Little One Beginning Soon

I’m starting a series of posts which I am titling “Little One”. They are attempts to put in words the thinking that goes with effective parenting. People absorb things by many and varied means and so I need to find diverse ways to help parents get an effective grip on their life calling.

Little One is going to be a series of talks to a child. The intention (which we will see if I can fulfil) is to put in words what a good parent would wish to say to their child. You may even wish to say some of these things once you have read them. Or you may simply find that these little pep-talks prompt you to think through some of the issues involved. However you find them helpful they are my gift to you, as an encouragement and assistance to greater effectiveness.

Your feedback on how these are going or could be improved will be appreciated. If there are situations you would like to see addressed in this format then please drop me a line and make your suggestions.

Come to me my Little One
And take some time out from your fun.
Let me hold you very near
And tell you “you are very dear”.
Listen as I make things plain
And talk of happiness and pain
So you can see what God has done
And you can be His Little One.
Chris Field July 2008

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