’s after they had been hypnotised. I was near them at the time and saw the terror in their faces as they fled from things they pointed at in the sky. Yet I could see nothing.

Their sightings were very real to them, but based on a trick in their mind, via hypnosis, not based on what was really there.

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Hypnotic Effect

What struck me was not just the UFO sightings, but the mood change I noted in one fellow I saw several times after the show.

I also wondered if the UFO sightings were implanted suggestions by the hypnotist, or him preparing them for something that would happen anyway, whether he implanted the idea or not.



The flying saucer incident and the morose condition of the subject gave me grave concerns about the impact of hypnosis. It seemed to me that some kind of spiritual compromise was experienced by subjects of hypnotism, making them vulnerable to spiritual forces which terrified them, and subject to personality altering influences which depressed them.

I have far too little evidence to make a case, but I have kept those thoughts filed away, as a caution.

The Name of Jesus

But now, here is something that I did not know and which struck me as very significant.

Gary Bates relates in this book, Alien Intrusion, that people who have been going through some form of alien visitation have at times called on the name of Jesus. I expect they did this in fear, invoking the one name that they knew could protect people from harm.

In every case where people called on the name of Jesus the aliens would immediately disappear and the ‘visitation’ experience would stop.

Now, that is bizarre. If real creatures from outer space were standing in a room they could not be made to disappear by mentioning President Obama or King Fu Panda. Mentioning a name should have no impact on the physical presence of a physical reality.

But if mentioning the name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, causes supposedly physical manifestations to disappear and not come back, the implication clearly is that the visitation was spiritual, not tangible.

Deceiving Spirits

The Bible warns that there are demon spirits, fallen angels now serving the devil, whose job it is to deceive people.

“Now the Spirit speaks expressly that in the latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils” 1Timothy 4:1

The existence of unexplainable phenomena of a spiritual nature and leading people to believe things to be real which are not really happening, fits the description of “seducing spirits”. It is highly likely that what people experience as alien contact is nothing more than people seeing demons. Those demons present themselves in the manner that best achieves their purpose, which is to deceive.

Does it Fit?

Let’s refer back to my beachside observations from forty years ago and see if the idea of deceiving spirits fits the hypnosis situation I mentioned earlier.

People were subjected to hypnosis, overriding their will and opening them up to spiritual influence outside their control. Consequently they saw demon spirits, in the form of aliens. The fruit of that ‘visitation’ was terror and depression.

Does that sound like what we should expect from demon activity? To me it does.

And it fits the facts, such as the aliens evaporating when the name of Jesus Christ is called upon by people. It fits the situation where the actions of these manifestations are beyond what is possible in terms of the laws of physics.

Read the Book

These are my cogitations, based on what I have observed. For those who want to take the matter further I commend the book, Alien Intrusion, by Gary Bates. Gary’s extensive research and balanced review of the facts will be illuminating, even if it challenges your own ideas.

Meanwhile, be ready to question the idea that these ‘aliens’ have travelled from deep space and offer any hope to mankind. That is exactly the type of deception the devil would like to pull off. He would like us to submit to him, even if we did so in the belief we were dealing with highly evolved creatures from far away.

UFO Sightings

I have watched people as they saw and fled from UFO’s. I stood near the people, saw the look of terror on their faces and watched them run screaming down the street.

So I have my own set of UFO experiences to draw from and my own thoughts about that strange phenomenon.


UFO Researcher Gary Bates

A year ago I met with Gary Bates, a UFO researcher, and compared notes of my observations with his extensive research. He has come to the same conclusion I came to, way back in the late 1960’s.

Gary has reviewed a mass of data from around the world and notes several significant similarities among the many serious UFO sightings. While many supposed sightings are clearly tricks of light or natural items, such as the planet Venus, some sightings are clearly beyond natural explanation. Gary paid particular attention to those sightings.

What Gary found, and documents in his best selling book, “Alien Intrusion”, is that there is something unnatural about most alien encounters. He describes it as a “spiritual” dimension. And this is attested to by UFO enthusiasts too, who realise that the antics of UFO’s are beyond known laws of physics.

gary bates

There’s a Flying Saucer!

When I was a teenager, in the late 1960’s, I went to see a hypnotist perform while I was on a camping holiday at the beach. The hypnotist was Rodrigo and I was very impressed with his ability. Several people from the audience made fools of themselves to the mirth of the audience. Rodrigo performed some impressive mind reading tricks and walked through the crowd, blind-folded, dodging all the obstacles people put in his way.

Before he brought his volunteers back to normal he told them that once they left the building they would see Flying Saucers. It seemed a strange suggestion to make and quite unnecessary. So my brother and I hung around to watch these people leave the building and see what happened.

Even though the warning was given to the people under hypnosis, so they would have no memory of it, they were clearly reluctant to leave the building. When they did step out they saw flying saucers, screamed and ran down the street.

Seeing is Believing

Those who saw the flying saucers were convinced of what they saw. It was clearly terrifyingly real to them. But my brother and I looked where they looked and saw nothing. There was nothing to flee. There was nothing to be afraid of.

If I were to argue with them later about what they saw, they would swear on a stack of Bibles that they saw a real, genuine flying saucer. Their terror was clear testimony to their conviction.

So, they would believe there were flying saucers and I would believe they were not there. We would both believe what we saw, or didn’t see.

Similarly, people who have seen these things, or had alien visitations, would be absolutely convinced, even if the very process was a trick of their mind, or the creature was a spirit, not a real being.

Bad Fruit

Jesus warned us that we would know what we are dealing with by its “fruit”.

“You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?” Matthew 7:16

“Wherefore by their fruits you will know them.” Matthew 7:20

Armed with that truth I noted that one of the young men who was hypnotised had a significant change of personality following the performance. This chap was a huge life-saver, bronzed and blonde. He was one of those happy people who one would normally want to have around.

When I went to the beach each day he would be around the clubhouse and he made me feel safe and comfortable.

After the hypnotism, however, I would see him sitting slumped and in a depressed frame of mind. He seemed continually distracted. I wanted to go and speak with him, but I was not secure enough in myself to do so. But I kept an eye out for him to see him come back to normal. In the remaining time we had at that place he did not rebound.

Preliminary Conclusions

The negative “fruit” of the hypnotism, plus the “sightings” of flying saucers, when there were none there, prompted me to see UFO sightings as linked to tricks of the mind, and even the work of spiritual forces. Those forces were clearly not the angelic beings of the Bible, but most likely the evil spirits which Jesus cast out of people.

So, in recent years when I talked with Gary Bates and learned of the international awareness of the non-material nature of many UFO visitations, I realised that I may have been onto something significant, way back in my teenage years.

But there’s even other evidence of the “spiritual nature” of UFO sightings, so I’ll share that with you in a new post shortly, named “Flying Saucers”.

Meanwhile, I recommend Gary Bates’ book, Alien Intrusion, and I caution you to be wary of thinking UFO’s are real beings from another galaxy. I believe they are evil spirits actively deceiving the gullible. More on that next time.